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Flight of Dragons was the eleventh movie done by MSLT3K. The crew for this session consisted of FigNewton, Fernin, TARDISman, and Not Sure.


[00:29:39] <+Tofurkey> OK... GOOO!!!
[00:30:00] <TARDISman> This sounds like a Christmas song
[00:30:07] <+Tofurkey> lol "come"
[00:30:42] <TARDISman> After the age of Logic came the age of Digital Watches and taco stands
[00:32:09] <TARDISman> Larry Storch!
[00:32:22] <+Tofurkey> Open your mind enough to fly with the dragons?
[00:32:47] <@Fernin> humorously enough, the actual Flight of Dragons book has almost nothing to do with this movie
[00:33:15] <TARDISman> Torch the swan, torch the swan!
[00:34:12] <+Tofurkey> Why's the water al brown?
[00:34:26] <TARDISman> The dragons are taking a wicked piss
[00:34:29] <+Tofurkey> And are they even trying to make his mouth match up with the words?
[00:34:51] <+Tofurkey> His mouth was shut for half of "inhabitants"
[00:34:57] <TARDISman> Yeah, I noticed
[00:35:14] <@Fernin> Rankin/Bass never was much for good animation
[00:35:16] <TARDISman> Fail
[00:36:10] <+Tofurkey> ...Was she singing that?
[00:36:25] <TARDISman> I like this one
[00:36:26] <@Fernin> nope, there was a synthesizer just off screen
[00:37:04] <@Fernin> Omadonn... James Earl Jones' character, wait'll you see him
[00:37:26] <+Tofurkey> I hope I get to have multi-coloured children
[00:37:37] <@Fernin> I never figured out if he has puffy white hair, or if that's part of the hat
[00:37:46] <TARDISman> The golden wizard is Asian?!
[00:38:03] <+Tofurkey> He was the adopted brother
[00:38:29] <TARDISman> Don't turn your back on me Scar...
[00:39:49] <+Tofurkey> Done!
[00:39:51] <+Tofurkey> Ready?
[00:39:54] <TARDISman> Ready
[00:39:54] <@Fernin> part 2!
[00:39:58] <+not_sure> yeah
[00:40:12] <+Tofurkey> Ok... Go!!!
[00:40:56] <+Tofurkey> I vote puffy hair
[00:41:21] <TARDISman> A Promised land if you will
[00:41:39] <@Fernin> so much for separation of science and magic, I know a hologram when I see one
[00:42:17] <+Tofurkey> I don't get it... why are all the wizards for logic and science?
[00:42:24] <TARDISman> My god Link's put on weight
[00:44:09] <+Tofurkey> Turn brother against brother?
[00:44:20] <+Tofurkey> Kind of like what he's doing right now, by being a dick to all his brothers' consensus?
[00:44:32] <TARDISman> So, the dark wizard wants to be President?
[00:44:34] <@Fernin> heavy-handed preaching, much?
[00:45:49] <@Fernin> probably not a good idea to tell them what the source of all his power is
[00:45:58] <+not_sure> heh
[00:46:18] <TARDISman> So Capt. Puffy Hair's a time mage?
[00:46:53] <@Fernin> what, did you miss the intro? He's the ruler of the depths of the seas, the highest mountains, and the stars above
[00:47:12] <TARDISman> Yeah I know, the comet reference put it over the edge
[00:47:28] <+Tofurkey> You know, I've got to say... none of them look like brothers
[00:48:12] <@Fernin> yep, you heard it there, they visited Saturn's rings in the dark ages
[00:49:06] <@Fernin> nice spot for the end of the part there
[00:49:06] <TARDISman> Done
[00:49:11] <+Tofurkey> Hey, Fern-o, can you toss me that Chapter Five link, again?
[00:49:20] <@Fernin> (Link:
[00:49:43] <+Tofurkey> Thank you
[00:49:44] <+Tofurkey> Ready?
[00:49:49] <@Fernin> yep
[00:49:49] <TARDISman> Roger
[00:49:51] <+not_sure> yeah
[00:50:02] <+Tofurkey> Uno, dos, go-o!
[00:50:36] <TARDISman> Quest group LFG
[00:51:30] <+Tofurkey> The twentieth century?
[00:51:39] <+Tofurkey> That's recent!
[00:51:45] <TARDISman> Oh boy!
[00:52:29] <+not_sure> the author, right?
[00:52:47] <@Fernin> Peter Dickinson, as voiced by Jon Ritter
[00:53:04] <@Fernin> he does a /great/ job with the voice
[00:53:09] <+Tofurkey> I don't get it, he's trying to get a... pawn shop owner to manufacture his game?
[00:53:26] <TARDISman> It is Boston
[00:53:55] <+Tofurkey> But-but he's a nerd!
[00:54:22] <TARDISman> My god, he's facebook stalking us all!
[00:55:40] <@Fernin> I should start pulling magical spell words from this for Scout...
[00:55:56] <@Fernin> Spfizzooma Kala is a fun sounding magic word
[00:56:25] <TARDISman> Get in mah belly!
[00:56:56] <+Tofurkey> I just got covered in flames!
[00:56:59] <+Tofurkey> Yippee!
[00:57:06] <TARDISman> Oh boy 1st degree burns!
[00:57:47] <+Tofurkey> Kay, his mouth is moving a full second before he's talking, there
[00:57:51] <+Tofurkey> No way they're even trying
[00:58:01] <TARDISman> Holy crap, this is bugging me
[00:58:13] <@Fernin> I'm beginning to think it's more the fault of youtube, desynching the audio
[00:58:38] <+Tofurkey> You'll never meet a girl dressed like a NERD!
[00:58:40] <+Tofurkey> Have a miniskirt!
[00:58:56] <TARDISman> And a feathered cap!
[00:59:14] <+Tofurkey> Go-o?
[00:59:20] <+Tofurkey> Err, ready?
[00:59:23] <TARDISman> Ready
[00:59:24] <@Fernin> hehe, ready
[00:59:26] <+not_sure> yeah
[00:59:31] <+Tofurkey> Go!
[00:59:33] <@Fernin> speak up more, NS :P
[00:59:53] <+not_sure> I don't have too much to say
[01:00:09] <TARDISman> They get freaky when the sun goes down
[01:01:21] <+not_sure> So dragons are hot air balloons?
[01:01:33] <@Fernin> essentially, you'll see in the next part
[01:02:47] <TARDISman> Such a vast horde
[01:03:18] <@Fernin> not so much, only 3 people and 2 dragons... it is a vast hoard, though ;)
[01:03:57] <@Fernin> Fetch, boy!
[01:04:24] <TARDISman> I just placed his face, Peter looks like the Fifth Doctor
[01:04:27] <+not_sure> nerrrd
[01:05:11] <@Fernin> we can't have a time pardox on our hands, now
[01:05:14] <@Fernin> paradox*
[01:05:37] <+Tofurkey> I bet he has Chinese Democracy and Duke Nukem Forever in there, too
[01:06:41] <TARDISman> Awkward romance scene time!
[01:07:11] <+Tofurkey> The fuck?
[01:07:14] <+Tofurkey> That was like, a real scream
[01:07:27] <+Tofurkey> Where the fuck did that come from in this mess of half-assed voice acting?
[01:07:46] <TARDISman> They probably showed her how much she was getting for this movie
[01:08:17] <+not_sure> she's psychic
[01:09:14] *** TARDISman has left #sydlexia
[01:09:20] <@Fernin> so, some filling in before we... er?
[01:09:20] <+Tofurkey> He... forgot how to fly?
[01:09:31] *** TARDISman has joined #sydlexia
[01:09:37] <TARDISman> Fuck
[01:09:39] <@Fernin> ah, there he is
[01:09:56] <+Tofurkey> Ready?!
[01:09:57] <TARDISman> Sorry sorry
[01:09:58] <@Fernin> so, for some filling in before the "part 5", since there's about 5 minutes that aren't shown
[01:09:59] <TARDISman> Ready
[01:10:11] <+Tofurkey> Oh, better fill in, then
[01:10:17] <@Fernin> what happened was Carolinus merged Peter and Gorbash
[01:10:31] <@Fernin> Peter was unconscious when he was dropped, hence the falling dragon
[01:10:57] <@Fernin> then there's a few minutes of everyone realizing the bad luck of Peter now being a part of Gorbash, and Peter trying to learn to become a dragon
[01:11:26] <@Fernin> Smergle does a small amount of explaining, and brings him to this Dwarven mine, commands him to eat some gemstones
[01:11:40] <TARDISman> Breakfast of champions
[01:11:51] <@Fernin> oh, also, they now need a new third member to start the quest, Smergle is it
[01:11:58] <+Tofurkey> lol, Gorbash is Pete's Dragon, then?
[01:12:05] <@Fernin> hehe, yeah
[01:12:24] <@Fernin> okay, now we're ready
[01:12:29] <+Tofurkey> Okay!
[01:12:30] <+Tofurkey> Ready
[01:12:31] <+Tofurkey> ?
[01:12:33] <+not_sure> yea
[01:12:34] <TARDISman> Ready
[01:12:42] <+Tofurkey> Okey dokey, go-o!
[01:13:25] <+Tofurkey> That's what she said!!
[01:13:39] <+Tofurkey> That's what she said!
[01:13:55] <TARDISman> That's what she said!!!
[01:14:49] <TARDISman> You're a damn dragon just take his word for it!
[01:15:00] <@Fernin> "We're on a quest to save the magical world and he wants to visualize!"
[01:15:54] <TARDISman> Dragon Fail
[01:15:55] <+Tofurkey> He did that for like, five seconds...
[01:15:59] <+Tofurkey> He was just being an asshole
[01:16:34] <TARDISman> I agree
[01:16:40] <+Tofurkey> ...Why'd he just slide into the foreground, there?
[01:16:48] <+Tofurkey> While the Pete was talking, no less?
[01:16:53] <+Tofurkey> Anyway, ready?
[01:17:00] <TARDISman> Ready
[01:17:00] <@Fernin> ready
[01:17:06] <+not_sure> yeah
[01:17:13] <+Tofurkey> Ok, Goo!
[01:17:15] <@Fernin> between that and this, Pete went for a short flight, fucked it up, and expelled all his fire
[01:17:23] <@Fernin> oh, and Sir Orin Neville-Smythe was introduced
[01:17:29] <TARDISman> So even more failing?
[01:18:46] <TARDISman> Dude, aren't you like 40?!
[01:19:18] <@Fernin> met her when she was 5, a dozen years ago, so she's 17 now...
[01:19:46] <+Tofurkey> He digs her purity and innocence :D
[01:20:00] <TARDISman> You tell him person who reminds me of Lothar from the hell was that?
[01:20:00] <@Fernin> either that, or he's got jungle gym fever
[01:21:25] <@Fernin> vomiting fire... now /that/ has to suck
[01:21:52] <TARDISman> "I saved the egg, and promptly fell in love with it"
[01:22:08] <+Tofurkey> I guess I don't have a tail, so I don't know, but wouldn't you push your head through, first?
[01:22:40] <+Tofurkey> He made a vow to fall in love with her when she was old enough?
[01:22:46] <+Tofurkey> I... I don't even know what to say to that
[01:25:05] <TARDISman> The situation is appropriate
[01:25:11] <TARDISman> Fuck you I'm a dragon!
[01:26:15] <+not_sure> ...
[01:26:23] <TARDISman> Second that
[01:26:56] <+Tofurkey> Ready?
[01:26:58] <TARDISman> Another clean break
[01:27:01] <TARDISman> Yep
[01:27:03] <@Fernin> ready
[01:27:08] <+not_sure> yeah
[01:27:11] <+Tofurkey> Go!
[01:27:43] <@Fernin> you expect insects, and you get... giant rat-things
[01:27:45] *** stonie|away has quit IRC: Read error: Connection reset by peer
[01:28:00] <TARDISman> Damn, that wolf is a tank to survive that fall
[01:28:15] <@Fernin> a sense, he didn't survive that fall
[01:28:40] <@Fernin> in so far as, he wasn't alive before he fell
[01:31:21] <TARDISman> Howard Shore eat your heart out
[01:32:18] <@Fernin> ...golden?
[01:32:38] <TARDISman> Wow... the writers and animators needed to communicate
[01:33:41] <@Fernin> ah, Giles... the namesake of my Gnome in D&D... even if he is an elf, apparently
[01:33:56] <TARDISman> Meh, they're tiny like 'em
[01:34:04] <@Fernin> definitely more of a Gnomish look to the little fellow
[01:35:44] <TARDISman> His face...
[01:35:58] *** stonie|away has joined #sydlexia
[01:36:33] <TARDISman> That was beyond horrible
[01:36:42] <@Fernin> even for a drunken dragon
[01:37:13] <TARDISman> And now they're singing...
[01:38:44] <TARDISman> Ready!
[01:38:49] <@Fernin> ready
[01:39:13] * TARDISman jabs Tofurkey with a stick
[01:40:03] <TARDISman> Should we go?
[01:40:16] <@Fernin> no, wait for Fig
[01:41:05] <+Tofurkey> Thank you, Fernin
[01:41:06] <+Tofurkey> NS?
[01:41:14] <+not_sure> ready
[01:41:18] <+Tofurkey> Go!
[01:41:31] <+not_sure> I'm glad those nuggets didn't kill you
[01:41:48] <+Tofurkey> Six left in the box
[01:42:01] <TARDISman> Wow he's drunk
[01:42:51] <+not_sure> dragons are supposed to trump ogres
[01:42:54] <TARDISman> That kick was perfect
[01:42:55] *** Rycona has quit IRC: Quit: Weresandwiches!
[01:42:56] <+Tofurkey> Why was the moon casting a shadow up form the horse?
[01:43:51] <@Fernin> they lay together, apparently, if he could grab them with one hand
[01:45:12] <+Tofurkey> See, I'd think it would be awkward to talk to someone with our mouths maybe ten centimetres apart
[01:45:13] <+Tofurkey> Guess not
[01:45:31] <TARDISman> Same here
[01:47:12] <@Fernin> thick flesh or not, fire in the eyes should definitely be a deterrent
[01:47:26] <TARDISman> Yeah, better work for something
[01:47:32] <+not_sure> the clothes seem fine
[01:48:59] <TARDISman> Couldn't even bother to dig a hole?
[01:49:08] <+Tofurkey> ...We have a narrator?
[01:49:20] <@Fernin> the girl, remember?
[01:49:48] <@Fernin> she's still in that trance, watching over them and speaking everything she sees
[01:50:25] <TARDISman> Bop him on the nose!
[01:50:26] <@Fernin> Note to the animator: If it's evil, give it a huuuuge nose
[01:50:38] <+not_sure> so Giles is evil?
[01:50:45] <+Tofurkey> Ready?
[01:50:53] <+not_sure> yeah
[01:50:53] <TARDISman> Ready
[01:50:56] <@Fernin> ready
[01:51:03] <+Tofurkey> Go-o-o
[01:51:29] <@Fernin> the party keeps changing, characters appear and disappear at the animator's whim
[01:51:50] <TARDISman> Leeeeeerroooooooyyyy!!!! Jeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnnkins!
[01:52:42] <@Fernin> Omadonn was magically watching them over the whole journey, why wouldn't he know when they entered his realm?
[01:53:18] <TARDISman> Wow, that hand movement looks like he's getting some action
[01:53:54] <+Tofurkey> What?!
[01:53:59] <+Tofurkey> I can't hear you when you're mumbling!
[01:54:49] <+Tofurkey> Oh come the fuck on
[01:54:53] <TARDISman> Magic morphing shield!
[01:54:57] <+Tofurkey> His mouth didn't move /at all/ when he said that
[01:55:37] <TARDISman> We get it kill them get on with it!
[01:56:19] <+Tofurkey> A /flight/ of them!
[01:56:32] <+not_sure> I think they have a good chance!
[01:56:49] <+Tofurkey> Now, we rock!
[01:56:50] <TARDISman> Oh god the elf's a bard even
[01:57:02] <+Tofurkey> It's like a Jethro Tull concert!
[01:57:11] <TARDISman> Descending scales save the world!
[01:58:10] <+Tofurkey> But no one's impervious to Jethro Tull's magic!
[01:58:29] <TARDISman> Lord Fauntleroy!
[01:59:47] <TARDISman> Let us kicketh some ass!
[02:00:07] <+Tofurkey> Again, you'd think the fire to the eyes would hurt
[02:00:21] <+Tofurkey> As well, isn't a metal suit kind of a bad thing to be wearing when being drenched in fire?
[02:00:34] <TARDISman> Yeah, just a hair of melting
[02:00:35] <+Tofurkey> Ready?
[02:00:40] <TARDISman> Ready
[02:00:41] <+not_sure> uh huh
[02:00:45] <@Fernin> he'd be toasted either way, the metal probably gave him a few extra seconds
[02:00:49] <@Fernin> and ready
[02:00:57] <+Tofurkey> Okey go!
[02:01:15] * +Tofurkey thinks of "Thriller"
[02:01:28] <TARDISman> psht: Mr. Jones, please clear your throat
[02:01:46] <+Tofurkey> Oh, the DnD nerd'll win it
[02:02:11] <+Tofurkey> You don't stand a chance against his D6's of doom!
[02:02:23] <TARDISman> Roll for initiative bitches!
[02:03:21] <+Tofurkey> That's what she said!
[02:03:52] <TARDISman> Truthiness!
[02:03:58] <+not_sure> that's.. logical
[02:04:39] <+Tofurkey> "Tends to"?
[02:05:09] <TARDISman> God of War III: Kratos wields the power of fractions to defeat Zeus
[02:05:48] <+Tofurkey> ...This scene's lame...
[02:05:56] <@Fernin> very much so, yes
[02:06:24] <+Tofurkey> Dorothy?
[02:06:29] <TARDISman> Wow, so he killed the big evil magician with the power of a high school grad standards?
[02:08:20] <+Tofurkey> With a miniskirt like that, I couldn't help but fall for him
[02:08:37] <TARDISman> His haircut entranced me
[02:09:46] <TARDISman> So the ancient and priceless shield of Saturn and he's hocking it?
[02:09:54] <@Fernin> yyup
[02:09:55] <+Tofurkey> Something extremely valuable you can live off for years, pawn it off!
[02:10:23] <+Tofurkey> I love how in movies people get good deals at pawn shops
[02:10:30] <TARDISman> Wow, it almost looked like they attempted a french kiss
[02:10:37] <TARDISman> I usually do, just not selling stuff
[02:10:43] <+Tofurkey> Exactly
[02:10:52] <TARDISman> Did get Rush 2021 there for a buck
[02:10:59] <+Tofurkey> Pshh
[02:11:10] <+Tofurkey> You could pull that forty-nine cents at the Sally Anne
[02:11:28] <+Tofurkey> Anyway, I give that two and a half drunk dragons out of five
[02:11:29] <TARDISman> I...don't know where that is
[02:11:42] <+Tofurkey> Salvation Army
[02:11:49] <TARDISman> Ohhhhhh