The Original Twelve

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Bards and wandering storytellers often spin tales of the Original Twelve Forum Members, a mysterious group of largely unrelated people who may hold the fate of our world in their hands. They are:

The Core Six

The six members of the Original Twelve who have posted regularly since joining are: Syd Lexia, S. McCracken, Valdronius, Tebor, Tuckster, and Kubo. While less senior forums members have played important roles on the forums and have been incredibly important to its growth, the Core Six are the nucleus around which the forums were built.

The Defective Model

In late 2007, B.B. King began having messianic delusions of grandeur. At the behest of the Core Six, he was placed in cold storage. He shall be held there indefinitely until such a time where his model can be properly debugged.

The Final Five

The Final Five members of the Original Twelve are whos gilby?, cybersst, sunchild1, greeneyedzeke, and SamanthaMcPoopenstein. They are shrouded in mystery. Especially whos gilby?, who has never posted.