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Under the guise of a loyal fan, '''Valdronius''', (commonly known as Val, Vald, Valdo, Valdro, Valde, and Valdronious), has steady advanced his plans to ultimately usurp [[Syd Lexia]] and take control of the site for his own. After outsourcing several Eastern call centres to repeatedly spam the site, Val was given authority over the [[SydLexian forums]]. This was the first major step toward his goal. The most significant step taken thus far has been the assassination of [[Dr. Jeebus]], necessitating a replacement writer for the site. As his power and ego grow, so to does his thirst for his ultimate goal of supreme overload of [[SydLexia.com]].
lfe60x  <a href="http://leihjzstgexl.com/">leihjzstgexl</a>, [url=http://aggvoavvnxnc.com/]aggvoavvnxnc[/url], [link=http://dcuikflwjnbh.com/]dcuikflwjnbh[/link], http://aqiaatbtgllq.com/
On the side he writes some kickass poetry.
== The Forums ==
Val was the 3rd person to ever join the forums, he is also a forum moderator. He currently holds the #10 spot in total posts on the forums. This is larely due to the fact that he almost never posts in the Movies category, and only posts in the Television category when the thread pertains to professional wrestling.
He has previously been accused of giving special treatment to certain forum members in return for sexual favours. These claims are unsubstantiated.
=== The Character Battles ===
Valdronius is still bitter over his controversial loss to [[Dr. Jeebus]]. He takes solace however, in watching the videos he made for the Character Battles. Most notably, the [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3-e4NL7pRUY Tribute to Lost Members] and the [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gS9TpPF3VPc Jonnymorgue Smear Campaign.]
== Video Game History ==
Valdronius' first video game experiences came from his older brother's Commodore 64. He had many favourite games on this system including, but not limited to:
*Ducks Ahoy
*Up 'n Down
*Bump 'n' Jump
*Burger Time
*Law of the West
*Maniac Mansion
*Zak McCraken and the Alien Mindbenders
*Mario Bros.
*Wheel of Fortune
*Beachhead 2
*Summer Games
*Winter Games
*California Games
*Mr. Robot
*Donald Duck's Playground
For Christmas of 1990, Val received an NES system and a copy of Dr. Mario. He would later receive Super C as a gift.
With the money he received for his birthday in 1991, Val split the cost of an SNES system with his parents. This would become the primary system that influenced his youth, and remains his favourite system of all time.
In 1999, Val's younger brother was given an N64 for Christmas. It came bundled with Star Wars Episode 1 Pod Racer.
Early in 2000, Val bought a Playstation from one of his friends.
In 2006, Val purchased a PS2.
== Other Projects ==
Valdronius is particularly proud of his collaboration with Mark McGrath to create the dearly beloved children's book, [http://valdronius.sydlexia.com/projects/greeneggs/ Green Eggs and Math.]
Val has also created three sets of Magic: the Gathering cards in recent years. One is kind of meh and another was outdated the day it was finished. However, his set of M:tG cards based on his favourite movie, [http://valdronius.sydlexia.com/projects/sb_tg/ Spaceballs,] still makes him laugh.
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