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Male adult bio

This infobox template was designed for use in articles about male pornographic film actors. For other types of infoboxes, please see People infobox templates.

Instructions on usage

Copy and paste the information below into your edit page. Most of the fields should be self explanatory, except "measurements" which becomes Penis size. The field name is kept for historical compatibility with articles using earlier template versions.

Note: The perfomer name in the infobox is generated from the article name. In the case where the article name is a modification of the performer's name, i.e., "Joe Foo (porn star)", manually insert the "name" parameter with its label:

{{Male adult bio
| name =
| image =
... etc.

This will also supercede the page name in the link captions, i.e., "Joe Foo at IMDB", rather than "Joe Foo (porn star) at IMDB".

{{Male adult bio
| image = 
| caption = 
| birth = 
| location = 
| birthname = 
| death = 
| measurements =
| height = 
| weight = 
| eye color = 
| hair color = 
| orientation = 
| ethnicity = 
| alias = 
| number of films = 
| homepage = 
| imdb = 
| iafd = 
| afdb = id#/name

Note: "afdb name" has been deprecated in favor of "afdb", though you may use "afdb name" to define the name after the id number in the URL.