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about me

I joined this website because i was looking for mortal kombat, and when i found out that i could register without the school filter activating i stayed. I am 16 and really dislike math, even though i'm in college level algrebra. it sux. if you challenge me in almost any fighting/shooting game i would most likely pwn your ass off.

the word of the week

the word of the week is Death


starwars is my favorite series. I'm a stormtrooper and my serial number is sr2011

general information

User Name:StormTrooper2011

Real Name:Alex Rivers

Interests: Starwars,Harry Potter, editing articles on Wikipedia & sydepedia, Mortal Kombat

Location: Northern New Hampshire

Hours: Weekdays 0940-1020

Salty Rivers 06:53, 16 January 2009 (PST)

Cornflakes.jpg HALO, it's a sport.