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Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back was the first movie done by MSLT3K. The initial crew consisted of Nekkoru, Fernin and LowEndLem.


[17:48] <LowEndLem> we starting/
[17:48] <LowEndLem> ?
[17:48] <Nekkoru> Okay, so, as soon as you get my signal, you press play. That should give us the minimal lag.
[17:49] <Nekkoru> Ready?
[17:49] <LowEndLem> ?kk
[17:49] <Nekkoru> Go!
[17:49] <LowEndLem> a long time ago....kevin smith ripped starwars
[17:50] <Nekkoru> I think his mom's retarded.
[17:50] <Nekkoru> Oh, Jay's mom!
[17:50] <LowEndLem> Keep on truckin? What kind of insult is thaT?
[17:50] <Nekkoru> And that's how it all got started...
[17:50] <Nekkoru> Those shutters are still broken.
[17:51] <LowEndLem> They'll always be broken, like my spirit.
[17:51] <LowEndLem> Also, if i ever buy weed from someone who rhymes while he deals, I'll kill him.
[17:51] <@Fernin> gah, left the room to grab a drink, gotta catch up now
[17:52] <LowEndLem> We're at about 3 minutes, fer.
[17:52] <Nekkoru> Yeah.
[17:52] <LowEndLem> I wish i had a CCCP jersey
[17:53] <@Fernin> they certainly make enough gay jokes about Dante and Randall, goes on through all his movies
[17:54] <LowEndLem> I really needed to hear about stink nuggets....
[17:54] <Nekkoru> That was a good line for a scientologist.
[17:54] <Nekkoru> Chocolate-covered pretzel.
[17:54] <@Fernin> of all the euphemisms for gay sex, they choose "toss the salad"?
[17:54] <LowEndLem> Yep.
[17:55] <Nekkoru> We're lagging a bit.
[17:55] <LowEndLem> Also, brodie is my favorite character
[17:55] <LowEndLem> Fer is, I'm at the fat cash line
[17:55] <Nekkoru> That's from Chasing Amy.
[17:56] <Nekkoru> That line.
[17:56] <@Fernin> is there anything in this movie that isn't a reference to some other movie?
[17:56] <LowEndLem> Oh, fourth wall. how you get destroyed.
[17:56] <LowEndLem> I'm at about 7:40
[17:56] <@Fernin> bah, I'm still 10 seconds behind, then
[17:57] <LowEndLem> do we wait when it ends, or do we just go right to tthe end/
[17:57] <LowEndLem> *next
[17:57] <LowEndLem> mine ended.
[17:57] <@Fernin> first part just finished for me
[17:58] <@Fernin> should we pause the second part and let it load?
[17:58] <LowEndLem> yeah, that would work
[17:58] <LowEndLem> nekkoru?
[17:58] * Vyyj ( has joined #sydlexia
[17:59] <@Fernin> heh, that explains why he's been quiet
[17:59] <LowEndLem> ?
[17:59] * Nekkoru ( Quit (SVSKilled: Ghost command used by Vyyj!�)
[17:59] <Vyyj> She's.
[17:59] * Vyyj is now known as Nekkoru
[17:59] <LowEndLem> oh
[17:59] <@Fernin> ...eventually, I'll remember that
[18:00] <Nekkoru> Want me to rub my new genitalia on your face?
[18:00] <LowEndLem> I'm good.
[18:00] <@Fernin> I know one other person who went male to female, and I was able to get used to calling her a her pretty quickly...
[18:00] <@Fernin> but it's easier when you see her in person every day
[18:01] <Nekkoru> Han shot first.
[18:01] <LowEndLem> did you keep going/
[18:01] <Nekkoru> Of course, only irssi bombed down on me.
[18:01] <LowEndLem> we're stopped at the beginning of the second.
[18:01] <Nekkoru> I'm at 3:50 of the second part.
[18:01] <Nekkoru> You didn't have to wait for me.
[18:02] <LowEndLem> we did.
[18:02] <@Fernin> I paused it to let it load all the way
[18:02] <Nekkoru> But thanks.
[18:02] <LowEndLem> I'm starting at 4.
[18:02] <LowEndLem> how the fuck do they not know you need tickets for a bus?!
[18:02] <@Fernin> and once again, we're all at different spots :\
[18:02] <Nekkoru> I'm lagging a bit - let's catch up at the next part.
[18:02] <LowEndLem> yeah, that works.
[18:02] <LowEndLem> Carlin!
[18:03] <Nekkoru> The old guy?
[18:03] <LowEndLem> yeah
[18:03] <@Fernin> yeah, that's George Carlin
[18:04] <Nekkoru> I like his voice.
[18:04] <Nekkoru> Didn't he voice someone in Fallout 1 or 2?
[18:04] <@Fernin> the man's a legend, always found it weird to see him in Kevin Smith movies
[18:04] <Nekkoru> Oh fuck a nun.
[18:05] <LowEndLem> hahahaha
[18:05] <LowEndLem> this part's always creeped me out
[18:05] <@Fernin> watching Jay try to go down on a nun?
[18:05] <Nekkoru> The book.
[18:05] <@Fernin> yeah, that's understandable
[18:05] <Nekkoru> Yeaaah.
[18:06] <Nekkoru> Great job, cockbite.
[18:06] <@Fernin> thus, the lesson is learned: Never pick up hitchhikers
[18:06] <Nekkoru> Unless they're hot.
[18:06] <Nekkoru> I think I know that car from somewhere.
[18:06] <Nekkoru> And those guys.
[18:06] <LowEndLem> hahaha
[18:06] <LowEndLem> alright, secnod part finish
[18:06] <@Fernin> why the Scooby Doo reference?
[18:07] <LowEndLem> why not?
[18:07] <Nekkoru> Okay, cued up the beginning of the third part.
[18:07] <Nekkoru> Are we at the same spot?
[18:07] <LowEndLem> wait up
[18:07] <@Fernin> paused at the beginning now
[18:07] <LowEndLem> paused and ready
[18:07] <Nekkoru> Okay, go.
[18:08] <Nekkoru> Schwing sound always works.
[18:08] <Nekkoru> That Velma's actually pretty hot.
[18:08] <LowEndLem> scooby's freaking looking in reality
[18:08] <@Fernin> yeah, I think their Velma is hotter than their Daphne
[18:08] <@Fernin> horrible, horrible Shaggy impression, though
[18:08] <LowEndLem> i'd do naughty things to velma
[18:08] <Nekkoru> Mooby's.
[18:09] <LowEndLem> any door that moos at me is evil.
[18:09] <Nekkoru> This restaurant made me glad I'm vegetarian.
[18:09] <LowEndLem> I'll still eat mcdonalds.
[18:09] <@Fernin> ahh, Mooby's... such horrible things will happen here in Clerks II
[18:09] <Nekkoru> Yes.
[18:09] <Nekkoru> Hmm...
[18:10] <@Fernin> ...was this section supposed to be funny somehow?
[18:10] <Nekkoru> Maybe.
[18:10] <LowEndLem> im sure it was at some point, weed does crazy shit
[18:10] <Nekkoru> If I'd get thicker eyebrows and straighter hair, I could look just like Jay... With boobs.
[18:10] <LowEndLem> that's mildly horrifying
[18:10] <@Fernin> ...thanks for sharing?
[18:11] <Nekkoru> You're welcome.
[18:11] <Nekkoru> Bitch, start buffering my movie.
[18:11] <Nekkoru> Synch up again at the next part, please.
[18:11] <@Fernin> heh, that's why we should let them load fully before starting each part
[18:11] <Nekkoru> Finally.
[18:12] <LowEndLem> so, i love the van scene.
[18:12] <@Fernin> interesting that he had such a... visible reaction to Justice showing up, but just stood there staring at the van scene
[18:13] <Nekkoru> Yeah.
[18:13] <LowEndLem> no, he filled the cup
[18:13] <Nekkoru> Eww.
[18:13] <LowEndLem> I'd like to know why kevin smith's wife is in the movie
[18:15] <@Fernin> I almost want to say something about Sean William Scott's role in here... but he never exactly made himself out to be a comedy star, so this isn't much worse for him
[18:15] <Nekkoru> Nothing like one chord per minute.
[18:15] <LowEndLem> well, it could be worse.
[18:15] <LowEndLem> people could still be fucking his mom.
[18:15] <Nekkoru> I'm pretty sure Jay is already on that
[18:16] <@Fernin> I'm pretty sure Jay would fuck anything with tits
[18:16] <LowEndLem> jay's on everything.
[18:16] <LowEndLem> okay, part 3 done.
[18:16] <Nekkoru> Jay would fuck anythin that moves
[18:16] <@Fernin> part 4 is loading now
[18:16] <Nekkoru> Yeah, I'll think I'll buffer ahead, too
[18:17] <Nekkoru> Even tho I have a ten megabit pipe.
[18:17] <LowEndLem> how far ahead are we buffing?
[18:17] <@Fernin> about halfway?
[18:17] <Nekkoru> Yeah, sounds about right
[18:17] <LowEndLem> Alright, just say when
[18:20] <Nekkoru> Okay, halfway done. What about you?
[18:20] <@Fernin> yep, I'm past halfway
[18:20] <LowEndLem> I'm good, you fer?
[18:20] <Nekkoru> Let's start now.
[18:20] <LowEndLem> k
[18:20] <@Fernin> starting now
[18:20] <LowEndLem> started.
[18:21] <Nekkoru> Fat that fuck fuck?
[18:21] <LowEndLem> fuck the fat fuck
[18:21] <Nekkoru> Fuck the fuck fat?
[18:21] <LowEndLem> Yes.
[18:21] <Nekkoru> Fuck fat fuck that?
[18:21] <LowEndLem> sure.
[18:22] <@Fernin> two devils, how clever -_-
[18:22] <LowEndLem> i like the angel abusing him
[18:23] <@Fernin> heh, yeah
[18:23] <Nekkoru> Put the dick down.
[18:23] <Nekkoru> Put it down.
[18:23] <Nekkoru> Slowly.
[18:23] <LowEndLem> into her.
[18:23] <Nekkoru> Yes.
[18:23] <LowEndLem> oh, rape jokes, how silly
[18:23] <@Fernin> "or until she's sleeping", interesting advice from the angel
[18:23] <LowEndLem> it's jay.
[18:23] <Nekkoru> This is why I think Jersey Girl is better than this.
[18:23] <@Fernin> I've never seen it myself
[18:24] <Nekkoru> Fat you fucky.
[18:24] <LowEndLem> i've seen bits, it's not specia;l
[18:24] <Nekkoru> It's not the same, oh, how emotional.
[18:25] <LowEndLem> I wish i had that kinda time.
[18:25] <@Fernin> to just hang out in front of a store, doing nothing?
[18:25] <LowEndLem> yeah
[18:25] <LowEndLem> hang out, get high, poorly hit on women
[18:25] <Nekkoru> They are working men.
[18:25] <@Fernin> true, they sell their weed from that storefront
[18:25] <LowEndLem> yeah, that's hard.
[18:26] <Nekkoru> Hey - have you ever tried trafficking weed?
[18:26] <Nekkoru> It requires SO MUCH SELF CONTROL.
[18:26] <LowEndLem> i've trafficked pills
[18:26] <LowEndLem> ....that might be the worst pickup line, ever.
[18:26] <Nekkoru> Yes.
[18:26] <LowEndLem> oh look, he's fucking glass.
[18:26] <@Fernin> classic, humping the window
[18:26] <@Fernin> classy*
[18:27] <Nekkoru> Smoooth.
[18:27] <LowEndLem> most people, celebrating the fact they can get laid, would not dry hump their best friend.
[18:27] <@Fernin> snoogins, snootchie bootchie... does anything he says have meaning?
[18:28] <LowEndLem> He may have once said "bitches"
[18:28] <LowEndLem> that could have meant something./
[18:28] <Nekkoru> And he raps about smoking weed.
[18:28] <@Fernin> sudden moral message in the middle of a lot of nonsense
[18:28] <Nekkoru> They don't.
[18:28] <Nekkoru> Boo-boo-kittyfuck. Yes.
[18:28] <LowEndLem> "boobookittyfuck..."
[18:28] <LowEndLem> Jesus christ.
[18:29] <LowEndLem> I gotta try that
[18:29] <Nekkoru> Part five in five seconds
[18:29] <Nekkoru> Okay, cued up.
[18:29] <LowEndLem> i'm not
[18:29] <LowEndLem> my part 4 juest ended
[18:29] <Nekkoru> Buffering again?
[18:29] <@Fernin> heh, fine time to have it cut off, right in the middle of the clit speech
[18:29] <LowEndLem> would you like him to have kept going? really?
[18:29] <Nekkoru> He is the master of the CLIT.
[18:29] <@Fernin> buffering part 5
[18:30] <LowEndLem> just say when
[18:30] <Nekkoru> Why are we watching this again? Shit, we're doing Where The Buffalo Roam next.
[18:30] <LowEndLem> The fucks' thaT?
[18:30] <@Fernin> hm, never even heard of that one, but that's a good thing
[18:30] <Nekkoru> A movie about Hunter S. Thompson.
[18:30] <@Fernin> we should stick to ones we haven't seen a lot
[18:30] <LowEndLem> yeah
[18:31] <Nekkoru> It has sick concepts, no plot and Thompson with an IV drip of Wild Turkey.
[18:31] <Nekkoru> I've been meaning to watch this for a long, long time
[18:31] <@Fernin> should we stick to comedy movies, or go with any genre?
[18:31] <Nekkoru> You know, this could work.
[18:32] <LowEndLem> ?
[18:32] <Nekkoru> A movie evening every friday
[18:32] <LowEndLem> that would be cool
[18:32] <Nekkoru> Basically anything we can enjoy
[18:32] <Nekkoru> Okay, I'm past halfway. You guys?
[18:32] <LowEndLem> yep
[18:32] <@Fernin> yep
[18:32] <Nekkoru> Fern?
[18:32] <Nekkoru> Okay, let's go... NOW!
[18:33] <@Fernin> ...get off my kool aid?
[18:33] <LowEndLem> a blowjob for good luck
[18:33] <Nekkoru> Smooth moves, Jay.
[18:34] <Nekkoru> Smooth moves, Silent Bob.
[18:34] <LowEndLem> smooth moves all around
[18:34] <Nekkoru> So, do we watch another movie after this?
[18:34] <@Fernin> Bob with the utility belt, nice
[18:34] <LowEndLem> eh, one anight, i think
[18:34] <Nekkoru> Okay, what are these catsuits for?
[18:34] <LowEndLem> ....i want to have sex with all those women.
[18:34] <LowEndLem> right now.
[18:35] <Nekkoru> All that latex... It is SO FUCKING UNCOMFORTABLE.
[18:35] <Nekkoru> Trust me on this one.
[18:35] <LowEndLem> I think i will instead of forcing myself into latex.
[18:35] <LowEndLem> did she just stroke a box?
[18:35] <Nekkoru> Also, high heels? Seriously? What for?
[18:35] <@Fernin> she did, yes
[18:36] <LowEndLem> fuck it, I'm just gonna watch this high next time, see if it's any from of enjoyable.
[18:36] <Nekkoru> Spare a toke?
[18:36] <LowEndLem> aren't you in poland?
[18:36] <LowEndLem> or something
[18:36] <LowEndLem> finalnd?
[18:36] <Nekkoru> Poland.
[18:36] <LowEndLem> k
[18:37] <LowEndLem> i can't ship a toke to you, you know hat.
[18:37] <@Fernin> I'm a little surprised there's no actual nudity in this movie, with all the gratuitous sexy shots of the girls
[18:37] <LowEndLem> a single thing of diamonds.
[18:37] <LowEndLem> yeah, that's how it always is.
[18:37] <Nekkoru> I meant to say that.
[18:37] <LowEndLem> I mean, when I went to the bank today, i had to jump over lasers to put money on my debit card, and it was all on this pedastal...
[18:38] <@Fernin> good old Hollywood effects, hairspray would trigger those sensors, not reveal them permanently
[18:38] <Nekkoru> Anyways, you can fit like six tokefuls in a plastic bag. Wrap that shit around in bubble wrap and get it in a nice box and sent it to me, care of one "Anna Olejniczak"
[18:38] <LowEndLem> how the fuck would it track noie while movie?
[18:39] <LowEndLem> 8movie
[18:39] <LowEndLem> *moving
[18:39] <@Fernin> and isn't that a ridiculously excessive amount of lasers?
[18:39] <Nekkoru> What.
[18:39] <LowEndLem> Haha, farjoke
[18:39] <Nekkoru> Fart jokes.
[18:39] <LowEndLem> *fartjoke
[18:39] <LowEndLem> someone's gonna cut their hand when they open tat.
[18:39] <Nekkoru> Oho, new ride?
[18:40] <LowEndLem> well, hot girls always have to ride in a convertable.
[18:40] <LowEndLem> it's a movie law.
[18:40] <@Fernin> they're already stealing diamonds, why not steal a sweet car while they're at it?
[18:40] <Nekkoru> Ace motherfucking Ventura.
[18:40] <Nekkoru> Boom town!
[18:40] <LowEndLem> really? it flipped?
[18:40] <@Fernin> ...the hell caused the van to flip?
[18:40] <LowEndLem> I call bullshit.
[18:41] <Nekkoru> Wind.
[18:41] <Nekkoru> It was wind.
[18:41] <LowEndLem> Did the bitching hydrualics explode?
[18:41] <Nekkoru> For sure.
[18:41] <LowEndLem> also, who names their kid justice?
[18:41] <LowEndLem> 5 done.
[18:41] <Nekkoru> Cured up fart six.
[18:41] <Nekkoru> *part six.
[18:41] <LowEndLem> part six loading
[18:42] <@Fernin> heh, we can see what's on Nekko's mind after that scene
[18:42] <LowEndLem> we need better movies, damnit.
[18:42] <Nekkoru> In the meantime, let's see what these fucks under my window are screaming about
[18:44] <Nekkoru> Okay, halfway buffered, you?
[18:45] <LowEndLem> all i got's a is a bottle of vodka, and yes.
[18:45] <@Fernin> yep
[18:45] <Nekkoru> Then let's-a go!
[18:45] <LowEndLem> oh god, will ferrel.
[18:45] <LowEndLem> I'm not sure if it got better or worse.
[18:45] <Nekkoru> Indiana Jones?
[18:46] <@Fernin> Will Ferrel, playing the overly loud dumb guy, yet again
[18:46] <@Fernin> and there's that 4th wall breaking again
[18:46] <LowEndLem> Hey, the fourth wall got dented.
[18:46] <Nekkoru> The fourth wall isn't going to hold much longer!
[18:46] <LowEndLem> and they're utter iditos.
[18:46] <@Fernin> when did the girls get the time to edit that video?
[18:47] <LowEndLem> the same time they got time to....fuck it, i don't have a metaphor.
[18:47] <Nekkoru> Maybe they didn't.
[18:47] <LowEndLem> What, the rest was blank
[18:47] <LowEndLem> ?
[18:47] <Nekkoru> Yeah.
[18:47] <@Fernin> I can see why Bob would get along better with the monkey...
[18:47] <LowEndLem> Oh god, a cutaway.
[18:48] <Nekkoru> Randall! No! Dante! No!
[18:48] <LowEndLem> oh look, a refernce to the first movie!
[18:48] <@Fernin> so, how many more movie parodies will we see?
[18:48] <Nekkoru> Many, many, more.
[18:48] <@Fernin> Scooby Doo, Planet of the Apes... what more can they destroy?
[18:48] <LowEndLem> ha, he tripped.
[18:48] <LowEndLem> It's funny.
[18:48] <Nekkoru> Bestiality.
[18:49] <@Fernin> oh, Jon Stewart, why?
[18:49] <LowEndLem> i'm not sure if his spot in this is worse than death to smoochy
[18:49] <@Fernin> ...I can only wonder how many takes it took to get him to say all
that with a straight face
[18:50] <LowEndLem> how'd silent bob get mentioneD? he wasn't even in it
[18:50] <Nekkoru> He was right by Jay.
[18:50] <@Fernin> ha ha ha, clit jokes, how high class -_-
[18:51] <LowEndLem> what did you expect from kevin smith?
[18:51] <LowEndLem> i mean, yeah, some good movies....but all based on cocks.
[18:51] <Nekkoru> Intelligent humor like in Clerks?
[18:51] <LowEndLem> also, boobies
[18:51] <Nekkoru> Yes. Boobies.
[18:51] <LowEndLem> why'd he let himself in?
[18:51] <LowEndLem> worst pizza man ever
[18:51] <LowEndLem> now i'm hungry
[18:52] <@Fernin> ...people from Utah have a heavy Southern accent?
[18:52] <LowEndLem> oh, judd nelson....
[18:52] <LowEndLem> Why?!
[18:52] <Nekkoru> Yes they have.
[18:52] <Nekkoru> An accent.
[18:53] <LowEndLem> is it from the deep south?
[18:53] <LowEndLem> or is it just...fuck it, i'm out of metaphors.
[18:53] <LowEndLem> I have nothing.
[18:53] <@Fernin> hm, I should've started up a "fuck" counter at the start of this
[18:53] <LowEndLem> my part's over.
[18:53] <Nekkoru> Part seven.
[18:54] <@Fernin> I'm now curious how many times that word gets used in this movie
[18:54] <LowEndLem> why are we doing this again?
[18:54] <LowEndLem> you can check wikipedia
[18:54] <@Fernin> you're the one who signed up for it, Lem
[18:54] <@Fernin> could've turned it down like Mog did
[18:54] <LowEndLem> Yeah, i know
[18:55] <Nekkoru> Man, but this movie is way more enjoyable with other people.
[18:55] <Nekkoru> But I guess that would be the case with most movies
[18:55] <@Fernin> or when you're stoned off your ass, I'm told
[18:56] <LowEndLem> Well, yeah. that's a given
[18:56] <LowEndLem> i wanna watch MST3K high.
[18:56] <Nekkoru> I never stone my ass off
[18:56] <Nekkoru> I am, however, completely off my tits right now on the account of the extensive amounts of snuff consumed by me earlier.
[18:56] <Nekkoru> Halfway done. You people?
[18:56] <@Fernin> yep
[18:57] <LowEndLem> yeah
[18:57] <Nekkoru> OK, go.
[18:57] <LowEndLem> Yeah, not a whole lot of convincing needs to be done to make people belive jay's gay
[18:58] <Nekkoru> Yeah.
[18:58] <LowEndLem> I would like to state for the record, that i hate.
[18:58] <Nekkoru> You hate what?
[18:58] <@Fernin> stupidity?
[18:59] <LowEndLem> at this point, just hate.
[18:59] <LowEndLem> dude, these guys have horrid aim.
[18:59] <Nekkoru> Especially with Silent Bob.
[18:59] <@Fernin> point blank, and he still misses
[18:59] <LowEndLem> HOW THE FUCK DID YOU MISS"?!
[19:00] <Nekkoru> Jesus fuck, he couldn't hit his ass with a shotgun?
[19:00] <LowEndLem> That's nigh impossible.
[19:00] <@Fernin> nice pointless emotional moment that the movie could've done without
[19:00] <Nekkoru> What the fuck is wrong with that Marshal?
[19:00] <@Fernin> The Fugitive, anyone?
[19:00] <LowEndLem> he's played by will ferrell and his life is pointless?
[19:01] <@Fernin> that's one hell of a strong ape
[19:01] <LowEndLem> they're not good, you footstool, they're just stoned.
[19:02] <Nekkoru> What the fuck.
[19:02] <LowEndLem> why isn't that ape's arms ripped off?
[19:02] <Nekkoru> WHAT
[19:02] <Nekkoru> Oh shit.
[19:02] <LowEndLem> ?
[19:03] <LowEndLem> Ahhh, silent bob. The only good line in this movie
[19:03] <Nekkoru> Yes.
[19:03] <@Fernin> "say it, don't spray it" is probably the weakest comeback Jay has
[19:04] <LowEndLem> jay's also an idiot.
[19:04] <Nekkoru> Yeah, but he does have his moments.
[19:05] <LowEndLem> oh look, dealers have unions
[19:05] <@Fernin> drug dealing unions, how nice
[19:05] <Nekkoru> Part eight.
[19:06] <LowEndLem> my god.
[19:07] <Nekkoru> We're almost done... Have faith! Do not give up!
[19:08] <LowEndLem> blaaaah
[19:11] <LowEndLem> doesn't make it any less painful
[19:11] <LowEndLem> we good?
[19:11] <Nekkoru> We good.
[19:11] <LowEndLem> go?
[19:11] <@Fernin> go
[19:11] <Nekkoru> Go!
[19:12] <LowEndLem> went!
[19:12] <LowEndLem> alliteration makes things seem more important.
[19:12] <@Fernin> what blood and violence?
[19:13] <Nekkoru> Hmmm...
[19:13] <Nekkoru> Is she going to notice them?
[19:13] <LowEndLem> really. explitave deleted.
[19:13] <@Fernin> hey, she did they quote unquote thing correctly, Jeebus would be happy
[19:13] <LowEndLem> jeebus is never happy.
[19:13] <Nekkoru> Quote unquote thing?
[19:14] <LowEndLem> she said quote at the beginning, and unquote at the end
[19:14] <Nekkoru> Oh.
[19:14] <LowEndLem> how the fuck did he run into that chicken?
[19:14] <Nekkoru> Classic Wile E. Coyote moment.
[19:14] <LowEndLem> haha, affleck joke.
[19:15] <@Fernin> more gay jokes, though I doubt it's the last we'll see
[19:15] <LowEndLem> of course not.
[19:15] <LowEndLem> why does he keep saying Bong.
[19:15] <LowEndLem> it's not funny.
[19:15] <@Fernin> it's his catchphrase
[19:16] <LowEndLem> We're not nearly high enough to enjoy this.
[19:16] <Nekkoru> We have a saying here in Poland...
[19:16] <Nekkoru> "The hungry one thinks of bread"
[19:16] <Nekkoru> Thus, Jay wants his bong.
[19:17] <Nekkoru> 4th wall...
[19:17] <LowEndLem> oooops, there goes the fourth wall again
[19:17] <Nekkoru> BROKEN!
[19:17] <@Fernin> hm, what did Matt Damon and Ben Affleck do to deserve this kind of payback?
[19:18] <Nekkoru> They play Jay and Silent Bob.
[19:18] <LowEndLem> no, J and SB think they do.
[19:18] <Nekkoru> I mean, Bluntman and Chronic.
[19:18] <Nekkoru> Who are Jay and Silent Bob.
[19:18] <LowEndLem> oh, fuck this movie.
[19:19] <LowEndLem> Nothing makes sense anymore.
[19:19] <Nekkoru> Yes. Just watch the hilarious hijinks.
[19:19] <LowEndLem> where the fuck did he get a shotgun.
[19:19] <@Fernin> I never saw Good Will Hunting, was Ben Affleck even in it?
[19:20] <LowEndLem> yeah, somewhat.
[19:20] <LowEndLem> I think?
[19:20] <Nekkoru> Applesauce, bitch? Seriously?
[19:20] <Nekkoru> Part nine.
[19:20] <LowEndLem> yep.
[19:20] <@Fernin> hm, right, they're on a movie studio now, they can parody tons of movies
[19:20] <LowEndLem> how many parts does this have?
[19:21] <@Fernin> 11, I think
[19:21] <Nekkoru> Twelve.
[19:21] <@Fernin> ah, ok
[19:21] <LowEndLem> thank god, we're almost done.
[19:21] <Nekkoru> Hi, I'm Crow T. Robot and I'm here to tell you that Mike Nelson is innocent.
[19:21] <Nekkoru> Mike Nelson is 200% fucking not guilty.
[19:21] <LowEndLem> Mike broke the hubble, mike broke the hubble!
[19:22] <Nekkoru> And if you shits don't fucking find him innocent, you can just fucking kiss my fat fucking ass.
[19:22] <Nekkoru> And that fucking goes for your bullshit court system too.
[19:22] <LowEndLem> hehehe.
[19:23] <Nekkoru> So, what have we learned from this movie?
[19:23] <Nekkoru> Next time let's just shoot ourselves in the ankles and watch Pick of Destiny.
[19:24] <LowEndLem> I've learned it takes me less than an hour to wish for death.
[19:24] <@Fernin> I like that, aside from the shooting ourselves part
[19:24] <LowEndLem> Well, i enjoyed PoD
[19:24] <LowEndLem> somewhat.
[19:24] <LowEndLem> I was sleepdeprived, so everything was funny
[19:25] <LowEndLem> Well, i've over hald
[19:25] <LowEndLem> half
[19:25] <LowEndLem> you guys?
[19:25] <@Fernin> as am I
[19:25] <Nekkoru> Let's do this.
[19:25] <Nekkoru> Go!
[19:25] <LowEndLem> Yay, scream parody!
[19:26] <@Fernin> that actually Wes Craven?
[19:26] <LowEndLem> i hope to god not.
[19:26] <LowEndLem> I spy...ET
[19:26] <@Fernin> hm, a red bike, I wonder what they'll parody next
[19:26] <Nekkoru> Yes.
[19:26] <LowEndLem> and daredevil.
[19:26] <Nekkoru> That was Wes Craven.
[19:26] <LowEndLem> and there's bond.
[19:27] <Nekkoru> I would watch Moonraper.
[19:27] <@Fernin> made it through without a scratch, yay Hollywood
[19:27] <LowEndLem> everyone would.
[19:27] <LowEndLem> worst silent bob ever.
[19:27] <LowEndLem> jason biggs....well you haven't fallen far, but you fell.
[19:28] <LowEndLem> ....what the fuck is he doing?
[19:28] <@Fernin> ...seriously, you can't tell?
[19:28] <Nekkoru> I'm getting tired. So fucking tired.
[19:28] <LowEndLem> yeS?
[19:29] <@Fernin> he was miming sex
[19:29] <LowEndLem> I know of what he's doing, but he looks like a fuck doing it.
[19:29] <LowEndLem> I know that.
[19:30] <@Fernin> even more gay jokes, what a surprise -_-
[19:30] <Nekkoru> I refuse to believe.
[19:30] <LowEndLem> wow, even i love gay jokes, and that's excessive.
[19:31] <LowEndLem> really. the monkey got the gun
[19:31] <Nekkoru> Fuck yeah!
[19:31] <Nekkoru> A monkey!
[19:31] <Nekkoru> With a gun!
[19:31] <@Fernin> with everything else that has happened, I'm not too surprised
[19:32] <LowEndLem> jamie kennedy!
[19:32] <Nekkoru> And an angry black man.
[19:32] <LowEndLem> Played by Chris Rock, how approriate.
[19:32] <@Fernin> the character Chris Rock is playing would probably bitch slap you for shouting that without mentioning him
[19:33] <Nekkoru> Didn't they rip on Chris Rock in the animated series?
[19:33] <LowEndLem> they rip on everything.
[19:33] <Nekkoru> I meant, like excessively.
[19:33] <LowEndLem> Oh. I dunno,
[19:33] <LowEndLem> i only saw a few episodes.
[19:33] <LowEndLem> a while ago.
[19:34] <Nekkoru> The first three episodes, at the end, Jay and Sa'Bob used to beat him up at the end of every episode
[19:34] <LowEndLem> end
[19:34] <Nekkoru> Yeah
[19:34] <Nekkoru> Or was that someone else?
[19:34] <Nekkoru> I dunno.
[19:34] <@Fernin> no, that was Charles Barkley, or however you spell his last name
[19:34] <Nekkoru> They only made six episodes of that.
[19:34] <Nekkoru> Who's him?
[19:35] <@Fernin> a basketball player, no clue which team
[19:35] <LowEndLem> basketball player
[19:36] <Nekkoru> Oh, okay.
[19:37] <LowEndLem> Will this go in thew quotes thread, or a new thread for movie raping?
[19:37] <Nekkoru> I say new thread
[19:37] <@Fernin> I'll make a new thread in Movies for it
[19:38] <Nekkoru> If we want to make it a regular thing, of course
[19:38] <Nekkoru> Halfway. We good?
[19:38] <LowEndLem> we good
[19:38] <@Fernin> yup
[19:38] <Nekkoru> Go.
[19:39] <Nekkoru> Let's finish this craphole as fast as we can.
[19:39] <LowEndLem> two more parts, man
[19:39] <LowEndLem> haha, they don't know what they're doing.
[19:39] <Nekkoru> OH FUCK
[19:39] <LowEndLem> ?
[19:39] <Nekkoru> IT'S LUKE SKYWALKER
[19:39] <LowEndLem> Hahaha
[19:39] <@Fernin> Hemp Knight?
[19:40] <LowEndLem> probably like batman's the dark knight
[19:40] <Nekkoru> Cock-knocker.
[19:40] <@Fernin> heh, you can almost hear his Joker voice coming out when he laughs
[19:40] <LowEndLem> bluntsaber
[19:40] <@Fernin> blunt bong saber, apparently
[19:40] <Nekkoru> Yes.
[19:40] <LowEndLem> gets you twice as fucked up
[19:41] <LowEndLem> god, i hate jay.
[19:41] <Nekkoru> Darth Balls.
[19:41] <@Fernin> stunt double, much?
[19:41] <LowEndLem> Ha, he took a hit.
[19:42] <@Fernin> that was just a badly done flip over that rail
[19:42] <Nekkoru> Bong saber. Yes.
[19:42] <LowEndLem> how the fuck'd he get on set?
[19:42] <LowEndLem> and he ended the shit out of mooby.
[19:42] <@Fernin> ...shotguns do not work that way
[19:43] <LowEndLem> You're questioning a shotgun while we're watching a bong saber fight.
[19:43] <@Fernin> ...hah, point
[19:43] <Nekkoru> Haha, cut!
[19:43] <LowEndLem> hurhurhur
[19:43] <Nekkoru> THAT WAS SO HILARIOUS!
[19:43] <@Fernin> apparently, he got rid of his shotgun
[19:43] <LowEndLem> what, did he lose it/
[19:44] <LowEndLem> and back to clit jokes.
[19:45] <@Fernin> and more people who can't aim
[19:45] <Nekkoru> And the women fight and the whole situation's defused by the little angry blakc man.
[19:45] <Nekkoru> And we have a whole lot of flips.
[19:45] <Nekkoru> And silenced guns with no silencers.
[19:45] <@Fernin> and lots of sentences beginning with And
[19:45] <LowEndLem> well, that's how they work, don't cha know?
[19:46] <@Fernin> wooden tables can stop bullets, don't cha know?
[19:47] <LowEndLem> okay, that hell's done.
[19:47] <LowEndLem> 2 more.
[19:47] <Nekkoru> Part eleven.
[19:47] <Nekkoru> Have mercy.
[19:50] <Nekkoru> We good for part eleven?
[19:51] <LowEndLem> im good
[19:51] <LowEndLem> fer?
[19:51] <@Fernin> we are
[19:51] <Nekkoru> Go.
[19:51] <@Fernin> and Bob talks again
[19:52] <LowEndLem> hey look, silent bob is doing EXACTLY WHAT HE DOES IN EVERY FUCKING MOVIE
[19:52] <@Fernin> "hur hur, Jay's so dumb, he thinks half is bigger than two thirds, that's so funny"
[19:52] <LowEndLem> how the fuck did she not block that kick?
[19:52] <Nekkoru> Yes.
[19:53] <@Fernin> oh, he got tranq'd by the monkey, I thought he shot himself in the foot
[19:53] <LowEndLem> i had hoped.
[19:53] <LowEndLem> wow, that tranq wore off fast.
[19:53] <LowEndLem> and that's not ironic in the least.
[19:53] <@Fernin> indeed not
[19:54] <Nekkoru> Retirony.
[19:54] <LowEndLem> i think it ends at 11.
[19:54] <Nekkoru> No, there's something in 12, too, I think...
[19:55] <LowEndLem> i hope not.
[19:55] <Nekkoru> Bestiality.
[19:55] <@Fernin> again
[19:55] <LowEndLem> and gay jokes.
[19:55] <@Fernin> aga... no, not again, still
[19:56] <Nekkoru> The forum should give us an award or something
[19:56] <LowEndLem> yes, like bitches, or something.
[19:56] <Nekkoru> We sat through this.
[19:56] <LowEndLem> I actually enjoy this song.
[19:56] <@Fernin> shame we can't hear it over Jay
[19:56] <LowEndLem> well, you can somewhat.
[19:57] <LowEndLem> how are they not being arrested?
[19:57] <@Fernin> a good question, that
[19:57] <LowEndLem> I mean dude, THAT'S A PRIEST!
[19:57] <Nekkoru> Simple.
[19:57] <Nekkoru> Everyone hates priests.
[19:57] <LowEndLem> Oh.
[19:57] <Nekkoru> See, they're doing a public service.
[19:58] <LowEndLem> oh look, comic nerds.
[19:58] <@Fernin> who are these people supposed to be parodying?
[19:58] <Nekkoru> References to old Smith Moives
[19:58] <LowEndLem> he just parodied himself.
[19:58] <Nekkoru> These two ladies and those two are from Chasing Amy
[19:59] <LowEndLem> please....can we end it at this part
[19:59] <LowEndLem> I don't wanna hear anymore.
[19:59] <LowEndLem> I can't do this.
[19:59] <@Fernin> ...greatest band in the world, my ass
[19:59] <Nekkoru> Well, here are the credits.
[19:59] <LowEndLem> or are we doing the credit
[19:59] <LowEndLem> a
[19:59] <LowEndLem> s
[20:00] <Nekkoru> We can't. They removed the last part.
[20:00] <@Fernin> they didn't upload the credits, apparently, and there's nothing to em anyway
[20:00] <LowEndLem> thank you....oh god, thank you