White Castle French Onion Burger

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The White Castle French Onion Burger is the single most fucking disgusting thing ever created. No, seriously, it's BAD.

Cameron's Experience With the Burger

Forum member Cameron once ate a White Castle French Onion burger. Well, sort of. He placed it in his mouth, chewed it a little bit, and then once the taste settled in he immediately spat it back out onto his plate, and proceeded to get yelled at by his father.

LowEndLem's White Castle Story

LowEndLem worked at White Castle, and can attest to the culinary abortion that is the French Onion Burger. No one he worked with ever ate one, and he only witnessed one customer order them and not demand a refund.

The Taste

It kind of tastes like...well...like when you're washing your face and you accidently get soap in your mouth. It has a strange chemical taste to it; like if you ate soap and pennies, washed it down with some Red Bull, vomited it all up, and then ate it again.