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default This high-risk template or image included in one has been protected from editing to prevent vandalism
desc none


Born: {{{birthdate}}}
Died: {{{deathdate}}}
Batted: {{{bats}}} Threw: {{{throws}}}
MLB debut
{{{debutdate}}}, {{{debutyear}}}
for the {{{debutteam}}}
Final game
{{{finaldate}}}, {{{finalyear}}}
for the {{{finalteam}}}
Career statistics
{{{stat1label}}}     {{{stat1value}}}
{{{stat2label}}}     {{{stat2value}}}
{{{stat3label}}}     {{{stat3value}}}
Career highlights and awards
  • No notable achievements
Member of the National
20px Baseball Hall of Fame 20px
Elected    {{{hofdate}}}
Vote    {{{hofvote}}}
Election Method    {{{hofmethod}}}

Note: To illustrate which cells are affected by the background color parameters, the template page uses  #dcdcdc  to represent bgcolor1 and  #dcdcdc  to represent bgcolor2. These colors do not appear when the template is used in an article (where they may be set via bgcolor1 and bgcolor2).

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Blank template

Copy and paste the template below:

{{Infobox MLB retired
| name       =
| bgcolor1   =
| textcolor1 =
| bgcolor2   =
| textcolor2 =
| image      =
| width      =
| caption    =
| position   =
| birthdate  =
| deathdate  =
| bats       =
| throws     =
| debutdate  =
| debutyear  =
| debutteam  =
| finaldate  =
| finalyear  =
| finalteam  =
| stat1label =
| stat1value =
| stat2label =
| stat2value =
| stat3label =
| stat3value =
| teams      =
| highlights =
| hofdate    =
| hofvote    =
| hofmethod  =

Parameter descriptions

  • name = name of player
  • bgcolor1 = see the color table below
  • textcolor1 = text color used with bgcolor1
  • bgcolor2 = see the color table below
  • textcolor2 = text color used with bgcolor2
  • image = filename of the image of the player, not preceded by "Image:" (optional)
  • width = width of image in pixels, don't use unless smaller than 200 (optional, defaults to 200)
  • caption = any caption pertaining to the picture.
  • position = the position primarily played by the player: Pitcher, Catcher, First base, Second base, Third base, Shortstop, Left field, Center field or Right field.
  • birthdate = {{birth date and age|1935|1|30}} if alive, {{birth date|1935|1|30}} if dead
  • deathdate = {{death date and age|2007|6|15|1935|1|30}} if dead
  • bats = Left / Right
  • throws = Left / Right
  • debutdate = debut month/day, i.e. April 15
  • debutyear = debut year, i.e. 1958
  • debutteam = debut team, i.e. Boston Red Sox
  • finaldate = final month/day, i.e. October 13
  • finalyear = final year, i.e. 1976
  • finalteam = final team, i.e. New York Yankees
  • stat1label = the most important statistic for evaluating this player. Will vary according to what the player is most well-known for.
  • stat1value = the value of that statistic.
  • stat2label = another statistic (up to three can be used)
  • stat2value = etc.
  • stat3label =
  • stat3value =
  • teams = list of teams the player has played for, with their years.
  • highlights = list of career highlights and awards
  • hofdate = if the player is a member of the National Baseball Hall of Fame, enter the date (or at least year) that he was elected. Setting this tag will make a Hall of Fame banner appear.
  • hofvote = put details of the HoF vote (if any) here.
  • hofmethod = put details of the method elected (veteran's committee, Negro league, etc.) here. Leave blank if a standard vote

Team colors

Team bgcolor1 bgcolor2 textcolor1 textcolor2 Color Set 1 Example Color Set 2 Example
Arizona Diamondbacks #af0039 black white white Example Example
Atlanta Braves #0f437c #af0039 white white Example Example
Baltimore Orioles black #F87217 #F87217 black Example Example
Boston Red Sox #ba313c #0d2b56 white white Example Example
Chicago Cubs #0e3386 #d82427 white white Example Example
Chicago White Sox black silver silver black Example Example
Cincinnati Reds #c6011f black white white Example Example
Cleveland Indians #990000 #023465 white white Example Example
Colorado Rockies #333366 black white white Example Example
Detroit Tigers #bd5d29 #003366 white white Example Example
Florida Marlins black #009494 #009494 white Example Example
Houston Astros #95322c black white white Example Example
Kansas City Royals #15317E #15317E white white Example Example
Los Angeles Angels #ff0000 #999999 white white Example Example
Los Angeles Dodgers #083c6b #083c6b white white Example Example
Milwaukee Brewers #0a2252 #b6922e white white Example Example
Minnesota Twins #072764 #c6011f white white Example Example
New York Mets #003581 #ff5700 #ff5700 white Example Example
New York Yankees #1c2841 #1c2841 white white Example Example
Oakland Athletics #003831 gold gold #003831 Example Example
Philadelphia Phillies #A50024 #263473 white white Example Example
Pittsburgh Pirates #e1b81e black black white Example Example
San Diego Padres #d0ad7f #000066 #003831 white Example Example
San Francisco Giants black #fd5a1e white white Example Example
Seattle Mariners #005c5c #0c2c56 white white Example Example
St. Louis Cardinals #c41e3a #0a2252 white white Example Example
Tampa Ray Devil Rays #00653A #151B54 white white Example Example
Texas Rangers #003279 #bd1021 white white Example Example
Toronto Blue Jays #005ac0 black white white Example Example
Washington Nationals #ba122b #11225b white white Example Example
No Team / Free Agent do not specify colors Example Example


John Doe
Born: Template:Birth date
Died: June 15 2007 (aged Template:Age at date)
Batted: Left Threw: Right
MLB debut
April 15, 1958
for the Boston Red Sox
Final game
October 13, 1976
for the New York Yankees
Career statistics
Batting average     .340
Runs batted in     586
Home runs     233
Career highlights and awards
  • First Highlight
  • Second Highlight
Member of the National
20px Baseball Hall of Fame 20px
Elected    March 20, 1977
Vote    88% (first ballot)
Election Method    Veteran's Committee

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