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Nickelback is an extremely crappy "rock/alternative" band.

The lead singer

The lead singer of Nickelback is Chad Kroeger. He's basically the main reason why Nickelback sucks. He's an absolutely terrible singer, and something is wrong with his mouth. Chad's mouth is like some black abyss of fecal doom. Next time you happen to see a Nickelback performance, a Nickelback music video, or simply an interview with Chad Kroeger, don't pay attention to anything but the movement of his mouth. You'll know what I mean then.

Why they suck

  • Chad Kroeger
  • The music (i.e. a cheap, sleazy, craptastic rip-off of Alice in Chains)
  • Ever heard that song "Rockstar"? Blech...
  • Obnoxious, brain-dead, white-trash lyrics
  • A complete lack of anything resembling a sense of humor
  • They just suck across the board

Redeeming qualities

  • There's this song called "Animals" on their newest album. The song is actually quite good, and a definitely nice change of pace for Nickelback.
  • Their first album was quite good. Listen to 'Leader of Men'.
  • Chad Kroeger's mansion is less than half an hour from Ross Rifle. Ross plans on egging his house in the name of Sydlexia and Rock N Roll.

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