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Wolf is a NWOBHM band that was formed in 1981 in Newcastle.

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Wolf started out as Black Axe in 1977 and experienced moderate success in the NWOBHM underground with the release of their single "Highway Rider." The success of a single got them a major contract with Chrysalis records. After they were on Chrysalis, they were persuaded to change their name to Wolf (which was already the name of a UK band at the time). As Wolf they released the single "Head Contact" and their only full-length album "Edge Of The World" which is still a cult classic in some small groups.


Vocals : Chris English Guitars : Bill Keir Guitars : Simon Sparkes Bass : Stewart Richardson Drums : John Shearer


As Black Axe

Highway Rider

===As Wolf===


Head Contact Edge Of The World

==Edge Of The World==


Edge Of The World was Wolf's only full-length album, and is considered to be one of MOGHARR's favorites. Released in 1984, EOTW was alot calmer than most NWOBHM albums of the time.

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