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Tishwitch is a former member of the SydLexia.com forums and the former girlfriend of Valdronius.


Tishwitch had very strong, very unpopular opinions on many, many subjects. She had a fervent desire to win every argument she took part in and would often keep arguments going in the hopes that she would win via attrition. Her unwillingness to give anyone else the last word on a subject eventually attracted the attention of Jew, who made it his goal to make sure she never got the last word on any subject. Whenever Tish would post, Jew would contradict her in an attempt to drive her insane for his own amusement. Much to his delight, the plan worked wonderfully. But as both parties became increasingly hostile to each other, the rest of the forum was caught in the crossfire. Flaming and trolling began to rise, eventually leading to The Great Forum War.

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An Apple employee, Tishwitch was also a notorious schill for Macintosh computers and iPods.

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