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The Food Forum Militia is a group of renegades which formed in July 2008 with the dedicated mission of establishing a food board on the Forums.


Founded by sidewaydriver, it began when he posted a simple suggestion after he noticed a large amount of food topics (like 2 or 3) being posted. After seeing the strong opinions people had on the idea, everybody fought over having a food forum, but strangely didn't have a problem with the overrated sports forum. He and a few others decided to post daily food topics in the General Discussion forum to prove that there is a desire for a Food forum. So far the threads have seen great response from other members. Opposers have gone on to form their own group called S.T.F.U. (Sydlexians for Treating Food Unfairly).

Whether there will be a food forum or not remains to be seen. As for now, you can find the official forum at

Notable Food Forum Militia members

Notable S.T.F.U. members

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