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Syd Lexia is on the microblogging site Twitter as Syd_Lexia. Syd's Twitter account is occasionally used to disseminate news about the site, such as server problems and new articles, but generally Syd just uses it to bitch about random things such as his real job, television commercials, and getting stuck with a waiter instead of a waitress at Chili's, or to make random observations. Syd also has been known to jump all over trending topics in the hopes and gaining more followers. As of December 2009, Syd is in desperate need of more followers on Twitter.


Confusion With SydLexia

Syd Lexia's account name is Syd_Lexia. There is someone else who has the account name SydLexia. Her name is Dasha, and she lives in Utah. Her account seems to be inactive.

Competition With Jeebus

At one point, Jeebus and Syd were competing to see who could make more posts on Twitter. Jeebus seems to have given up, leaving Syd the definitive winner.

The Word That Syd Will NEVER Use

There is a certain noun that is often used to describe Twitter posts that Syd will never use. It is a stupid fucking word, and people who embrace it should fucking die.

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