The Legend of Zelda

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This article is about the NES game. Click the following link for The Legend of Zelda (Series)

A game where you are Link, the hero, and you must save the world by getting the Triforce and rescuing princess Zelda from Ganon (the asshole).


  • Link
  • Zelda
  • Ganon


  • White Sword
  • Wood Sword
  • Magic Sword
  • Ross Rifle... LOL just kidding

Princess Zelda

Well since this is the: Legend of Zelda this would the character that the game is based on. Princess Zelda is the princess of *Hyrule. She has the *Triforce of wisdom.


Is the name given to the left handed protagonist of the Legend of Zelda series he is usually seen wearing his traditional green tunic and wielding a shield and sword. He has the *Triforce of courage.


He is the main antagonist and is know as the 'king of evil' and has and obsession with ruling the world.When Gannon takes the *Triforce it splits into three pieces. He holds the *Triforce of power.

The Triforce

Also known as 'The Golden Power' the Triforce has the power to make any wish come true. If the holder is malevolent in nature the world will be engulfed in chaos. Usually the Triforce splits into tree pieces Power, Courage, and Wisdom. The holder of the Triforce will then gain the piece that is best suited for them. The other pieces will then go to the people that are best suited for their specific traits.


This is the town in which most *Zelda games take place and their are all sorts of enemies suck as Octocroks, Pea Hats, and Levers.


Zelda Game Opinions