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History of IRC Channel @

  • On May 3, 2012 at 8:23pm Syd Lexia officially registered the channel #Sydlexia on's IRC service
  • This IRC channel officially replaces the old DALnet channel.
  • Forum discussion that lead to this server.

IRC Server Details

  • Provider:
  • Primary IRC Server:
  • Channel: #SydLexia

Connecting to the IRC Chatroom

It is strongly recommended that all IRC connections be established over SSL.

Official Web Browser Embedded Access

Note: This web client uses SSL

  1. Sign into the Forums
  2. Go to the IRC page
  3. Enter your name
  4. Press the button



  1. Install mIRC
  2. Install the latest version of OpenSSL linked on mIRC's SSL page
  3. File Menu -> Select Server... -> Connect\Servers -> Add Button
    • Description: DarkMyst
    • IRC Server:
    • Ports: +6697


Channel Management

Ban List


  • List Active Bans
    • /msg ChanServ AKICK #sydlexia list
  • Known Bans
    • /msg ChanServ AKICK #sydlexia add *@*.ee !P
      • Old Chat Room

Access List

  • /msg chanserv access #sydlexia List

Templates for Access

  • /msg ChanServ template #sydlexia
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