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Aeonic is one of the "aeon" related handles used by the man behind the handle.


Aeonic's avatar is Kickle Cubicle, the star of one of his favorite NES games of all time.

Mod status

Yeah right. You'd have to be totally retarded to give Aeonic that kind of power. He's corrupt enough without it.


Aeonic is all man and his wife will back that fact up.

Early Life

Born in Upper Darby, PA, Aeonic comes from an unhappy union of a very young waitress and a much older and now deceased newspaperman/horse trainer who were railroaded into a shotgun wedding. After they divorced, his father obtained custody of he and his twin sister and lived with him in Upper Darby until he remarried and they moved to Sadsburyville, PA. Growing up slightly twisted in the fresh near Amish country air, Aeonic developed into quite the little creep with the help of multiple bad influences. Upon graduating from high school, he refined his naughtiness for a year in Florida at college before dropping out and living a life of indulgence and fiscal mediocrity. After a few years of couch sleeping and living hand to mouth, he met a great woman, moved to Arizona and got a great job.


Aeonic currently works in the customer service/concierge field, although his goal is to obtain a degree in computer networking security. He's been a restaurant manager, pool cleaner, carny, taxi driver, deliveryman and a harness horse rider.


AA in Computer Sciences (pending), Mesa Community College

High School Diploma, Coatesville Area Senior High


Long associated with things of geekery, Aeonic started playing D&D when he was eight when his aunt gave him a box full of original photocopies from the 1st edition game. Things snowballed from there as he got into other things such as CCGs (he's played M:TG more or less from the start, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Clive Barker's Imajica, WoW CCG, RIFTS CCG and others) video game rpgs (from Dragon Warrior for NES and onward to his 360), and other tabletop games (has played RIFTs/Palladium, BESM/Tri-Stat, Shadowrun, Mechwarrior, D20 based games, all iterations of Dungeons and Dragons except 4E, GURPS, MERPS, and freeform). Miniatures games such as Malifeaux and Warhammer are also favorites of his, but he loves Heroclix the best of those. He's also a huge sci-fi and fantasy buff, with Terry Brooks his favorite author and David Lynch his favorite director.

Opinionated Bastard

Aeonic can't help the fact that he has really strong opinions about things, but he tries to stay inoffensive. Doesn't always work, but he's not trying to be malicious.


Though 80's music is his favorite, the only real genres that Aeonic doesn't like are New Country and hip hop after the year 2000. He also has the savant like ability to correctly recall almost any song he's ever heard more than four times.

Distinguishing Features

After being involved in a very serious car accident where he was ejected through a car windshield, Aeonic has a full set of expensive dentures and two metal plates that hold his face together and several pins in his elbow. He also has several tattoos and a large scar on his upper lip. He's also heterochromic, meaning his eyes are two different colors. One is a cornflower blue in color and the other is a much darker blue green. He also needs a shave and a bath.


None per se, although he's a MMA enthusiast and former fan of pro wrestling who indulges in watching sporadically. He's also taken three years of Ronin Yudansha Ryu style jiujutsu and is currently learning Krav Maga and Fuiken style White Crane Kung Fu.