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GPFontaine Doesn't Get it

Let me get this right...

You are talking about this Judah?

  • Judah, son of Jacob?
    • Jacob, son of Isaac?
      • Isaac, son of Abraham?

I just want to make sure I completely get this right because it is an interesting thing to say.

The Torah is the ultimate weapon of the Jewish people. It is said that in a time of great need, Seven descendants of Judah will come together and do battle. When only one descendant of Judah remains, the Road to Judaism will open up, and the ultimate weapon will be handed down to the victor to do with what they please.


Here is why it is interesting.

  • Abraham called people with the same beliefs "Hebrews"
  • Jacob was often times referred to as Israel, hence "Israelites"
  • And Judah, who's descendents called themselves "Jews"

As of right now, there are around 13-15 million "Jews" in the world.

I am willing to bet on the fact that at some point seven of them fought to the death with only one still standing.

Also, there are many Torahs, so which one is the great weapon? If everyone who that is Jewish kills 6 other Jews, do they get a Torah?

Gishman P. Fontaine 12:08, 1 February 2008 (PST)