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Guns N' Roses is one of the all-time greatest rock bands.

Their main lineup brought a mix of musical styles that is still to this day original with no band even sounding similar to them. Even though their music was original, GN'R was always grouped with the 80s hair bands. This is largely because at the time MTV had a huge part in making bands successful and Axl looked like a woman with his bushy hair in the band's video for Welcome to the Jungle.

Why the music has remained popular

While Axl is known for his screeching, he actually does have a huge vocal range and two very different voices that he uses while singing. Slash brings a combination of nasty rock riffs and incredible blues solos. Izzy brought the country twang (this is the component that really separated them from the hair bands). Adler has never been known for much other than his blond hair and drug problems, but while it wasn't extra special or truly unique, he complemented the rest of the band very well. Lastly there was the ever so grungy Duff. Duff brought a dirty, white trash attitude and pushed out some deep, loud, bass notes.

Each instrument could easily be heard, none overshadowing the others, and the music produced during the time of this lineup was amazing.

Why they can't stay together

It makes sense that so many people with different styles in music and life would end up having a hard time dealing with each other. They had the music, but without a sustained friendship and stability it is hard to stay together.

Like oil and vinegar, they taste great when you shake it up, but eventually separation is inevitable.

Band History

Band Members (the ones that matter)

GN'R has had tons of band members, but only a few of them are on the major albums and worth discussing.

Axl Rose

  • Lead Singer


  • Lead Guitar

Duff McKagan

  • Bass

Steven Adler

  • Drums

Izzy Stradlin

  • Rhythm Guitar

Matt Sorum, Dizzy Reed, Gilby Clarke

  • Drums, Keyboards, and Rhythm Guitar respectively. Aside from Axl, Dizzy Reed has been the longest continuous member of Guns N' Roses. Axl has said in interviews that Dizzy was originally invited to join the band in 1985, but was unable to do so due to other commitments.

The Band Member History Table

Guns N' Roses has had a large number of band members. The only one who has been in the band from beginning to end is Axl Rose. The only reason he has been in the band that long is because he legally owns the name and can call a bunch of meowing cats Guns N' Roses if he wants.

Since the band has been around for over 20 years, it can be difficult to know who was in or out of the band together. This table should help bring it all together.

1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008
Axl Rose
Duff McKagan
Izzy Stradlin
Steven Adler
Tracii Guns
Matt Sorum
Gilby Clarke
Josh Freese
Paul Tobias
Rob Gardner
Ole Beich
Dizzy Reed
Robin Finck Robin Finck
Tommy Stinson
Chris Pitman
Richard Fortus
Bryan "Brain" Mantia
Frank Ferrer


GN'R has produced a great deal of music, but only a few studio albums under major labels.

1987 Appetite for Destruction

  • In on 7/23/1998 the RIAA certified Appetite for Destruction with a 15.00x Multi Platinum award.
  • As of 2007 Appetite for Destruction is the 25th best selling album in the US.
  • Appetite For Destruction is also the 2nd best selling debut of all time, behind Boston's eponymous debut.

1988 G N' R Lies

1991 Use Your Illusion I

1991 Use Your Illusion II

1993 "The Spaghetti Incident?

20XX Chinese Democracy


Guns N' Roses only pushed out 4 studio albums of original material.

Song List

This list has been colored according to song popularity. Red songs are album songs that you would rarely hear unless you own the album. Blue songs are popular songs but they do not get regular air play. Green Songs are impossible to have not heard. If you are more than a year old, you have probably heard all of them.

14 Years
Anything Goes
Back Off Bitch
Bad Apples
Bad Obsession
Civil War
Dead Horse
Don't Cry (Alt. Lyrics)
Don't Cry (Original)
Don't Damn Me
Double Talkin' Jive
Dust N' Bones
Garden Of Eden
Get In The Ring
It's So Easy
Knockin' On Heaven's Door
Live And Let Die
Locomotive (Complicity)
Mama Kin
Move To The City
Mr. Brownstone
My Michelle
My World
Nice Boys
November Rain
One In A Million
Out Ta Get Me
Paradise City
Perfect Crime
Pretty Tied Up
Reckless Life
Right Next Door To Hell
Rocket Queen
Shotgun Blues
So Fine
Sweet Child O' Mine
The Garden
Think About You
Used To Love Her
Welcome to the Jungle
You Ain't The First
You Could Be Mine
You're Crazy
You're Crazy (Acoustic)

Best Songs You Probably Haven't Heard

  • Back Off Bitch
  • Bad Obsession
  • Used To Love Her
  • Coma
  • Don't Damn Me

Sydapedia Trivia

Without a doubt, GNR is my favorite band and Slash is my hero.

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  • Guns N' Roses is one of Syd's all-time favorite bands and Axl Rose is one of his personal heroes. The third article he ever wrote was a review of the "November Rain" music video.
  • Ross Rifle's lullaby was Sweet Child O' Mine. Whenever he started to act up, his parents would put it on and he'd calm down. They also had him convinced that his dad was Slash.
  • JRA, on the other hand, thinks Guns N' Roses blows complete chunks and that Axl Rose is a poster child for what is "dangerous" to retarded critics who want to play with fire but don't want to get burned. More on this here.