2008 NES Championship Mutiny

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The 2008 NES Championship Mutiny occurred when after the round 6 game of Double Dragon 3 it was announced the next game would be Castle of Dragon, a game that makes Double Dragon 3 look like a masterpiece. Backlash happened for the game choice on July 8th and in the first few replies of the Announcement thread.

There was already some resistance and fewer entries in any other round for Double Dragon 3 so taking a step down, back, and a clearly worse game make some people speak up about scrapping the game for the round, by Not Sure, and having each player send in any video of games they wanted suggest by Ghandi. Obviously, the participants expected to play, at the very least, a better game, or one that they had heard of.

Douche McCallister claimed to be just the messenger, but he still had to watch every video sent in by the participants.