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Shadow Play was the first Twilight Zone episode done by MSLT3K. The crew for this session consisted of Fernin, Anorexorcist, Lottel, and Ghandi.


[00:42] <@Fernin> Okay, go!
[00:42] <anorexorcist> I need to learn that opening music on guitar
[00:42] <LoT_Tel> Rubbing my chin.
[00:43] <Ghandi> nice lighting effect
[00:43] <LoT_Tel> All hail Judge CHIN
[00:43] <Ghandi> Morbo!
[00:44] <LoT_Tel> He said no.
[00:44] <anorexorcist> not again eh
[00:44] <Ghandi> Again?
[00:44] <Ghandi> He is the worst lucid dreamer EVER
[00:44] <LoT_Tel> Jimmy Olson doesn't care
[00:45] <anorexorcist> I wonder if this "it's only a dream of mine" would stand up in real court
[00:45] <Ghandi> Bailiff breaks the 4th wall
[00:45] <LoT_Tel> My marrow is scared!
[00:45] <@Fernin> Bailiff is Rod Serling himself, Ghandi ;)
[00:45] <@Fernin> he has a little chat with the people in TV Land every episode
[00:45] <LoT_Tel> Harmonicas scare me too, jail guy
[00:45] <anorexorcist> haha
[00:46] <Ghandi> Maybeery 2021
[00:46] <Ghandi> Mayberry
[00:46] <LoT_Tel> told you it was the harmonica
[00:46] <Ghandi> We need to do this thing with mics
[00:47] <@Fernin> no we don't, Ghandi
[00:47] <@Fernin> we've done over 10 of these in here, it's worked out just fine
[00:47] <Ghandi> So Steve Carrell is finally in jail
[00:47] <Ghandi> ...
[00:47] <Ghandi> woohoo
[00:48] <LoT_Tel> watery doooooor
[00:48] <anorexorcist> wow being this guy would suck ass
[00:48] <LoT_Tel> Zoltan?
[00:48] <Ghandi> Good exposition
[00:48] <Ghandi> He's pulling from somewhere
[00:48] <anorexorcist> lol, smells like an old sofa, havn't heard that one before
[00:49] <Ghandi> Got the Hogan crazy eyes
[00:49] <LoT_Tel> STEAKUMS!
[00:49] <Ghandi> now im hungry
[00:49] <@Fernin> steak would taste great right about now
[00:49] <LoT_Tel> STAB HIM
[00:49] <@Fernin> here's the Defense Attorney and his wife and friend
[00:49] <anorexorcist> lol I didn't know Ghandi was in this movie
[00:50] <Ghandi> ok direction so far
[00:50] <Ghandi> with the gin scene
[00:50] <LoT_Tel> Love the clock
[00:50] <anorexorcist> ya Paul, you're only going to be sentanced to death, shut up
[00:50] <LoT_Tel> Upside down boot
[00:50] <anorexorcist> part 2
[00:50] <Ghandi> bah!
[00:50] <Ghandi> it stopped rolling
[00:51] <Ghandi> Where's the cigareete burn?
[00:51] <@Fernin> none of the people in this room were sentenced to death, this is the DA and a friend of his
[00:51] <Ghandi> give us the go for Part 2
[00:51] <@Fernin> okay, Part 2, Go!
[00:51] <anorexorcist> oh, I thought he was drunk because he was going to die
[00:51] <@Fernin> the one going to die is in jail still ;)
[00:52] <anorexorcist> oh, I thought we were going back to the begining of the "nightmare"
[00:52] <LoT_Tel> bowties are bad news
[00:52] <Ghandi> 60s TV was aimed more toward Theater. I forgot how obvious this was in old stuff
[00:52] <Ghandi> he reminds me of Kermit
[00:53] <LoT_Tel> swords and boots on the fireplace
[00:53] <anorexorcist> I like it, it's something different
[00:53] <Ghandi> you know who
[00:53] <LoT_Tel> I like these people
[00:53] <Ghandi> Kermit is definitely a stage actor
[00:53] <LoT_Tel> MAKEOUT TIME
[00:54] <anorexorcist> haha
[00:54] <LoT_Tel> Time for you to get a watch
[00:54] <LoT_Tel> BUUUURN
[00:54] <anorexorcist> you know two dudes kissing would have brought about the apocolypse in the 50's
[00:54] <anorexorcist> ouch, now he's going to die with a broken hand
[00:55] <Ghandi> Neo and Smith face off
[00:56] <anorexorcist> haha that's gotta freak the attorney off
[00:56] <Ghandi> sweet
[00:56] <Ghandi> this would make a god movie
[00:56] <anorexorcist> *out not off
[00:57] <LoT_Tel> Mr. Richie!
[00:57] <Ghandi> Gotta say, Carrell REALLY needs a real place to pull from. Otherwise he's just rambling nonsense
[00:57] <anorexorcist> what's the term for people who think the world began when they were born and dies when they do?
[00:57] <@Fernin> hm, a good question, that
[00:58] <LoT_Tel> Smrat
[00:58] <anorexorcist> I thought it was Nihlist or something like that
[00:58] <anorexorcist> I just don't remember for sure
[00:58] <LoT_Tel> no no no
[00:58] <LoT_Tel> Nihilist is nothing like that
[00:58] <LoT_Tel> Talk about the watch!
[00:58] <LoT_Tel> THE WATCH
[00:58] <@Fernin> there ya go, Ghandi, he's not that bad of a lucid dreamer
[00:58] <LoT_Tel> Steak into... BABIES
[00:59] <Ghandi> yum
[00:59] <anorexorcist> I remember reading about Narcisists, Nihlists and these type of guys at the same time
[00:59] <LoT_Tel> Roast baby?
[00:59] <anorexorcist> holy shit the steaks turned into a roast
[00:59] <Ghandi> I've never had a dream THIS long
[00:59] <anorexorcist> lol, I can't remember my dreams a few minutes after I wake up usually
[01:00] <anorexorcist> and part 3 time
[01:00] <Ghandi> see?
[01:00] <Ghandi> Are we a go?
[01:00] <@Fernin> fortunately, you don't live in the Twilight Zone, anor ;)
[01:00] <@Fernin> on to part 3
[01:00] <@Fernin> ready, go!
[01:00] <@Fernin> hm, small repeat
[01:00] <LoT_Tel> Jigs doesn't dance enough for my taste
[01:00] <anorexorcist> heh, well if you have the same dream night after night, you'll probably start remembering
[01:01] <Ghandi> And changing sleep medication
[01:01] <anorexorcist> haha
[01:01] <LoT_Tel> DANCE JIGS, JIGS
[01:01] <Ghandi> Careell randomly picked up a New York accent
[01:01] <anorexorcist> I wonder what his life is like when he's awake
[01:01] <LoT_Tel> He fights crime in tights
[01:01] <@Fernin> the man has to be a complete wreck when he's awake
[01:01] <Ghandi> Perfectly cast jail cells to see Jog's face.... ah, theater
[01:01] <Ghandi> Jig
[01:02] <Ghandi> jail bars
[01:02] <anorexorcist> I'd just start drinking massive amounts of coffee, stay awake as long as possible
[01:02] <LoT_Tel> DREAAAMS
[01:02] <LoT_Tel> Titties.
[01:03] <LoT_Tel> He wants to say 'titties'
[01:03] <LoT_Tel> but he can't. He's in the 50s
[01:03] <anorexorcist> haha
[01:04] <Ghandi> Carrell's a really good actor
[01:04] <LoT_Tel> He's wearing a belt
[01:04] <LoT_Tel> did they not take belts away back then?
[01:05] <anorexorcist> it's a dream
[01:05] <anorexorcist> he's been pointing out the inaccuracies the whole time
[01:05] <LoT_Tel> But not sure if they did that back then or it was an inaccuracy.
[01:05] <anorexorcist> ah
[01:05] <anorexorcist> gotcha
[01:05] <LoT_Tel> Operator? Batman please.
[01:05] <Ghandi> Twilight Zone has compelling stries
[01:05] <Ghandi> stories
[01:06] <Ghandi> Henry = Hank = Kermit?
[01:06] <anorexorcist> lol I'm sure that works all the time "I can't tell you why, but you need to grant a stay of execution"
[01:06] <@Fernin> brrzap
[01:06] <LoT_Tel> That's not a boot at all :(
[01:06] <LoT_Tel> JUDGE CHIN
[01:06] <LoT_Tel> ALL RISE
[01:07] <LoT_Tel> Wut
[01:07] <anorexorcist> lol
[01:07] <LoT_Tel> Switch places!
[01:07] <LoT_Tel> YOU'RE OUT OF ORDER!
[01:07] <anorexorcist> this had to be mind blowing back in the day
[01:07] <LoT_Tel> AND YOU!
[01:07] <LoT_Tel> AND YOU'RE OUT OF ORDER!
[01:07] <anorexorcist> and you got my order wrong!
[01:08] <anorexorcist> good show
[01:08] <anorexorcist> good choice fernin
[01:08] <LoT_Tel> Not enough rubber masks this time
[01:08] <LoT_Tel> a bit disappointing
[01:08] <Ghandi> that was awesome