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This page is dedicated to talking about ME

Sweet. A page for myself, and even better, a page to talk about the page about myself.

I feel a bit special. Oh yes. So special.

If you feel like writing anything here to chat with me, just type: == Your Name == and then type some more crap.

Ross Rifle

  • I haven't seen Night At The Museum, so I don't know to what extent your sarcasm lies. But I must say as much as you constantly poke fun at me, I take joy in it because it's always funny.
    • I'm glad you take it that way. I would hate it if anyone was ever offended by me. If anyone ever does take something that I say to heart, let me know, because that isn't the intent.


"I was kicked off of my first ISP (AOL) for sending someone a batch file that deleted his entire Windows 3.1 installation and some key DOS files."

You are full of win!!!

Heh. Its a good way to begin a legacy. Now, if I only knew how to continue it. -GPF


my validation code in my e-mail was defective... other wise i'd have already been on the forums.