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Fuck your zigzag man, I'm a tetris block.

My name is Nekkoru and I was born on the fateful day of 25th January, 1992.

I am known for my inability to perform any combo in any fighting game. As such, I try to learn performing them so I don't suck ass. As such, I have dedicated a super-spiffy section dedicated to my combos.

I am also a MtF transsexual and I like to rape people with shovels.

The Epic Videogame Quest

I believe my forum post on this says it all:

Well, as you all may know, I suck when it comes to video games. Like, big time.

After a few sleepless nights, I figured out why - you all grew up with the NES and other games, while I only had a PC and mostly cheated my way through all the games I had.

So, now I try to emulate the typical childhood of a Lexian by playing through all the major games on all major consoles chronologically. I started in 1980 with early computer and arcade games and right now I'm at 1986, playing Gradius and Metroid. When I beat a game, I move up a year. <ref name="Sydlexia Forums - What I've been up to..."></ref>

As such, I believe it should be documented. Nekkoru's Epic Videogame Quest contains everything on my undertakement.

Nekkoru's Recipes

Recently, I took up cooking as a hobby. While I don't exactly invent new shit in here, here's what I cook and what is awesome. Keep in mind I'm vegetarian and eating anything from this list may turn you into one yourself.

Simple chips'n'toast thingie

You'll need a clamshell toaster, some bread that's meant to be toasted and chips. Add stuff according to your own judgment.

So, here's this thingie I saw at a friend's house. Basically, that's a fuckload of chips between two slices of bread. That's the simplest way, but you can add cheese, salsa sauce, garlic dip and other stuff that goes well with chips. Close the toaster, wait for the bread to get crunchy and get eatin'.

The best chips for the job are spicy ones - preferably chili. Some chili powder won't hurt either.

Veggie burgers

Here's my unique and original recipe for perfect veggie burgers. Basically, go buy some green lentils. For each cup of lentils you put into the pot, pour two cups of water onto them. Get the water boiling on a small fire and keep those fuckers cooking, stirring every once in a while, until all of the water gets absorbed. You should also add two or three teaspoons of salt while it's cooking.

Now, while that's being done, dice half an onion and heat up some oil on a frying pan. Just slightly fry those onions (if they get brown, you fucked up. They need to be clearish green) and once they're done, throw them into a food processor. After the lentils cook (about half an hour to forty five minutes), throw them there too. Blend this shit together until it's smooth.

Now, get an egg and some bread crumbs. Break the egg on a plate and throw the shells away. Take a fork and start mixing the egg with it. You want a plate full of orangey goo, where you can't see what's the egg core and white anymore. Now wash your hands. get a plateful of breadcrumbs, then get a handful of that lentil-onion stuff you just blended. Start forming a burger, then cover it in the egg and the bread crumbs. Heat up some cooking oil on a frying pan and start frying. Rinse and repeat, a cup of lentils yields four reasonably sized burgers.

Now, here you have to be quick. You need to dice a small RED onion and slice some pickles, get some iceberg lettuce leaves and hot hamburger buns while you're waiting for the burgers to fry. Here's a nice text diagram on how an ideal burger looks like.

TOP HALF OF THE BUN Ketchup Red onions Pickles Iceberg lettuce Additional sauces Burger BOTTOM HALF OF THE BUN