Trish Stratus

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Trish Stratus is a former WWE Women's Champion. She is from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, about 5'4", blonde, and has huge boobs. After 7 years in the WWE she has opened a yoga studio in Toronto called The Stratusphere.

WWE Memories

While she will be remembered for a lot in the WWE during her time there most will probably remember her match against Mickie James at Wrestlemania where the ambiguous lesbian angle came to a head with James grabbing Trish's crotch during a match to reverse Stratus' finishing maneuver the Stratusfaction Bulldog.

After the WWE

Stratus did a reality TV show after her career in the WWE and has a new show coming out on the Travel channel called "Stratusphere" where she tours the world filming her adventures. She was also host of The Second City's Comedy Club show for awhile as well.