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Pump Up the Volume was the sixteenth movie done by MSLT3K. The crew for this session consisted of Figofsydlexia, Mr_Scotty, and Rycona. Hacker never checked wether parts seven to ten were up like Fig told him to, so only the first forty minutes were watched. It will be completed if at some later date parts 7-10 are uploaded.


�01[22:01] <@Figofsydlexia> Okay, part one, we're all ready?
[22:01] <Rycona> Yup.
[22:01] <Mr_Scotty> yes
�01[22:02] <@Figofsydlexia> Ok, go!

�01[22:02] <@Figofsydlexia> Look at that angsty font
[22:02] <Mr_Scotty> how the hell would that film reel even play
[22:02] <Mr_Scotty> yes i get that feeling
[22:03] <Rycona> What nonsense.
[22:03] <Mr_Scotty> He's how horny 0_0
[22:03] <Rycona> Horny fork in the dark.
[22:03] <Mr_Scotty> I approve of that stencil spray paint
�01[22:04] <@Figofsydlexia> This is what busses were like in the nineties
[22:04] <Mr_Scotty> pretty cool
[22:04] <Rycona> The white caps.
[22:04] <Rycona> Like waves that capsize ships and kill people.
[22:04] <Rycona> Good are thing school buses are safe.
[22:05] <Mr_Scotty> that principal looks like a bitch
�01[22:05] <@Figofsydlexia> Why was he talking before he turned the power on?
[22:05] <Mr_Scotty> Thats a messed up feeling o_o
[22:06] <Mr_Scotty> Fig what song is this? Do you know?
�01[22:06] <@Figofsydlexia> Man, I love this song. But on the soundtrack they used the cruddy Concrete Blonde cover they play for like, ten seconds later
�01[22:06] <@Figofsydlexia> "Everybody Knows" by Leonard Cohen off /I'm Your Man/
�01[22:06] <@Figofsydlexia> Terrible album, awesome artist, amazing song
[22:06] <Mr_Scotty> heh fanmail
[22:07] <Mr_Scotty> that a
[22:07] <Mr_Scotty> wobbeling penis
�01[22:07] <@Figofsydlexia> What a hunk
[22:08] <Mr_Scotty> this is perveted
�01[22:08] <@Figofsydlexia> That's what she said
[22:08] <Rycona> I bet he lvoes making hamburgers.
[22:09] <Rycona> loves*
[22:09] <Mr_Scotty> Hard harry reminds me of Maddox
�01[22:10] <@Figofsydlexia> Happy Harry Hardon's a million times cooler than Maddox
�01[22:10] <@Figofsydlexia> Harry's legit angst
�01[22:10] <@Figofsydlexia> And this speech got turned into ten or twenty grunge records
[22:11] <Mr_Scotty> this is awesome
[22:12] <Mr_Scotty> and end of part 1
�01[22:12] <@Figofsydlexia> Part deux?
[22:12] <Mr_Scotty> ready
�01[22:12] <@Figofsydlexia> Estoy listo!
�01[22:12] <@Figofsydlexia> Ry?
[22:12] <Mr_Scotty> The fuck?
[22:12] <Rycona> I'm ready.
�01[22:12] <@Figofsydlexia> Estoy listo is Spanish for "I'm ready", get some culture
�01[22:12] <@Figofsydlexia> OK GO
[22:13] <Mr_Scotty> I like how he didnt do direct splits and uploads
�01[22:13] <@Figofsydlexia> This is well written dialogue, eh?
[22:14] <Mr_Scotty> yup
[22:14] <Rycona> I am the system, hyuk.
[22:14] <Mr_Scotty> At least his mom gets him a bitt
�01[22:15] <@Figofsydlexia> Angsty McGee won't have none of their extra curricular activites
[22:15] <Mr_Scotty> That sounds like a decent deal to me
[22:16] <Mr_Scotty> feelings?
[22:17] <Mr_Scotty> shes gonna get gang raped
[22:17] <Mr_Scotty> Fig whats this song?.
�01[22:17] <@Figofsydlexia> I don't know
�01[22:17] <@Figofsydlexia> But it's some dope shit, yo
[22:18] <Mr_Scotty> I'll have to lyric search it latrer
[22:18] <Rycona> That was classic.
[22:18] <Mr_Scotty> Even the teachers like iyt
[22:18] <Mr_Scotty> *it
[22:18] <Rycona> Masturbation on the radio. Silly kids.
�01[22:19] <@Figofsydlexia> "God, it's like this awkard nerd who spends all his time by himself is socially inept or something. What teh fuck?"
�01[22:20] <@Figofsydlexia> This one's "Wienerschnitzel" by the Descendants
[22:22] <Rycona> Ballsy.
[22:22] <Mr_Scotty> You know, this relates to graffiti a bit. Graffiti shows nobody is in control of the system. So does his radio station.
[22:22] <Rycona> I wonder when he'll bust out on those congas.
�01[22:22] <@Figofsydlexia> Done-o
[22:22] <Mr_Scotty> 4 seconds left
[22:23] <Mr_Scotty> and done
�01[22:23] <@Figofsydlexia> Random drums are a staple of any angsty, hep kids living quarters
[22:23] <Mr_Scotty> Maybe after this next part we should search for the remaining parts
�01[22:23] <@Figofsydlexia> Nah, we'll wait till we're done part five
�01[22:23] <@Figofsydlexia> Ready?
[22:23] <Mr_Scotty> yes
[22:23] <Rycona> Ready.
�01[22:23] <@Figofsydlexia> Go!!!!1!
[22:24] <Mr_Scotty> Good old fashioned system rebellion.
�01[22:25] <@Figofsydlexia> I like how Love Interest sits around dressed kinda skimpy, making sexy poses, reading and listening to Happy Harry Hardon all evening
�01[22:25] <@Figofsydlexia> I like that quote
�01[22:26] <@Figofsydlexia> What a horrible prank call
�01[22:26] <@Figofsydlexia> Did kids have no class back then?
[22:26] <Mr_Scotty> yeah not even clever
�01[22:26] <@Figofsydlexia> Uh oh...
[22:26] <Mr_Scotty> he wants cum all over the letters?
�01[22:27] <@Figofsydlexia> I wonder what Stereotypical Punk Kid's on all the time?
[22:27] <Rycona> Billy Idol loves this show.
[22:28] <Mr_Scotty> shes having an orgasm over listening to him
�01[22:28] <@Figofsydlexia> HEY
[22:29] <Mr_Scotty> Did he have a boner when he fell on thata chair?
�01[22:30] <@Figofsydlexia> Shit's 'bout to get real
[22:31] <Mr_Scotty> Sad
[22:32] <Mr_Scotty> heh
[22:33] <Mr_Scotty> shit...he better put the gun down
�01[22:33] <@Figofsydlexia> I like how she calls him a creepoid, and she's the one writing down every fact he drops about himself on the wall
[22:33] <Mr_Scotty> i know huh
[22:33] <Mr_Scotty> and done
�01[22:34] <@Figofsydlexia> Ready-o?
[22:34] <Mr_Scotty> almost\
[22:34] <Rycona> Ready.
[22:34] <Mr_Scotty> ready
�01[22:34] <@Figofsydlexia> Gizzo!
�01[22:35] <@Figofsydlexia> lol
�01[22:35] <@Figofsydlexia> I did not know what a cock ring was the first time I saw this
[22:35] <Rycona> I never go anywhere without my cock ring.
[22:36] <Mr_Scotty> illegally selling tapes
[22:36] <Mr_Scotty> cool fat kid
�01[22:36] <@Figofsydlexia> This movie has a pretty bitchin' soundtrack, actually
[22:36] <Mr_Scotty> he almost got found out
[22:37] <Mr_Scotty> and now th bitch we know will end up with him
[22:37] <Rycona> And then kill him.
[22:37] <Mr_Scotty> heh
�01[22:38] <@Figofsydlexia> All angsty kids smoke
[22:38] <Mr_Scotty> so the kid did kill himself
[22:39] <Rycona> That sucks.
[22:39] <Mr_Scotty> now he feels like an ass
[22:39] <Rycona> He reminds me of Bruce McCullough (sp) dressing as a kid.
[22:39] <Rycona> He needs a Zelda hat.
[22:40] <Mr_Scotty> lol he does
[22:40] <Mr_Scotty> creepy chick
[22:41] <Mr_Scotty> Dude compare him to Light Yagami
[22:41] <Mr_Scotty> He is so careless when it comes to hiding his identity
[22:42] <Rycona> Classic pirate radio character downfall trait.
[22:42] <Rycona> "Mark, your dad dresses like a priest and it's okay that that makes you feel uncomfortable."
[22:43] <Rycona> The only thing is that his voice doesn't sound high school-ish at all.
[22:43] <Mr_Scotty> That pisses me off to
[22:43] <Mr_Scotty> well not pisses me off but throws it off
�01[22:44] <@Figofsydlexia> This movie's making me angsty
�01[22:44] <@Figofsydlexia> I'm going for a cigarette
[22:44] <Rycona> Well, he was 21 when the movie was released.
[22:44] <Mr_Scotty> I know huh.
[22:44] <Rycona> Figures.
�01[22:44] <@Figofsydlexia> We taking a break, or are you two going on without me?
�01[22:44] <@Figofsydlexia> I don't mind either
[22:45] <Rycona> A break.
[22:45] <Mr_Scotty> well take a break after this
�01[22:45] <@Figofsydlexia> Okay
�01[22:45] <@Figofsydlexia> Yeah
[22:45] <Mr_Scotty> Or not
�01[22:45] <@Figofsydlexia> See you two in a bit, then
[22:45] <Mr_Scotty> Ten minutes people
[22:53] <Mr_Scotty> Shit i think this ends at part 6
[22:53] <Rycona> Dun dun dun.
[22:53] <Rycona> That sucks. I want to see what happens.
[22:53] <Rycona> I'm compelled.
[22:54] <Mr_Scotty> well it was uploaded on the 11th of this month
[22:54] <Mr_Scotty> so maybe this is a non frequent project
�01[23:00] <@Figofsydlexia> lol
�01[23:00] <@Figofsydlexia> It ends at the sixth?
[23:00] <Mr_Scotty> looks like it
[23:00] <Mr_Scotty> from the comment i'd say so
�01[23:00] <@Figofsydlexia> Well... that's rather lame
[23:01] <Mr_Scotty> PhidippusAudax (1 hour ago) Show Hide
[23:01] <Mr_Scotty> 0
[23:01] <Mr_Scotty> Marked as spam
[23:01] <Mr_Scotty> Reply | Spam
[23:01] <Mr_Scotty> i want more!!! please...
�01[23:01] <@Figofsydlexia> So... what's the plan, then?
[23:01] <Mr_Scotty> shall we pick a different movie or just watch the rest?
�01[23:01] <@Figofsydlexia> Didn't I say yesterday you should check and make sure parts 7-10 are there?
�01[23:01] <@Figofsydlexia> Well, I don't know
[23:02] <Rycona> I don't know if I want to keep going if I can't see it all.
[23:02] <Rycona> I was just starting to legitimately get interested in the mvoie.
[23:02] <Mr_Scotty> I say we watch a different movie
[23:03] <Mr_Scotty> How about back to the future?
�01[23:03] <@Figofsydlexia> Well, it seems silly to start a new one, now
[23:03] <Mr_Scotty> silly but we should finish one
�01[23:03] <@Figofsydlexia> Back to the Future could've gotten interest, too
�01[23:03] <@Figofsydlexia> We'd have more people if we did that one
[23:03] <Mr_Scotty> Well fuck
[23:03] <Mr_Scotty> Okay how about
[23:04] <Mr_Scotty> We upload this but mark it as an incomplete and then come back to it if the parts get uploaded
[23:04] <Mr_Scotty> Then do one tomorrow
�01[23:04] <@Figofsydlexia> I'm down with that
[23:05] <Rycona> Fair enough.
[23:05] <Mr_Scotty> tomorrows will be back to the future
[23:05] <Mr_Scotty> So who's uploading?
[23:05] <Mr_Scotty> not it
�01[23:05] <@Figofsydlexia> Putting the log up?
[23:05] <Mr_Scotty> yeah
�01[23:05] <@Figofsydlexia> Since I'm the only one on mIRC, it's probably easiest for me
�01[23:05] <@Figofsydlexia> I'll do it
[23:05] <Rycona> It makes sense.
[23:06] <Mr_Scotty> ookay
�06[23:06] * Rycona shrugs.