Ross Rifle (Gun)

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A gun, more specifically a rifle.

It was made in the early 1900s in Canada.

It was known for sucking badly as a close range weapon or a weapon to be fired in intense situations. Snipers didn't hate it as much as regular infantry did.

Ross Rifle - Not the Gun

Ross Rifle is a member of the forums. He got his name because he miss-fires under pressure much like the gun. Err... well... maybe that isn't exactly how it goes. But if you want the full story you will need to go read his page.

Ross Rifle - The Cat Fancier

He has a strange affinity for plush kittens. Currently, he possesses over 9,000 different toy cats, and plans to collect more.

Ross Rifle - Robbing the Cradle

Ross Rifle has one and only official fan,Krislexia. She is the screaming teenage fangirl that every musician needs. Dr. Jeebus strongly disapproves, and will probably hunt Ross down.