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Day of the Wacko was the eighth movie done by MSLT3K. The crew for this session consisted of Nekkoru, FigNewton and TheThunderThief.


[03:05] <+Vyyj> With that in mind, let's go. [03:06] <FigNewton> Now? [03:06] <+Vyyj> Yes. [03:06] <FigNewton> Oh shoot, I didn't start it [03:06] <+Vyyj> Aaargh. [03:06] <FigNewton> Mulligan [03:06] <+Vyyj> Back up, we're doing it again. [03:06] <+Vyyj> Ready now? [03:06] <FigNewton> Ready [03:06] <+Vyyj> TT? [03:07] <FigNewton> He's probably off watching it... [03:07] <TheThunderThief> go [03:07] <+Vyyj> Go! [03:07] <FigNewton> VISION [03:07] <TheThunderThief> FLYING ZEBRAS [03:08] <+Vyyj> Day of the Wacko! [03:08] <FigNewton> Polish has accents on consonants? [03:08] <+Vyyj> Yup. [03:08] <+Vyyj> Yes, this is how our cities look like. [03:08] <+Vyyj> Also, cue jackhammers [03:08] <TheThunderThief> Love the piano runs [03:09] <TheThunderThief> very energetic [03:09] <FigNewton> Oh shoot, I have to be watching to understand him... [03:09] <+Vyyj> What a way to start a day, eh? [03:11] <+Vyyj> Them subtitles are nice, actually [03:11] <FigNewton> Not for me... [03:11] <FigNewton> It's the albinism [03:11] <TheThunderThief> If only that worked here, the shouting at construction workers to leave [03:11] <FigNewton> I have to have my face ten centimetres from the screen constantly [03:12] <+Vyyj> That's not nice at all, dude. [03:13] <TheThunderThief> Fec [03:13] <+Vyyj> Wiping one's ass: classic. [03:15] <+Vyyj> Have we noticed his obsession with 7 already? [03:15] <TheThunderThief> lol [03:16] <FigNewton> Mine stopped [03:16] <+Vyyj> As in, part one's done? [03:16] <FigNewton> As in, it froze with like, a minute left [03:17] <+Vyyj> It's cool, the last minute's not really, like, relevant to the whole movie. [03:17] <FigNewton> I've got to say, movie aside, this isn't very practical to do [03:18] <+Vyyj> I'm waiting at the beginning of part two. Watch that minute and lemme know when you're ready [03:18] <+Vyyj> It's not, but we've done it so many times we don't really care [03:18] <FigNewton> Not that, If I come here to type, I'm missing dialogue, and when I watch it, I need my face ten centimetres from the screen to read it [03:19] <+Vyyj> Right, you're on the Webclient [03:19] <+Vyyj> Move your windows around then [03:19] <FigNewton> A Polish movie with subtitles doesn't really work for a non-Polish speaking albino for this... [03:19] <FigNewton> Let me try [03:19] <FigNewton> No way it'll fit [03:19] <+Vyyj> Yesway [03:19] <+Vyyj> What browser? Firefox? [03:19] <TheThunderThief> I made my chatzilla window fit [03:19] <FigNewton> Nope, not even kinda [03:20] <FigNewton> The YouTube video fills up the whole screen lengthways, I can't shrink it at all without cutting off parts of it [03:20] <FigNewton> To even have my typing bar visible I'm missing like, four centimetres [03:20] <+Vyyj> How about resizing the webclient window? [03:21] <FigNewton> It doesn't really fit any better. [03:21] <FigNewton> 'cept, maybe... [03:21] <FigNewton> Eh, this isn't too bad [03:21] <+Vyyj> Okay then [03:21] <FigNewton> It's still horrible, though [03:21] <+Vyyj> Watch that one minute and we'll continue [03:21] <FigNewton> But whatever [03:21] <FigNewton> Part two? [03:22] <+Vyyj> Yeah, sure [03:22] <+Vyyj> Ready, TT? [03:22] <TheThunderThief> shoot [03:22] <+Vyyj> OK, go! [03:22] <FigNewton> Meds! [03:23] <+Vyyj> This is how OCD looks like. [03:23] <+Vyyj> What OCD looks like. [03:23] <FigNewton> I know [03:24] <Ghandi> zort [03:24] <FigNewton> Hush, you, we're watching a movie [03:26] <FigNewton> So, correct me if I'm wrong, but for a diagnosis of OCD, you need to realize that your obsessions or compulsions are unreasonable, right? [03:26] <FigNewton> So what is it if you don't? [03:26] <+Vyyj> Undiagnosed OCD [03:26] <FigNewton> But to diagnose it, the patient has to realize it's unreasonable or have some concerns [03:26] <FigNewton> I'm almost certain [03:27] <FigNewton> ...the hell? [03:28] <TheThunderThief> wat [03:28] <FigNewton> Is he trying to blow me? [03:28] <FigNewton> I'm confused [03:30] <+Vyyj> This is polish everyday life, people. Wacky people in your building blocks all around you [03:32] <TheThunderThief> I will say those are only really good for edgeworkd [03:32] <TheThunderThief> edgework* [03:32] <FigNewton> Uno momento, now [03:32] <+Vyyj> Part three [03:32] <+Vyyj> Getting ready. [03:33] <+Vyyj> So, what have we learned during the last 10 minutes? [03:34] <TheThunderThief> people with old asses don't lock their doors and kitchen tables are effective karate implements [03:34] <+Vyyj> You make a good Pole. [03:34] <FigNewton> Aha! [03:34] <FigNewton> DSM IV Criteria for OCD - "B. At some point during the course of the disorder, the person has recognized that the obsessions or compulsions are excessive or unreasonable. Note: This does not apply to children." [03:35] <TheThunderThief> I've got 3-6 loaded so whenever you guys are ready [03:35] <+Vyyj> I'm ready too [03:35] <+Vyyj> You good to go, Fig? [03:35] <FigNewton> I'm ready for three [03:35] <+Vyyj> OK, go! [03:37] <FigNewton> Why are the walls blue? [03:37] <+Vyyj> It's school. Walls have all kinds of colours [03:37] <FigNewton> Our walls were all white [03:38] <+Vyyj> It's no wonder why you have a higher suicide rate. [03:39] <+Vyyj> 777 PLN. [03:39] <+Vyyj> That's like half a PS3 [03:40] <+Vyyj> That's actually a favourite past time of polish students, throwing matches up at the ceiling [03:44] <FigNewton> Soup is zupa? How do you spell that? [03:44] <+Vyyj> Exactly that [03:44] <+Vyyj> Zupa [03:44] <FigNewton> Yay! [03:45] <FigNewton> Part 4! [03:45] <+Vyyj> Part four. [03:45] <TheThunderThief> bbias gonna go grab a coke [03:45] <+Vyyj> FUCK YEAH MEDUSA IS DEAD [03:46] <FigNewton> Zupa, zupa [03:48] <TheThunderThief> k [03:48] <+Vyyj> I'm ready [03:48] <FigNewton> As am I [03:49] <+Vyyj> TT? [03:49] <TheThunderThief> shoot [03:50] <+Vyyj> OK, go [03:54] <+Vyyj> Ah, spouse arguments [03:55] <+Vyyj> To be, kurwa, or not to be. [03:55] <FigNewton> I couldn't describe any verbs further than "a verb" [03:56] <+Vyyj> Haha, they translated "zajebisty" as "swell" [03:56] <FigNewton> How'd you translate it? [03:56] <+Vyyj> "fucking awesome" [03:57] <FigNewton> Haha [03:57] <+Vyyj> Zajebisty is a vulgar word. [03:57] <+Vyyj> Kurwa. [03:58] <FigNewton> Fucking... [03:58] <+Vyyj> See, Fig? You're already learning! [03:58] <FigNewton> Yay! [03:58] <TheThunderThief> I thought that meant "bitch/slut" something of the nature, oh well... [03:58] <TheThunderThief> whore* [03:58] <+Vyyj> It does [03:58] <FigNewton> Eh? [03:58] <+Vyyj> It means a variety of things [03:59] <+Vyyj> This is called a homonym [03:59] <+Vyyj> A word that has multiple meanings. [03:59] <FigNewton> Oh [03:59] <FigNewton> I know what a homonym is [03:59] <TheThunderThief> ^ [04:00] <TheThunderThief> cockblocked [04:00] <+Vyyj> Kurwa is used as "fuck", it also means "whore"... [04:00] <+Vyyj> Part five [04:01] <FigNewton> So one might go on about zajebsty zupa? [04:01] <+Vyyj> Actually, "zajebista zupa", since zupa is feminine [04:01] <FigNewton> Ah... genders, my oldest enemy... [04:01] <+Vyyj> Polish might be easier if you knew French [04:02] <FigNewton> Genders were one of the things I couldn't wrap my head around with French [04:02] <FigNewton> 'course, that was in Grade Four [04:02] <FigNewton> Anyway, I'm ready [04:02] <TheThunderThief> same [04:02] <+Vyyj> It's easy in polish, you only have three genders [04:02] <+Vyyj> Male, Female and Neutral [04:02] <+Vyyj> Anyway, let's go [04:02] <FigNewton> Now? [04:03] <+Vyyj> Yes. [04:04] <+Vyyj> I'm at 1:03, actually. [04:04] <+Vyyj> Whatever, we'll catch up at the next part [04:04] <FigNewton> I'm at 1:19 [04:06] <FigNewton> ...the fuck? [04:07] <FigNewton> What the fuck just happenned? [04:07] <+Vyyj> This happens all the fucking time. [04:08] <FigNewton> Ooh... [04:08] <+Vyyj> Revenge. [04:13] <FigNewton> Ready [04:14] <TheThunderThief> same [04:14] <FigNewton> Nekky? [04:14] <+Vyyj> Gimme a sec [04:14] <FigNewton> Zajebista zupa... [04:16] <+Vyyj> Haha, okay [04:16] <+Vyyj> Part six, go [04:17] <FigNewton> ...the fuck?! [04:18] <FigNewton> Deja vous? [04:18] <+Vyyj> Deja Vu. [04:18] <FigNewton> That bit lost me... [04:19] <+Vyyj> Too much to explain [04:19] <+Vyyj> What point are you on? [04:19] <FigNewton> Eh? [04:19] <+Vyyj> I'm at 2:47 [04:19] <FigNewton> I'm at 2:50 [04:19] <FigNewton> You're about ten seconds ahead of me [04:20] <+Vyyj> Okay. [04:26] <TheThunderThief> fin [04:26] <+Vyyj> Me too. [04:26] <+Vyyj> ...which is a bad choice of words considering the next part [04:26] <FigNewton> Ready [04:27] <TheThunderThief> And the tri-national movie watching continues.... [04:27] <FigNewton> Nekky? [04:27] <+Vyyj> Ready, TT? [04:27] <TheThunderThief> yes [04:27] <+Vyyj> Then let's go [04:27] <FigNewton> lol [04:28] <FigNewton> God she's ugly [04:29] <TheThunderThief> lolz �02[04:30] * Ghandi ( Quit (Quit: #yhiselamu |�) [04:30] <FigNewton> There's so little to say on a first viewing [04:30] <FigNewton> Once I'd seen this a few times I might be able to comment more, but for so much of this all I'm thinking is "...the hell?" [04:34] <FigNewton> There's a lot of dogs in this movie [04:35] <+Vyyj> Yup. [04:35] <FigNewton> The dogshit partys, this, the "A bitch should marry a dog"... [04:35] <+Vyyj> Is it me, or have the subtitles stopped? [04:35] <TheThunderThief> same [04:35] <FigNewton> They sure seem to have [04:35] <TheThunderThief> and there are none in the 8th either for the 1st 8 mins [04:36] <FigNewton> Nekky, get translating! [04:36] <+Vyyj> He thought that bird was a kid. [04:37] <+Vyyj> And now, guess what. He's chasing after it, screaming "I HAVE TO REST!" [04:37] <+Vyyj> He managed to turn himself, because if a soldier falls on his face, it's all over [04:38] <+Vyyj> Or maybe it was the other way around, he thinks. [04:38] <+Vyyj> Ready. [04:38] <FigNewton> Ready... [04:38] <TheThunderThief> x3 [04:38] <+Vyyj> Go! [04:38] <FigNewton> I hope you are ready, Nekky... eight minutes of fun [04:38] <+Vyyj> He says he's dead. [04:39] <+Vyyj> And asks himself, will I never be young again? Will I never love, will I never find meaning in this life? [04:39] <FigNewton> That looks like some zajebista zupa [04:39] <+Vyyj> Yeah. [04:39] <+Vyyj> He wants to be buried next to his son. [04:40] <+Vyyj> I always thought I would never die, he says. All the people say "So wise he was, and now he is dying" [04:40] <FigNewton> Wow, what a horrible movie to not have subtitles for ten minutes of... considering like, ninety percent of it is this big long soliloquoy [04:40] <+Vyyj> And now he is ranting about how the polish language was ruined by television [04:41] <FigNewton> That's a pretty shot [04:41] <+Vyyj> His love is agreeing with him, as if to help him [04:42] <+Vyyj> He tells her how he is unfit to love, but she ultimately convinces him. [04:42] <+Vyyj> But he thinks he might need to escape from her. [04:42] <+Vyyj> So he climbs into that car. [04:42] <+Vyyj> Annnd he's back home. [04:43] <+Vyyj> Tries to follow his daily routine. [04:43] <+Vyyj> And now, TV commercials. [04:43] <+Vyyj> Scurvy toothpaste [04:44] <+Vyyj> And dick extract as a perfume. [04:45] <+Vyyj> The subtitles are back. [04:45] <FigNewton> SUBTITLES!! [04:45] <TheThunderThief> Thanks for the translation [04:45] <FigNewton> Yeah, muchos gracias [04:46] <+Vyyj> Always a pleasure [04:46] <FigNewton> Isn't nicotine supposed to be good for you if you have Parkinson's [04:46] <FigNewton> ? [04:46] <+Vyyj> Actually, yeah [04:47] <FigNewton> ...the hell? [04:47] <FigNewton> Ultranationalist prayer? [04:48] <+Vyyj> Nope, this is what all polish people wish for. [04:48] <+Vyyj> Ready [04:49] <FigNewton> Ready [04:49] <TheThunderThief> gogogo!!! [04:49] <+Vyyj> Go! [04:54] <FigNewton> She's probably the prettiest girl in the movie [04:54] <+Vyyj> Rightfully so. [04:55] <FigNewton> See, I could never do that on my side like that [04:56] <+Vyyj> Annnd it's over. [04:56] <+Vyyj> This is a movie that requires repeated watchthroughs [04:56] <FigNewton> Well that was a good movie, I'm really thinking it's the type of movie I'd have to watch two or three times to fully enjoy, though [04:56] <FigNewton> Yeah [04:57] <FigNewton> I'm digging this music, though [04:57] <TheThunderThief> And the tri- National movie watching has concluded [04:57] <FigNewton> Aww [04:57] <+Vyyj> They cut it :/