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(Merged this into Castle of Dragon - this was mostly a non-event.)
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The ''2008 NES Championship Mutiny'' occurred when after the [[SydLexia.com NES Championship - 2008#Week 6 - Double Dragon 3|round 6]] game of [[Double Dragon 3]] it was announced the next game would be [[Castle of Dragon]], a game that makes Double Dragon 3 look like a masterpiece. Backlash happened for the game choice on July 8th and in the first few replies of the Announcement thread.
#REDIRECT [[Castle of Dragon]]
There was already some resistance and fewer entries in any other round for Double Dragon 3 so taking a step down, back, and a clearly worse game make some people speak up about scrapping the game for the round, by [[Not Sure]], and having each player send in any video of games they wanted suggest by [[Ghandi]]. Obviously, the participants expected to play, at the very least, a better game, or one that they had heard of.
[[Douche McCallister]] claimed to be just the messenger, but he still had to watch every video sent in by the participants.
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