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[[Docinsano]] <br>
[[Docinsano]] <br>
[[Ross Rifle]] <br>
[[Ross Rifle]] <br>
[[DarknessDeku]] <br>
== Notable Anti-Food Forum members ==
== Notable Anti-Food Forum members ==

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Where it began

The Food Forum Militia formed in July 2008 as a group of renegades dedicated to having a food forum. Founded by sidewaydriver, it began when he posted a simple suggestion after he noticed a large amount of food topics (like 2 or 3) being posted. After seeing the strong opinions people had on the idea, sidewaydriver saw this as a cheap ploy to get attention from everyone. He and a few others decided to post daily food topics in the General Discussion forum to prove that there is a desire for a Food forum. So far the threads have seen great response from other members. Whether there will be a food forum or not remains to be seen.

Notable Food Forum Malitia members

Ross Rifle

Notable Anti-Food Forum members

Douche McCallister
Not Sure