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Clerks 2 was the fourth movie done by MSLT3K. The crew for this session consisted of Nekkoru, Fernin and Chile Guy.


[19:49] <Nekkoru> Okay, Go!
[19:49] <+Chile_Guy> Ready and loaded for the beat
[19:49] <Nekkoru> In a convienience store in a city very, very close...
[19:50] <@Fernin> ...anyone read Chinese?
[19:50] <Nekkoru> Yeah, that's what it said.
[19:50] <+Chile_Guy> Oh crap no.
[19:50] <@Fernin> "I'm not even supposed to be here today!"
[19:50] <+Chile_Guy> Heh. FIRE! FIRE!
[19:50] <Nekkoru> "Yo! I'm not even supposed to be here today!"
[19:50] <Nekkoru> WHAT AM I GOING TO DO NOW
[19:51] <+Chile_Guy> Get the heck out of here, boyo
[19:51] <Nekkoru> Haha, smoooth
[19:51] <@Fernin> Today was payday...
[19:51] <Nekkoru> And still chewing that gum
[19:51] <Nekkoru> Wanna go piss on it?
[19:52] <Nekkoru> Randal's actually living in a house.
[19:52] <Nekkoru> I thought of him as of a permanent couch surfer, tho.
[19:53] <@Fernin> nice of the subtitles to get in the way of the credits
[19:53] <Nekkoru> Yeah.
[19:53] <+Chile_Guy> What song might be playing in the background?
[19:53] <Nekkoru> Did you know that the Clerks logo was done with letters from fast food companies?
[19:53] <@Fernin> hm, I did not
[19:54] <+Chile_Guy> I never stopped to think about it. Thanks for the tidbit
[19:54] <not_sure> interesting
[19:54] <Nekkoru> FUCK
[19:54] <Nekkoru> Another laptop with melted plastic.
[19:54] <Nekkoru> Hmm.
[19:55] <@Fernin> wow, a punch clock you actually have to punch
[19:55] <+Chile_Guy> You guys have seen this movie before, right?
[19:55] <Nekkoru> Why the fuck do all my laptops end up having the right side melted by a misfired match?
[19:55] <Nekkoru> I have, I don't know if Fernin did
[19:55] <Nekkoru> Oh hoh, and here they come
[19:55] <@Fernin> yep, only twice before, though
[19:56] <Nekkoru> New and improved... You can't get much worse than their feature movie, can you?
[19:56] <@Fernin> were they in any films between that and this?
[19:56] <Nekkoru> Part 2
[19:56] <+Chile_Guy> I don't know what's the big dead about Jay and Silent Bob
[19:57] <Nekkoru> Well, it's their antics.
[19:57] <Nekkoru> You'll see during the movie.
[19:57] <+Chile_Guy> *deal
[19:57] <+Chile_Guy> Okay, let's see then.
[19:57] <+Chile_Guy> Part 2, buffering.
[19:57] <@Fernin> oh, Dig had a good idea for these things... start buffering part 3 now, open it in a new tab
[19:58] <Nekkoru> Also: instant spaghetti, waiting...
[19:58] <+Chile_Guy> Maybe it will cause both videos to buffer very, very slow.
[19:59] <Nekkoru> Meh, doesn't matter with my 10 mbit pipe
[19:59] <Nekkoru> Okay, 2:05 and my spaghetti'll be ready... Meanwhile, I'm good to go
[19:59] <@Fernin> as am I
[20:00] <+Chile_Guy> Man, I hate my internet...
[20:01] <Nekkoru> Be cool, seegee
[20:01] <Nekkoru> Huh, kinda like Weegee
[20:01] <+Chile_Guy> I don't have a fugly, scary face. :P
[20:04] <Nekkoru> You ready, CG? My spaghetti is.
[20:04] <+Chile_Guy> Almost there.
[20:05] <+Chile_Guy> It wasn't a very wise idea to load part 3 along with part 2...
[20:05] <Nekkoru> Probably.
[20:06] <+Chile_Guy> Ready, guys. Let's go.
[20:06] <Nekkoru> Okay, go!
[20:06] <@Fernin> at least the song wasn't as long as the one in Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back...
[20:07] <+Chile_Guy> Thanks goodness for that.
[20:07] <Nekkoru> Actually, I liked that one...
[20:08] <@Fernin> I think the two buyers there are pretty much the two opinions of Jay & Silent Bob, you either chuckle at their antics, or think they're stupid as hell
[20:08] <+Chile_Guy> The heck Randal was seeing on the PC?
[20:08] <Nekkoru> A blog.
[20:09] <+Chile_Guy> Heh, Randal doesn't knows the difference between Anne Frank and Hellen Keller
[20:10] <+Chile_Guy> *doesn't know
[20:10] <Nekkoru> Heh heh.
[20:10] <Nekkoru> I knew it, they graffitied that wall just for that wall
[20:10] <Nekkoru> *line
[20:11] <@Fernin> can he make one movie without mentioning a woman's clit?
[20:12] <Nekkoru> I think Clerks didn't mention the clit.
[20:12] <Nekkoru> There however were chicks with dicks.
[20:12] <Nekkoru> Also, spider man reference
[20:13] <Nekkoru> Part three... We ready?
[20:13] <@Fernin> yup
[20:13] <+Chile_Guy> Okay, part 3. Loading all over again... so you guys wait
[20:13] <Nekkoru> Oh well. Can't be helped.
[20:14] <@Fernin> hm, why loading all over again?
[20:14] <+Chile_Guy> Dunno... I loaded a good part of if in another window.
[20:15] <Nekkoru> Then play it in that window?
[20:15] <+Chile_Guy> *tab
[20:15] <+Chile_Guy> I closed it already, because it made part 2 load very slow
[20:15] <Nekkoru> Oh.
[20:16] <+Chile_Guy> So, how many parts does this have
[20:16] <@Fernin> 13
[20:16] <Nekkoru> Huh
[20:16] <Nekkoru> That number is haunting me
[20:16] <+Chile_Guy> It's gonna be a long night...
[20:17] <Nekkoru> My name starts with M, the thirteenth letter
[20:17] <Nekkoru> My class number in preschool and elementary was 13
[20:17] <Nekkoru> My current school was supposed to be the XIIIth High School
[20:18] <not_sure> they could make a movie about that
[20:18] * not_sure coughs
[20:18] <Nekkoru> It's gone up to the point the I'm going to tatoo a roman 13 on my hand.
[20:18] <+Chile_Guy> Like that movie with Jim Carrey about the number 23?
[20:18] <not_sure> indeed
[20:18] <Nekkoru> Awww
[20:18] <Nekkoru> My cat just cuddled up to me and went to sleep
[20:19] <+Chile_Guy> Ready, guys.
[20:20] <Nekkoru> Okay go
[20:21] <Nekkoru> Is he afraid of the pussy?
[20:21] <@Fernin> apparently
[20:21] <+Chile_Guy> Maybe he doesn't wants that surprise
[20:21] <Nekkoru> Oh jesus
[20:21] <Nekkoru> The new comic relief
[20:22] <Nekkoru> There's this sticker again
[20:23] <+Chile_Guy> Don't look at his wee-wee
[20:23] <+Chile_Guy> lawl
[20:23] <@Fernin> the arguments between Randall and what's his name aren't funny... they're just plain dull
[20:24] <Nekkoru> Elias.
[20:24] <Nekkoru> I like his name.
[20:24] <+Chile_Guy> Yeah, not much point on it.
[20:24] <Nekkoru> My cat's giving my bicep a massage.
[20:25] <Nekkoru> Randal and Jay, a match made in an asylum
[20:25] <+Chile_Guy> Damn, poor Elias or good thing?
[20:26] <Nekkoru> Ass.
[20:26] <+Chile_Guy> Heh, those two are professional loiterers.
[20:26] <Nekkoru> Yes.
[20:27] <Nekkoru> Ass to mouth.
[20:27] <@Fernin> poor Elias
[20:27] <@Fernin> what a conversation to walk in on
[20:27] <Nekkoru> I am ready for part 4.
[20:27] <not_sure> they say "ass to mouth" like 300 times in that movie
[20:28] <Nekkoru> Yup
[20:28] <+Chile_Guy> Well, so far looks like a nice movie.
[20:29] <Nekkoru> Aww, she's opened her mouth and forgot to close it.
[20:30] <@Fernin> a running gag is fine, as long as it's funny... I don't think ass to mouth was funny to begin with
[20:30] <Nekkoru> Vaginal to mouth - sure
[20:30] <Nekkoru> Ass to mouth - not so much
[20:31] <Nekkoru> Mouth to ass, mouth to vag - perfectly acceptable
[20:32] <Nekkoru> Meanwhile, my kitteh is all cuddled up and sleeping beside me.
[20:32] <Nekkoru> SO CUTE
[20:39] <+Chile_Guy> Ready
[20:39] <Nekkoru> Go!
[20:40] <Nekkoru> This was kinda weak.
[20:41] <Nekkoru> So was this.
[20:41] <@Fernin> indeed
[20:41] <+Chile_Guy> I'm already fed up of ass-to-mouth
[20:41] <Nekkoru> Jay and SB moment. Don't fuck it up.
[20:41] <Nekkoru> Okay?
[20:41] <@Fernin> Silence of the Lambs reference, out of nowhere
[20:44] <@Fernin> tiny bottle of booze, nice
[20:44] <Nekkoru> That's not booze
[20:44] <Nekkoru> That's nail paint
[20:44] <@Fernin> hm, what was it, then?
[20:44] <@Fernin> ...ahh
[20:44] <@Fernin> couldn't tell, crappy youtube quality
[20:45] <Nekkoru> I could recognize nail paint from six miles away.
[20:47] <Nekkoru> I think that Star Wars vs LotR argument is the definite highlight so far
[20:47] <+Chile_Guy> Part 5 buffering now
[20:47] <@Fernin> I'm not much of a Lord of the Rings fan myself, so I'm on Randall's side with all that
[20:47] <Nekkoru> High five, Fernin
[20:48] <+Chile_Guy> It was kinda embarassing, though
[20:48] <+Chile_Guy> Maybe because I feel bad for people defending geek stuff
[20:48] <+Chile_Guy> In real life, that is
[20:49] <Nekkoru> Randal was on the offensive, tho
[20:52] <Nekkoru> So, CG? How far in are ya?
[20:53] <+Chile_Guy> Ah, it's ready now.
[20:53] <Nekkoru> OK go
[20:54] <+Chile_Guy> Oh crap, I hate any kind of depictions of vomiting
[20:55] <@Fernin> same here
[20:55] <Nekkoru> See, nail paint
[20:58] <Nekkoru> Those romance dialogues are actually kinda fun to listen to in Kevin Smith movies.
[20:59] <@Fernin> haha
[21:00] <Nekkoru> This is good.
[21:00] <+Chile_Guy> Man, I thought that was a woman, then I saw Silent Bob by his side...
[21:01] <Nekkoru> Well, nearing the halfway point.
[21:01] <+Chile_Guy> Part 6 buffering
[21:01] <Nekkoru> Um, lack of boobies?
[21:01] <@Fernin> not to mention, youtube doesn't allow naked women
[21:01] <Nekkoru> Bullcrap
[21:02] <Nekkoru> I distinctly remember a side boob shot from a movie on youtube... I think it was on youtube, at least
[21:04] <+Chile_Guy> I saw the music vid for Smack My Bitch Up on Youtube a couple of times
[21:05] <Nekkoru> Yeah, also that
[21:06] <+Chile_Guy> Ready
[21:07] <Nekkoru> That was fast
[21:07] <Nekkoru> Okay go
[21:08] <Nekkoru> Huh.
[21:09] <Nekkoru> Oscar Wilde-like wordplay.
[21:10] <Nekkoru> Cross dicks. And he is not gay apparently.
[21:10] <Nekkoru> Invitations.
[21:10] <Nekkoru> Neat-o.
[21:10] <@Fernin> you'd think otherwise, with all the gay jokes and dick references Randall makes
[21:11] <Nekkoru> Anne Frank again.
[21:11] <@Fernin> ...That name does sound made up
[21:12] <Nekkoru> Yup.
[21:13] <Nekkoru> Myra? Maira? How do you spell that?
[21:13] <Nekkoru> Oh the sheer horror on his face
[21:13] <@Fernin> Randall's thoughts: What the fuck is wrong with this kid?
[21:14] <Nekkoru> I like how he's disturbed by that and not by the donkey show.
[21:14] <Nekkoru> Shit
[21:14] <Nekkoru> Part seven is sans audio too
[21:14] <@Fernin> son of a...
[21:15] <Nekkoru> Fucking A
[21:15] <+Chile_Guy> Part 7 buffering. Damn...
[21:15] <Nekkoru> I say skip it
[21:16] <@Fernin> agreed, on to part 8
[21:16] <+Chile_Guy> Very well then.
[21:17] <Nekkoru> Ready
[21:22] <+Chile_Guy> Ready
[21:24] <Nekkoru> Fern?
[21:24] <@Fernin> heh, ready
[21:24] <Nekkoru> Go!
[21:27] <@Fernin> porchmonkey, the other running gag of the movie that wasn't
really funny to begin with
[21:27] <+Chile_Guy> Umm, was that a racist gag or what?
[21:27] <+Chile_Guy> Ah, yes
[21:28] <@Fernin> interesting that the crowd that built up while they were gone all disappeared
[21:30] <Nekkoru> That was kinda funny.
[21:30] <Nekkoru> The last bit.
[21:31] <Nekkoru> Eh, gotta go back to my room to charge up my laptop
[21:31] <Nekkoru> I think I'll take my cat with me
[21:31] <Nekkoru> Part nine, buff'rin' away!
[21:32] <slayer_professional> WOOF
[21:33] <Nekkoru> Who let the dog out?
[21:34] <Nekkoru> *szzsxxzsswsxzzxszszsxswszsxz/*xssazawszX*/
[21:34] <Nekkoru> Huh. Don't hold the laptop by the keys, I guess
[21:34] <@Fernin> heh
[21:36] <slayer_professional> well then
[21:36] <Nekkoru> We ready?
[21:36] <+Chile_Guy> Almost there...
[21:36] <@Fernin> I'm good
[21:37] <Nekkoru> Ah, fuck it. Let's go.
[21:39] <Nekkoru> What is it with roofs in Kevin Smith movies?
[21:39] <@Fernin> heh, I was just about to ask that
[21:40] <@Fernin> reliable old boom box
[21:40] <+Chile_Guy> Holy shit, ABC
[21:40] <Nekkoru> Hey, don't knock the ghetto blaster
[21:40] <Nekkoru> I still have mine
[21:41] <Nekkoru> Suddenly everyone's in the groove.
[21:41] <@Fernin> ...okay, showing everyone in the place dancing is fine... but do we really need the pissing guy?
[21:41] <+Chile_Guy> This movie wants to be as explicit as it can
[21:42] <Nekkoru> Oh what the fuck
[21:42] <Nekkoru> These movies used to be realistic.
[21:42] <@Fernin> one montage later, he's an amazing dancer
[21:42] <+Chile_Guy> Anyways, the dancing mob was not necessary
[21:43] <Nekkoru> Yeah, why not. Let's use every fucking cliche in the book
[21:44] <Nekkoru> I wouldn't stay so close to that wall and Jay if I were Bob. Also nice door hit.
[21:44] <Nekkoru> Part ten.
[21:46] <Nekkoru> Ready.
[21:49] <@Fernin> also ready
[21:50] <+Chile_Guy> Not ready yet, but let's go.
[21:50] <Nekkoru> Go!
[21:50] <@Fernin> spinning camera, much?
[21:51] <+Chile_Guy> Again, door slam
[21:51] <@Fernin> incoming donkey
[21:53] <Nekkoru> SUDDENLY NIGHT
[21:53] <+Chile_Guy> Smashing Pumpkins rule
[21:54] <@Fernin> really, what the hell, less than an hour passed and it's that dark?
[21:54] <+Chile_Guy> Well, where I live, sunset is fast. Like around 15 to 20 minutes
[21:54] <Nekkoru> Yeah, same here
[21:54] <+Chile_Guy> But that's America we are talking about, right?
[21:55] <Nekkoru> Creepy
[21:55] <Nekkoru> CREEPY
[21:55] <Nekkoru> Nope, Poland.
[21:55] <@Fernin> "Mommy, there's a strange man outside the window!"
[21:55] <+Chile_Guy> I mean, in the film.
[21:55] <Nekkoru> Ah.
[21:55] * Arlock41 (~chatzilla@ has joined #sydlexia
[21:56] <Arlock41> Hello
[21:56] <@Fernin> hey Arlock
[21:56] <@Fernin> we're MSLT3K'ing Clerks II right now
[21:57] <Arlock41> have you done Plan 9 From Outer Space yet?
[21:57] <@Fernin> nope, and we won't be doing it, either, since it was done by the actual MST3K show
[21:57] <Nekkoru> Nope, we don't wanna risk a metaphysical crisis
[21:58] <@Fernin> we will be doing Ed Wood at some point, though
[21:58] <Nekkoru> We could MSLT3K the MST3K episode, tho
[21:58] <@Fernin> and that more or less has Plan 9 in it
[21:58] <+Chile_Guy> Part 11, where is it?
[21:58] <Nekkoru> Okay, there's no part 11.
[21:58] <Nekkoru> FUUUUCK
[21:58] <Nekkoru> Let's go to 12.
[21:58] <@Fernin> there seems to be no part 11 :\
[21:58] <+Chile_Guy> Damn... I wanted to see the outcome of the donkey show...
[21:58] <Nekkoru> They all get arrested
[21:59] <Nekkoru> Because the firefighters come and there's no fire.
[21:59] <+Chile_Guy> Ahh, okay.
[21:59] <@Fernin> as I recall... "Kinky Kelly" is the butch guy
[21:59] <Nekkoru> Also, Kinky Kelly is the donkey and the sexy stud is the guy
[21:59] <@Fernin> oh, right, that's it
[21:59] <Nekkoru> 12, ready
[22:00] <+Chile_Guy> Kinda makes me wonder if Jay and SB are having quite a good time in prison
[22:05] <Nekkoru> Let's go, eh?
[22:05] <+Chile_Guy> Fine
[22:05] <Nekkoru> Go!
[22:07] <Nekkoru> He misses his donkey.
[22:07] <@Fernin> ...classy, movie
[22:08] <+Chile_Guy> Man, Randal is such a fuck-up...
[22:11] <@Fernin> Anne Frank, yet again
[22:12] <Nekkoru> Part 13...
[22:12] <Nekkoru> Strike 3 and I'm out.
[22:13] <+Chile_Guy> No wait a minute, part 12 didn't finish yet for me
[22:13] <Nekkoru> Okay.
[22:13] <Nekkoru> I'm thinking I'll watch 13 now and go to sleep, but I don't want to fuck up our synchronization and shit
[22:14] <Nekkoru> And yet I am so tired I can barely move.
[22:14] <+Chile_Guy> I feel that, too.
[22:14] <+Chile_Guy> But I want to go until the end
[22:14] <Nekkoru> Fuck it, this MSLT3K would have worked better if we were at this point about two or three hours ago
[22:14] <Arlock41> everyone dies in a house fire
[22:14] <Nekkoru> I mean, we started that movie two hours ago, for fuck's sakes, and it's 90 minutes long.
[22:15] <@Fernin> this wasn't even a particularly good MSLT3K, the movie wasn't good or bad enough to really have a lot to say about it
[22:15] <Nekkoru> Actually, I doubt anyone reads the logs.
[22:16] <Nekkoru> The MSLT3K is something you have to be around for
[22:16] <@Fernin> quite true
[22:16] <@Fernin> I've felt that from the start, this format just doesn't work out as well as the original MST3K
[22:17] <Nekkoru> Still, it's fun for us.
[22:17] <@Fernin> heh, yup
[22:17] <Nekkoru> But tell ya what - I have a very comfortable futon/couch crossover and I have a DVD player.
[22:18] * Arlock41 is watching Into The Wild Green Yonder
[22:19] <Nekkoru> Okay, thirteen. I don't care where you guys are, let's get this done.
[22:19] <@Fernin> we ready to go on part 13 yet?
[22:19] <+Chile_Guy> Fine, let's do it
[22:21] <+anorexorcist> what are you watching?
[22:21] <Nekkoru> Clerks 2
[22:21] <+anorexorcist> ah, nice
[22:22] <+Chile_Guy> Can we go on?
[22:22] <Nekkoru> Dude, yeah
[22:23] <Nekkoru> I can't believe I forgot the catchphrase
[22:23] <@Fernin> I think Nekko started when he mentioned thirteen
[22:23] <Nekkoru> I did.
[22:23] <@Fernin> er, she, even
[22:23] <Nekkoru> Hah, you'll get used to it.
[22:24] <@Fernin> at least I remembered on my own this time
[22:25] <@Fernin> ...little bit too enthusiastic on that reaction, Elias
[22:26] <Nekkoru> It ends with a milk maid.
[22:26] <Nekkoru> Just sayin'
[22:29] <+Chile_Guy> Uhh, strange ending...
[22:30] <+Chile_Guy> To Clerks 2 I mean