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Trigun, Episode 1: The $$60 Billion Man was the first anime episode done by MSLT3K. The crew for this session consisted of Nekkoru, Fernin and Rycona.


[19:28] <Nekkoru> This is going to become the trademark catchphrase of MSLT3K...
[19:28] <Nekkoru> OK, Go!
[19:28] <Nekkoru> Fucking sweet opening theme
[19:29] <@Rycona> It reminds me of Road Rash.
[19:29] <@Fernin> definitely, H.K. for the win
[19:29] <@Rycona> Especially some of the sweet licks later on.
[19:29] <@Rycona> Like there.
[19:29] <Nekkoru> Fuck yes
[19:29] <Nekkoru> I'm going to bug Ross until he records it
[19:29] <Nekkoru> Solo time!
[19:29] <@Fernin> ah, H.T., my bad
[19:30] <Nekkoru> Okay, obligatory desert shot
[19:30] <Nekkoru> Annnnd... Wait, what? Double dollars?
[19:31] <@Rycona> I'll take the 120 billion.
[19:31] <@Rycona> REgular dollars.
[19:31] <@Fernin> good thing this is one of the shows with a really good English dub
[19:31] <@Rycona> I loved the ENglish dubs.
[19:31] <@Rycona> Record player automatically recognizes chance of mood.
[19:31] <@Rycona> change*
[19:32] <Nekkoru> Wait, so this tavern basically just stands there in the middle of the fucking desert.
[19:32] <@Rycona> What a waste of fine liquor.
[19:32] <@Fernin> okay, robbing a place I can understand, but shooting the fuck out of it?
[19:32] <@Fernin> what are they gaining by doing this, besides wasting bullets?
[19:32] <@Rycona> Doesn't seem very economical.
[19:32] <Nekkoru> Sweet entrance, tho
[19:32] <@Rycona> I'm the biggest and ugliest Lemming you've ever seen!
[19:32] <Nekkoru> Also, what is it with main characters in anime and wearing Red?
[19:33] <Nekkoru> I mean, Alucard, Vash...
[19:33] <@Rycona> Santa
[19:33] <@Fernin> it's a badass color, I guess
[19:33] <Nekkoru> Him, too.
[19:33] <@Rycona> She riff?
[19:33] <@Rycona> I didn't even know she played guitar.
[19:33] <@Fernin> maybe she did the show's opening
[19:33] <@Rycona> Hot Temptress
[19:34] <@Fernin> kitty!
[19:34] <Nekkoru> Hey, mind if I steal "Hot Temptress?"
[19:34] <@Rycona> Go ahead.
[19:34] <Nekkoru> I might use it as my artistic persona.
[19:34] <@Rycona> Your non-alcoholic orders give me table rage!
[19:35] <@Rycona> She's an ox.
[19:35] <Nekkoru> Holy fuck she-hulk
[19:35] <@Fernin> one hell of a gun, that
[19:35] <@Rycona> Innocent-looking? How would he know?
[19:35] <@Rycona> Segal stopped being a cop and opened a tavern.
[19:36] <@Rycona> ...and finally buffed up.
[19:36] <Nekkoru> Did he stop playing guitar, tho?
[19:36] <@Fernin> let's hope so
[19:36] <@Rycona> He had huge gauges and took them out. They healed pretty well.
[19:37] <Nekkoru> Oh. It's not loaded.
[19:37] <@Fernin> nice throw
[19:37] <Nekkoru> Vash is like the ultimate comedic relief
[19:37] <@Fernin> ...and nice escape
[19:37] <@Rycona> OBviously, he must be telling the truth.
[19:38] <Nekkoru> Some fine dialogue.
[19:38] <@Fernin> that thing can cut through stone, but not through human flesh?
[19:38] <@Rycona> I am Lemmingdroiddouche
[19:38] <Nekkoru> What THE FUCK is WRONG is with his EARS?
[19:39] <@Rycona> It has respect for all living things.
[19:39] <@Fernin> if his ears are the only thing about him that bother you...
[19:39] <@Rycona> Your ears get like that when you drink too much gravy.
[19:39] <Nekkoru> That was a Diablo 2 monster sound!
[19:39] <Nekkoru> Also, it was used in WoW, I think
[19:40] <@Rycona> Desert Aardvarks are great for lengthy, dry travels.
[19:40] <@Rycona> She's walking like a bushwhacker.
[19:41] <Nekkoru> Fucking sweet interlude
[19:41] <@Rycona> The echo at the end is sweet.
[19:41] <@Rycona> I want an explanation as to how "double dollars" came to exist.
[19:41] <Nekkoru> I'd like to hear Christopher Walken do Ruth.
[19:42] <@Fernin> apparently, double rifles also exist...
[19:42] <Nekkoru> Well, there was the double shotgun in Doom 2
[19:42] <@Rycona> At least there's a logic there.
[19:42] <@Fernin> double barreled is one thing, but one on top of the other is new to me
[19:42] <@Rycona> You'd think $$1 = $2
[19:42] <@Rycona> But who knows?
[19:43] <@Rycona> Look at my sweet boots.
[19:43] <@Rycona> He's thinking about gravy.
[19:43] <Nekkoru> This is getting... Ridiculous.
[19:43] <@Fernin> yay, mistaken identity
[19:43] <Nekkoru> So you're supposed to flip the rifle after shooting?
[19:44] <@Rycona> His shooting, like his hair, is flippant.
[19:44] <Nekkoru> Oh, look who's with them
[19:44] <@Fernin> wow, he can run as fast as those desert aardvarks
[19:44] <@Rycona> Donut snatcher.
[19:44] <@Rycona> The red coat add + 5 to appetite
[19:44] <@Rycona> adds*
[19:45] <@Fernin> and mouth capacity, apparently
[19:45] <@Fernin> he just snarfed 6 donuts at once
[19:45] <@Rycona> My blood sugar just dropped watching that.
[19:46] <@Fernin> more donuts...
[19:46] <@Rycona> He hates presents!?
[19:46] <@Rycona> He's not getting my vote.
[19:46] <@Rycona> "BY the powers of the giant screw in my chest!"
[19:46] <@Rycona> "BOndage!!!"
[19:46] <Nekkoru> Or in my shoulders.
[19:47] <@Rycona> He keeps getting screwed yet he doesn't try to change his life.
[19:48] <Nekkoru> Hey, those are one-shot rifles, he just flips them, why doesn't he reload?
[19:48] <Nekkoru> Ahh, anime rules of gunplay.
[19:48] <@Fernin> I'm guessing the things sticking out to either side are clips
[19:48] <@Rycona> That's what I was thinking.
[19:48] <@Rycona> THe SCrewmerang.
[19:50] <Nekkoru> Hm.
[19:50] <@Fernin> ...that's gonna be a lot of damage to the town below
[19:50] <@Rycona> I want to stay at the HO-tel
[19:50] <Nekkoru> Yay typewriter
[19:50] <Nekkoru> holyfuck she's huge
[19:51] <@Rycona> I hope that bag is full of soup.
[19:51] <Nekkoru> I enjoyed that.
[19:51] <@Rycona> If they would just eliminate one of those two suns, maybe it wouldn't be so damned arid.
[19:51] <Nekkoru> Haha, yeah
[19:52] <@Rycona> I haven't watched Trigun in forever. I love it.
[19:52] <@Fernin> ending theme... nowhere as amazing as the opening theme