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GPFontaine - The Name

Gish is a Smashing Pumpkins album that my aunt bought me in 1991.

I am ambivalent about the album, but it remained in my collection along with my other tapes. A year or two later some of my friends found it in a travel case with the rest of my albums. They couldn't get over the name of the album and named me Gish.

It has been my nickname since and doesn't seem to go away.

They quickly got tired of just saying Gish and felt that a full name was needed.

Gish became Gishman, and a middle initial and last name were added.

Gishman P. Fontaine or G. P. Fontaine

I use it as an online alias and my call sign for games.


I have used several avatars, but for the majority of my time here I have been well represented by my yellow-orange-red hawk.

How I got here

GPFontaine is an associate of greeneyedzeke. He joined the forums seemingly for no other reason than to harass greeneyedzeke for preferring Final Fantasy VI to Final Fantasy IV. GPFontaine has horrible taste when it comes to Final Fantasy games, as Final Fantasy VI is far greater than Final Fantasy IV.

"This information compiled by greeneyedzeke is almost 100% true." - align="top"

Video Games

I suck at NES games. I know it isn't a genre so to speak, but if it were I would fail at it.

My Favorite Video Games

Games that Ruined Part of My Life

  • World of Warcraft - 127 Days (That is 3048 hours). I have been sober since August 2007.
  • Gemstone III - A MUD from the days when AOL used to be the only ISP around. The game was amazing if you could play a non-graphical MMORPG.


I was kicked off of my first ISP (AOL) for sending someone a batch file that deleted his entire Windows 3.1 installation and some key DOS files.

I have been creating websites for fun since 1996 and have enjoyed messing with this site and participating in the SydLexia world.


I love hard rock. My favorite band is Guns N' Roses. Certain types of soft music make me angry and I really don't like classic style musicals.


I have played a lot of them, never the best, but always good enough... that of course is except for basketball which I suck at.

Starting in June 2010 I have been working on my martial arts skills. This is the third time I have trained in the martial arts, however this is my best effort so far.

Home Life

I am married and happy about it. My wife is the best and I know damn well that I must have fooled her, not the other way around.