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Another of TARDISman's stupid ideas that he's attempting to pull off, like his failed Belmont Legacy (Chronological Castlevania run) and Resident Evil 4 in 1 night. His claim is that this one "has nostalgic value" but chances are he'll get pissed and give up towards the end of Red's story. The premise of the game is you select one of 7 characters and they each have their own storyline. There's a superhero story, a robot, and a wandering minstrel. TARDISman thought this sounded like the IRC room at times and thus the SaGa of IRC was born.

Saga paper01-1280x800.jpg

From the top left going clockwise

Lute: Captain Pollution

Riki: Cameron

Blue: Fernin

Asellus: Hacker

T260-G: Not Sure

Emelia: Nekkoru

Red: Valdronius

There's a damn good chance this won't go anywhere but who knows maybe TARDIS'll actually follow through on something...