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Ed Wood was the sixth movie done by MSLT3K. The crew for this session consisted of Nekkoru, Fernin and Dude_Love.


[18:02] <@Vyyj> Okay, I'm ready
[18:02] <@Vyyj> You?
[18:03] <@Fernin> ready
[18:03] <@Vyyj> Fig?
[18:04] <@Vyyj> Eh, time for a summoning
[18:04] <@Vyyj> Dude_Love!
[18:05] <@Dude_Love> Eh?
[18:05] <@Vyyj> You ready yet?
[18:05] <@Dude_Love> Fuck yeah!
[18:05] <@Vyyj> Then OK, Go!
[18:05] <@Vyyj> Touchstone!
[18:05] <@Dude_Love> I love black and whitemovies
[18:06] <@Fernin> same here
[18:06] <@Vyyj> Yup
[18:06] <@Vyyj> Criswell.
[18:06] <@Fernin> that's the name, I was trying to remember it
[18:07] <@Dude_Love> I love this music
[18:08] <@Vyyj> Gotta love styrofoam grave markers
[18:08] <@Vyyj> Haha, the octopus
[18:09] <@Vyyj> Like in Bride of the Monster
[18:09] <@Vyyj> And, of course, a flying sauce
[18:09] <@Vyyj> *saucer
[18:09] <@Fernin> of course
[18:09] <@Fernin> the suspected hubcaps
[18:09] <@Vyyj> Weren't those just plastic models from a hobby shop?
[18:10] <@Fernin> hm, I've heard a couple differing stories about em
[18:12] <@Vyyj> According to the greatest movie nerd I know, the general consensus is that it were plastic models
[18:12] <@Vyyj> Oh, bad review.
[18:12] <@Dude_Love> The soldiers' costumes were very realistic... haha
[18:13] <@Vyyj> Okay, I ate my pickles way too fast.
[18:13] <@Vyyj> Haha, we all know what happened to that sweater?
[18:14] <@Vyyj> Cool sunglasses there, bro
[18:14] <@Fernin> yep yep
[18:14] <@Dude_Love> You know he walks around smiling like a dope like that every day, too
[18:14] <@Vyyj> Stock footage.
[18:15] <@Fernin> entirely random stock footage
[18:15] <@Vyyj> Okay, I'm ready for part 2
[18:15] <@Vyyj> I buffered ahead
[18:15] <@Fernin> as am I
[18:15] <@Vyyj> Ready when you are
[18:15] <@Dude_Love> That was a fast ten minutes
[18:16] <@Dude_Love> I didn't buffer ahead, sorry, uno momento
[18:16] <@Fernin> well, it was mostly credits
[18:16] <@Vyyj> Okay, no problem
[18:16] <@Dude_Love> Still, it flew by
[18:16] <@Dude_Love> Credits usually go the slowest
[18:16] <@Vyyj> I have like 31 news items to read on my RSS list, so yeah
[18:16] <@Dude_Love> I think I was just digging that music so much....
[18:16] <@Dude_Love> Anyway, I'm ready
�03[18:17] * Dude_Love sets mode: +v MrBman
[18:17] <@Fernin> as am I
[18:19] <@Vyyj> Okay, let's go
[18:19] <@Dude_Love> We should do Citizen Kane one of these things...
[18:19] <@Vyyj> Sorry for the delay
[18:19] <@Vyyj> Okay, why not
[18:19] <@Fernin> hm, is that up on youtube?
[18:19] <@Dude_Love> No idea
[18:20] <@Dude_Love> I love how she talks....
[18:21] <@Fernin> who, Sarah Jessica Parker?
[18:21] <@Dude_Love> Yeah
[18:21] <@Dude_Love> I love all these super exagerated portrayals... it's overacting to the finest degree
[18:22] <@Vyyj> Haha, bringing out the best you can, I guess
[18:23] <@Fernin> laying it out on the table just like that, nice
[18:23] <@Vyyj> Some qualifications there
[18:24] <@Vyyj> It's him!
[18:24] <@Vyyj> IT'S HIM!
[18:24] <@Fernin> or, at least, someone doing a damn fine job of acting as him
[18:25] <@Fernin> I forget who the actor is already...
[18:26] <@Vyyj> Yeah, that's the place
[18:26] <@Dude_Love> Look at the sky...
[18:27] <@Vyyj> That's where Lugosi lived for the rest of his life, and where the last known piece of footage with him was shot by Ed Wood
[18:27] <@Fernin> indeed... bit of a sad end for such a legend
[18:28] <@Vyyj> To heck with you.
[18:28] <@Vyyj> Yes.
[18:29] <@Vyyj> Okay, ready
[18:30] <@Dude_Love> Me too
[18:30] <@Fernin> hold up, gonna grab dinner
[18:30] <@Dude_Love> !timebomb MyAss
[18:30] <@Lexiabot9000> Sorry, I've lost the privilege to speak. Try again later when I've been reactivated.
[18:30] * Dude_Love sets mode: +v Lexiabot9000
[18:30] <@Dude_Love> !timebomb MyAss
[18:30] <@Lexiabot9000> MyAss isn't here at the moment... So you'll have to do instead, Dude_Love
[18:30] * @Lexiabot9000 straps a bomb to Dude_Love's back. The display reads [24] seconds.
[18:30] <@Lexiabot9000> Defuse the bomb by cutting the correct wire. There are 8 wires. They are Teal Bisque Aquamarine Ruby Topaz Red Chestnut Apricot.
[18:30] <@Dude_Love> !snip Topaz
[18:30] <@Lexiabot9000> ,..snip....
[18:30] <@Lexiabot9000> The correct wire was actually Teal.
[18:30] <@Lexiabot9000> *BOOOM!*
[18:32] <@Vyyj> !timebomb Lexiabot9000
[18:32] * Vyyj was kicked by Lexiabot9000 (I will not tolerate this!)
[18:33] * Vyyj ( has joined #sydlexia
[18:33] <Vyyj> Way to lose an op, I guess
[18:33] * Dude_Love sets mode: +o Vyyj
[18:34] <@Dude_Love> I think my commentary would be better on a movie I hadn't seen a million times
[18:34] <@Vyyj> Thank you.
[18:34] <@Vyyj> Meh, it's alright
[18:37] <@Fernin> back
[18:37] <@Vyyj> Okay
[18:37] <@Vyyj> We ready?
[18:37] <@Dude_Love> What're you supping on?
[18:38] <@Fernin> homemade mac and cheese
[18:38] <@Fernin> I'm ready
[18:38] <@Dude_Love> Ooh,very nice
[18:38] <@Dude_Love> I'm ready
[18:38] <@Vyyj> Okay, then
[18:38] <@Vyyj> Let's go
[18:39] <@Vyyj> Look at those jugs.
[18:39] <@Fernin> heh, perverted old geezer
[18:39] <@Fernin> I /love/ that accent
[18:41] <@Fernin> quite obvious that /someone/ just did drugs
[18:41] <@Vyyj> Yup.
[18:43] <@Dude_Love>
[18:43] <@Fernin> non-actors is a bad way to go... actors belong in films, non-actors just don't
[18:43] <@Vyyj> Bela's like "wtf?"
[18:44] <@Fernin> anyone his age would be like "wtf?"
[18:45] <@Dude_Love> What a wonderful pull back to the typewriter
[18:45] <@Vyyj> Yup
[18:45] <@Vyyj> Now he's going to come out of the closet.
[18:47] <@Fernin> ...yoiks, those are some homely "women"
[18:48] <@Vyyj> Jesus, transsexualism has gone a long way in fifty years
[18:48] <@Dude_Love> ./Pin-Down Girl/
[18:48] <@Dude_Love> Haha
[18:48] <@Vyyj> I'm ready
[18:48] <@Fernin> yep, ready
[18:49] <@Dude_Love> What does Version tell you, Nekky?
[18:49] <@Dude_Love> I'm ready
[18:49] <@Dude_Love> Err, no I'm not
[18:49] <@Dude_Love> Just a second
[18:49] <@Vyyj> Version?
[18:49] <@Vyyj> Oh
[18:49] <@Vyyj> Tells me what IRC client you're using
[18:50] <@Vyyj> /ctcp <someone> version
[18:50] <@Dude_Love> Oh... what'd it say?
[18:50] <@Vyyj> 00:05 [ctcp(Dude_Love)] VERSION
[18:50] <@Vyyj> 00:05 CTCP VERSION reply from Dude_Love: CGI:IRC 0.5 -
[18:51] <@Dude_Love> Well I seem to be having some technical difficulties...
[18:51] <@Dude_Love> YouTube doesn't want to load this one for me
[18:51] <@Vyyj> Hmm.
[18:51] <@Fernin> what's it saying?
[18:51] <@Dude_Love> It just isn't loading, the circle thingy's just spinning
[18:52] <@Vyyj> We could take it up tomorrow, since we're stopped at a part if you need to
[18:52] <@Dude_Love> Oh, nevermind
[18:52] <@Dude_Love> It started
[18:52] <@Vyyj> No point in stopping now, but I just noticed that
[18:52] <@Dude_Love> Okay, ready
[18:52] <@Vyyj> Allright
[18:52] <@Vyyj> Let's go then
[18:52] <@Dude_Love> Wait
[18:52] <@Dude_Love> What'd you just notice?
[18:53] <@Vyyj> That we can do a movie in the space of two days or so
[18:53] <@Fernin> haha, no permit... nice
[18:54] <@Vyyj> I mean, if for some reason we can't continue in full team, then we could stop for the day
[18:55] <@Vyyj> Oh, now he did it
[18:56] <@Fernin> hm, very weird to hear Lugosi swearing like a sailor
[18:56] <@Fernin> anyone know if he was actually like that in real life?
[18:57] <@Vyyj> He certainly was alcoholic and he was addicted to morphine
[18:58] <@Dude_Love> Poor Ed
[18:58] <@Vyyj> Yeah.
[18:59] <@Fernin> shame his real girlfriend isn't as open minded as the scripted one
[19:00] <@Vyyj> Yeah
[19:02] <@Dude_Love> Ready
[19:03] <@Fernin> ready
[19:03] <@Vyyj> So am I
[19:03] <@Vyyj> Go!
[19:03] <@Fernin> that car's not gonna last much longer
[19:04] <@Fernin> ...suddenly wrestling?
[19:04] <@Vyyj> Yeah
[19:04] <@Vyyj> It'll all make sense in a second
[19:05] <@Fernin> ohhh, of course
[19:05] <@Fernin> Tor
[19:05] <@Vyyj> Yup!
[19:05] <@Fernin> ...he's a furball
[19:08] <@Vyyj> That was Swan Lake!
[19:09] <@Vyyj> Hmm, I never noticed that, but Lugosi's accent is spot on slavic
[19:09] <@Fernin> Landau's, imdb finally loaded for me
[19:09] <@Vyyj> He even puts the accent on the second syllable from the end.
[19:09] <@Fernin> ha, foreshadowing... worst movie of all time
[19:10] <@Vyyj> Yeah
[19:11] <@Vyyj> Damn, his accent is really great
[19:12] <@Vyyj> Okay, he blew it.
[19:12] <@Fernin> sheesh, that jerk goes off script and gets mad at Bela...
[19:12] <@Vyyj> Yeah
[19:12] <@Vyyj> Poor Bela
[19:13] <@Vyyj> Ready when you are
[19:13] <@Fernin> ready
[19:13] <@Dude_Love> Ready
[19:13] <@Vyyj> Go!
[19:14] <@Fernin> Ed really does seem like an overexcited little kid...
[19:15] <@Dude_Love> Like I said, you just know he goes around with that dopey smile on every day
[19:15] <@Vyyj> Well, for all we know, he might have been one.
[19:16] <@Fernin> fundraising party, always a good plan... sucks that it bombed
[19:16] <@Vyyj> Still, they met Criswell
[19:16] <@Dude_Love> Trying to take advantage of some poor girl...
[19:17] <@Fernin> some poor... /insane/ girl...
[19:18] <@Vyyj> That's some crazy hair
[19:20] <@Fernin> deja vu, anyone?
[19:21] <@Fernin> ...aside from the... slight door mishap, at least
[19:21] <@Vyyj> Yeah
[19:21] <@Vyyj> That door mishap was in the actual movei
[19:22] <@Dude_Love> What unenthusiastic whipping
[19:23] <@Dude_Love> Serves him right for trying to take advantage of her
[19:23] <@Vyyj> Huh.
[19:23] <@Vyyj> Okay.
[19:23] <@Dude_Love> Eh?
[19:24] <@Dude_Love> Ready
[19:24] <@Vyyj> Me too
[19:24] <@Fernin> ready
[19:24] <@Vyyj> Go!
[19:24] <@Fernin> what was the "Huh. Okay." about?
[19:24] <@Dude_Love> Yeah?
[19:24] <@Vyyj> Nah, forget about it.
[19:25] <@Dude_Love> She acts like she just did some Special K....
[19:25] <@Fernin> I didn't realize anyone could sound that bored...
[19:27] <@Dude_Love> Billy Bob, heh
[19:27] <@Vyyj> Okay, ending change.
[19:28] <@Dude_Love> Heh, /that/ guy's calling him not too bright...
[19:28] <@Vyyj> Yup.
[19:28] <@Fernin> from 70, to 60, to 50 grand...
[19:28] <@Dude_Love> Ahem, /lef/tenant
[19:29] <@Fernin>!
[19:30] <@Vyyj> Jesus, they act like robots
[19:30] <@Dude_Love> I dig it
[19:30] <@Dude_Love> I love how caricatured everyone is in this movie
[19:33] <@Fernin> the octopus underwater which /wasn't/ fighting anyone...
[19:33] <@Vyyj> Yup
[19:34] <@Fernin> "Shake his legs around so it looks like he's killin' ya!" - he says it so simply, so enthusiastically, like it's so natural...
[19:34] <@Vyyj> Ready
[19:34] <@Fernin> ready
[19:35] <@Dude_Love> Estoy listo
[19:35] <@Vyyj> Okay, go.
[19:37] <@Dude_Love> I don't know, Ed's a complex character
[19:37] <@Fernin> sheesh, how entirely rude of everyone
[19:38] <@Dude_Love> Sure he's got his five-year old exterior, but at the same time, he sure seems manipulative as fuck
[19:38] <@Dude_Love> Even to Bela, his "friend"
[19:38] <@Fernin> heh, very true
[19:40] <@Dude_Love> Whatever will be, will be...
[19:40] <@Fernin> que sera, sera
[19:42] <@Fernin> there's Swan Lake again
[19:42] <@Dude_Love> Quick life lesson: never stick out until someone finishes something
[19:43] <@Dude_Love> It really only makes it worse
[19:44] <@Fernin> there you are again, manipulative
[19:44] <@Fernin> hehehe, Plan 9
[19:45] <@Vyyj> Fuck yeah
[19:45] <@Vyyj> Just beaten Lance
[19:45] <@Vyyj> Part nine. We okay to go?
[19:45] <@Fernin> ...part 9? I just got to part 11...
[19:45] <@Dude_Love> Ready
[19:46] <@Dude_Love> I'm on nine...
[19:46] <@Fernin> dack
[19:46] <@Fernin> my bad, I skipped from part 7 to part 10, didn't even notice
[19:46] <@Vyyj> Huh
[19:46] <@Vyyj> Okay?
[19:47] <@Vyyj> Then go for part 9 now
[19:47] <@Fernin> that's alright, part nine is ready
[19:47] <@Vyyj> Okay, go then
[19:47] <@Dude_Love> Hey, so how did Bela get his morphine?
[19:47] <@Dude_Love> Was it like being addicted to prescription painkillers, or was he going through dealers?
[19:48] <@Vyyj> Prescriptions
[19:48] <@Vyyj> He had some health problems, if I remember correctly
[19:48] <@Vyyj> He was prescribed morphine
[19:48] <@Vyyj> He got addicted
[19:49] <@Dude_Love> You said he was an alcoholic, too, why wasn't that more prominent here?
[19:49] <@Vyyj> Dunno, the movie doesn't follow the real life too well actually
[19:49] <@Vyyj> Bela Lugosi had a wife by then, too
[19:49] <@Vyyj> And a son
[19:51] <@Dude_Love> Methadone?
[19:51] <@Vyyj> Yup
[19:51] <@Dude_Love> They had methadone back then?
[19:51] <@Dude_Love> I thought they didn't get methadone until like, the early '70s
[19:52] <@Dude_Love> "Those people are parasites"
[19:52] <@Dude_Love> Hah
[19:52] <@Vyyj> According to Wikipedia, this scene takes place in 1955
[19:52] <@Vyyj> Methadone was developed in 1937
[19:52] <@Vyyj> And it was introduced into the US ten years later
[19:53] <@Dude_Love> Huh....
[19:55] <@Vyyj> Okay! It's a happy ending right here
[19:56] <@Dude_Love> Wow, what convenient timing for the power to come back on
[19:56] <@Vyyj> Except it's not
[19:56] <@Fernin> it was convenient timing for it to cut out, to
[19:56] <@Fernin> too*
[19:56] <@Fernin> even in black and white, he looks pale as hell there...
[19:57] <@Dude_Love> This /is/ so exciting
[19:57] <@Vyyj> Okay, part 10.
[19:57] <@Dude_Love> Ready
[19:57] <@Vyyj> Ready
[19:57] <@Fernin> ready
[19:58] <@Vyyj> Go!
[19:59] <@Dude_Love> I like Bride of the Atom better
[19:59] <@Dude_Love> I never saw it, though. I only saw Glen or Glenda and Plan 9
[20:00] <@Dude_Love> Anyone else suddenly reminded of Peewee Herman?
[20:00] <@Vyyj> Flying vegetables again.
[20:00] <@Vyyj> Ah, no. Popcorn.
[20:00] <@Fernin> nice how he lets them go in first
[20:02] <@Dude_Love> Haha, worst driving-off Greenscreen I've seen in a while, right there
[20:04] <@Vyyj> At least he went happy, I guess
[20:05] <@Fernin> he really is buried in his Dracula cape, I believe
[20:05] <@Vyyj> Yeah, he was buried in the cape
[20:05] <@Dude_Love> Yeah
[20:05] <@Vyyj> That wasn't his will, tho - they did it on request of his son and fourth wife
[20:05] <@Vyyj> But it was the actual cape used in the 1931 Dracula film
[20:05] <@Dude_Love> What instrument is that?
[20:05] <@Dude_Love> The stringed one that isn't being bowed... it's gone now
[20:06] <@Vyyj> The plucked one?
[20:06] <@Dude_Love> Yeah
[20:06] <@Vyyj> Sounds like a sitar or a mandolin
[20:07] <@Dude_Love> Eh, a bit...
[20:08] <@Fernin> first time someone in this movie correctly thought that Bela had passed on
[20:08] <@Vyyj> Yeah
[20:08] <@Fernin> ...also, first time someone politely said it, instead of "Ain't he dead?"
[20:09] <@Vyyj> It's very sad he died, but, I guess he went happy
[20:09] <@Vyyj> Part eleven
[20:09] <@Fernin> ready
[20:09] <@Dude_Love> At the same time, it's nice he went happy, but it's a shame he'd go after just finally kicking the habit
[20:09] <@Dude_Love> Ready
[20:09] <@Vyyj> Go!
[20:10] <@Dude_Love> Hehe, the baptism
[20:10] <@Vyyj> You're watching part 12 or 11?
[20:11] <@Fernin> I think he's laughing in anticipation of what's to come
[20:11] <@Vyyj> Okay
[20:11] <@Dude_Love> When he said he wouldn't have any friends, did he remind either of you of Orson Welles in Citizen Kane?
[20:12] <@Vyyj> Never watched Citizen Kane fully
[20:13] <@Dude_Love> Oh, then we extra have to do it next
[20:13] <@Dude_Love> It doesn't appear to be on YouTube, though...
[20:13] <@Vyyj> Okay.
[20:13] <@Fernin> a swimming pool of holy water... there's gotta be something against that
[20:14] <@Vyyj> For vampires, totally
[20:14] <@Vyyj> You know what we should totally do, tho?
[20:14] <@Fernin> aw, I wanted to see him try to hold Tor up
[20:14] <@Vyyj> Battleship Potomkin
[20:15] <@Dude_Love> Is that really how it came to be Plan 9?
[20:16] <@Vyyj> Dunno
[20:16] <@Fernin> well, the wig doesn't look bad, at least...
[20:16] <@Vyyj> Gotta read up on it, I guess
[20:17] <@Vyyj> But Battleship Potomkin.
[20:17] <@Fernin> lol, grass carpet
[20:18] <@Vyyj> Battleship Potomkin was and still is considered one of the best films of all time
[20:18] <@Vyyj> Okay, so we're getting to see the climax
[20:19] <@Vyyj> *to the climax
[20:20] <@Vyyj> Ready.
[20:20] <@Dude_Love> Citizen Kane was and is considered one of the best films of all time
[20:20] <@Fernin> ready
[20:20] <@Dude_Love> It was nominated for an oscar in every possible category when it was released, top that
[20:20] <@Vyyj> The Battleship Potemkin has been called one of the most influential propaganda films of all time, and was named the greatest film of all time at the World's Fair at Brussels, Belgium, in 1958.
[20:20] <@Dude_Love> Ready
[20:20] <@Vyyj> Go!
[20:21] <@Fernin> hm, Citizen Kane is pretty much widely considered the greatest film of all time, both when it was made and on through today
[20:21] <@Dude_Love> Orson, are you pondering what I'm pndering?
[20:22] <@Vyyj> Still, Potomkin was one hell of an achievement back then
[20:23] <@Fernin> and the famous stuck Tor scene
[20:24] <@Vyyj> I love how they recreated all the scenes in the movies
[20:25] <@Fernin> yeah, they did a great job with that
[20:27] <@Fernin> interesting that the folks are so much calmer at this premiere
[20:27] <@Vyyj> He wasn't late this time
[20:28] <@Dude_Love> What's the Dstand for?
[20:29] <@Vyyj> Davis
[20:30] <@Fernin> it's the one he'll be remembered for, alright
[20:31] <@Vyyj> OK, the ending and I'm off to sleep
[20:31] <@Dude_Love> Ready
[20:31] <@Vyyj> I'm going to start now, if you're ready, go right ahead
[20:31] <@Fernin> ready
[20:31] <@Dude_Love> I liked Glen or Glenda better than Plan 9
[20:31] <@Vyyj> In the meantime, I bid you all good night and I will see you again tomorrow night
[20:32] <@Dude_Love> Night
[20:32] <@Fernin> night, Nekko
[20:34] <@Fernin> rather sad ending, almost no one went on to achieve success
[20:34] <@Dude_Love> THE END
[20:34] <@Dude_Love> Yeah, agreed
[20:34] <@Dude_Love> Good flick, overall
[20:34] <@Fernin> yup
[20:35] <@Dude_Love> And I'll say it again, the music is phenominal
[20:38] <@Dude_Love> THE END