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On November the 30th of the year 2007, Syd (in conjunction with Valdronius, greeneyedzeke, Douche McCallister, Darkmaze, Knyte, and Murdar Machine) published the article "The 100 Best SNES Games Ever". A year and a half later, a forum newbie, Brut, suggested giving Forum Members the capability to comment on each of the 100 selected games. This is a place for members to post said comments. The games are listed in descending order.


NHL '94

Stunt Race FX

The Death And Return Of Superman

Super Adventure Island II

Ys III: Wanderers from Ys

Out of This World

Tetris Attack


If any of you know of the 'Block Destroyer' game found on some TI graphing calculators, this is that, only about 100x better! This is an excellent SNES puzzle game with plenty of action. Despite the fact that it was almost nothing like normal Tetris, this game was hella fun; there's nothing like playing battle mode with a friend. Fun Fact: originally this was released as Panel de Pon in Japan and instead of Mario enemies, the main characters were all faeries. I also believe this was later remade for the N64 as Pokemon Puzzle League

Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest


I read somewhere that they created this game to be easier than the regular Final Fantasy games. It's a pretty good game and I like the fact you can only have 2 characters at the same time. The graphics aren't that good for SNES but the music is pretty good.

Secret of the Stars

Sunset Riders

Super Star Wars: Return of the Jedi


A Belmont on crack. That's what Leia's like in that one stage. A Belmont on crack.

Mega Man Soccer


This game had the worst password system ever. I rented this game a few times because it was Mega Man, and in the process of playing it, I learned a few things about soccer. I would spend most of my time trying to do special shots to see how each bosses weapon would be interpreted in, um....soccer mode. I could never finish the game in story mode though.

Earthworm Jim 2

Street Fighter II: The World Warrior

Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf

Disney's Aladdin


I noticed that they released this game for the nes first, and remade it with much better sound and graphics. A pretty good platformer, the only ones that are better would have to be the Donkey Kong Country games and the Super Mario World games.

Saturday Night Slam Masters

Batman Returns


This game kicks ass, it should have been in the top 10, or at least 20. Tossing fatass clowns around like ragdolls, so much fun.....

WCW SuperBrawl Wrestling

Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster Busts Loose

Super Turrican

The Adventures of Batman & Robin

Super Scope 6


X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse

Super Adventure Island

King of the Monsters

Super Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back


Breath of Fire

Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!


Kiddy Kong was such a worthless character. I mean, none of the DK characters are "deep" mind you, but Kiddy was just Donkey Kong in baby form. It was stupid. What features did Kiddy have that Donkey didn't? Having Donkey Kong work with Dixie Kong would have been a much better idea.


My least favorite DKC game on the SNES, but still very good nonetheless. It has nice graphics, music and more stuff to find than in the previous 2. Too bad Dixie and Kiddy Kong somehow just don't seem to move as well as Diddy Kong.


People love to take a shit on this game for it's different sprites and music, but come on, it plays just as good as the other two in the series in my opinion. I agree the music is pretty lackluster in areas, but the game itself is still quite enjoyable.

Demon's Crest

Castlevania: Dracula X


I always thought that Richter moved so slow in this game to the point where it became distracting and unbearable.


I agree with Cameron. Richter moved so slow I never really played this game much. It's pretty hard too, I remember beating it once using a lot of save states.


This was the first Castlevania I ever played. Maybe it's that and/or my autism, but Richter's slowness? Don't see it. Plus, the music and action are awesome.


Yeah, I don't really see any slowness either. The game deserves better for how much crap it gets for being a dumbed down portjob.

Knights of the Round

ActRaiser 2


Pocky & Rocky

Tecmo Super Bowl III: Final Edition

WWF Royal Rumble

Harvest Moon


My favorite Harvest Moon game. I bought 1 for the Gamecube and the DS but they weren't any good at all imo. This one however was a lot of fun.

Super Double Dragon


This is my favorite Double Dragon game. My 2nd favorite is DD1. Douche McCallister said and I quote: "This game is ridiculously hard, and it's even worse if you play it by yourself" This is not true at all imo. I've always played it by myself and if you play it on easy you can't fail. I beat this game on hard without much trouble(I was high at the time though)

R-Type III: The Third Lightning


This game is badass, that is all I have to say.

Mortal Kombat 3


This game is much better in its Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 incarnation. I mean, no Scorpion? Come on.


I actually had some issues with the SNES UMK3: 1) They took out Sheeva, 2) They didn't give Rain or Noob Saibot endings, 3) They removed all but two arenas from the original version, which, even then, are only accessible under certain circumstances and 4) Motaro's arena is The Rooftop and not the Balcony, which, as mentioned before, was removed. Thus, I'm glad that version didn't make the cut.

Jurassic Park


Alien 3 would've been a far better choice for this spot.

Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers


Having downloaded all three SNES versions of SF2 to my SD card and beaten them as everyone, including Chun Li a second time in this version, I am now 100% convinced that this should've been Super Mario Bros.' opponent and that it would have won were that the case.

Battletoads in Battlemaniacs

Super Bomberman 2

Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts


This was originally a nes game. The SNES version has improved graphics, music and gameplay too.

Gradius III


This game has infinite replay value to me, I'll never get tired of going through it. I find it hilarious that some people say this game is too hard, they should try the arcade version, Crystal Labyrinth will make them it's bitch if they even make it to it.

Mega Man 7


This game was ok for what it was, but its overall quality was brought down by the atrocious music. Seriously, in Spring Man's stage, I thought I was listening to Rainbow Brite! Considering music is supposed to be an integral part of the series (it is called Rock Man in Japan, after all), that's not a good thing. I also didn't like how they pulled the "Game Boy" shit here (how you can only start with four stage choices, followed by a middle stage, then the next four). Way to go backwards, Capcom. Also, fuck the last boss. That thing was ridiculous. That being said, I really liked what they did with the Rush suit in this game. Plus, Cloud Man is a dope boss. A Robot Master that poops lightning. Can't get much better than that.


Like with just about every installment in the franchise, I have nothing but praise for this gem. You want to do a few things differently than before, Capcom? Go for it! It's all good!

Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals


This was probably the first(major) game to be completely translated to Dutch. Although I would've preferred this game in english. It was however amazing to see how they translated every single item, spell and word to Dutch. Also Lufia 1 was never released here so they named Lufia 2 just "Lufia".

I liked this game a lot and so did my girlfriend, she ended up buying it as well, after I had it a while. The Old Cave(if that's what it's called in english) was a good idea and made even my father say something nice about a game. I tried Lufia 1 on an emulator before but never played it much. The graphics just weren't as nice as Lufia 2, and neither was the music.

EVO: Search For Eden

Legend of the Mystical Ninja


Final Fight


This game was notable for having Freddie Mercury on the front cover of the box it came in.


Having beaten both sequels as everyone, I find it asinine that Capcom could fuck up porting the original game to the SNES not once, but twice, and yet make two sequels for the system that followed the same formula as the arcade original. Not to mention that neither one made the list instead of this inexplicable rush job. One of those should be in this spot, and I wouldn't mind the other outranking or being outranked by it.

Super Bomberman

Super Mario All-Stars


I had a bad habit of leaving my NES on overnight. After one night, the damn thing broke on me. So I could never play any of the Mario classics ever again...until this bad boy came out. I can't explain why, but even though it wasn't the same, I really liked the updated 16-bit graphics and remixed sound – I love the look and sound of the 16 bit version of Super Mario Bros 1 just as much as the original. Nintendo also fixed the one flaw in Super Mario Bros. 3... you could now save your game! Then of course there was The Lost Levels. Somehow I managed to beat this version, but when I bought the real version on the VC, I don't think I could even beat world 8! The physics in that game were so fucked up. What helped a lot was being able to save after every level, rather than continue at the beginning of each world on the real game.

If your NES was fully functional when this game came out, it was probably irrelevant to you. But if your NES was broken like me, then this game was a gift from God. In fact I kinda wish Capcom did the same thing with the Mega Man games for the SNES...

Super Star Wars

Kirby Super Star


Before this game, I had dabbled briefly with Kirby on his Game Boy debut borrowed from a friend. I liked it enough to rent this game. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that not only was that same game available to play (Spring Breeze) on this very same cartridge in full-color, 16-bit glory, but I could fucking pull a Mega Man and copy my enemies abilities? That, my friends, was the beginning of a love affair with a game that would eventually blossom into me running off and eloping with it.


Lufia and the Fortress of Doom


Earthworm Jim


I totally agree with Syd's premature opinion of this game, it totally is the best platformer ever! Call me a lying, cheating, baby killing communist, but i think this game is better than Mario.


If any series needs a resurrection, it's this one. Come on Doug TenNapel make it happen with Earthworm Jim 4!

Super R-Type

Super Smash TV

Mario Paint

Killer Instinct


UUUUUUUUUUULLLLLLLLLLLLLLTTTTTTTTTTTRRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAA CCCCCCCCCCCOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMBBBBBBBBBBBBOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Was this game a blatant rip off of all the succesful fighting games at the time? yes. Was it a damn fun game anyway with one of the best soundtracks on the super nintendo? You bet your super manly Unreal Tournament style announcer ass. Oh, and Cinder is the best.

Mega Man X3


This will go down in history as the last great Mega Man game. And yes that includes Mega Man 9, which had potential to be great, but was brought down by the lack of sliding and Mega Buster, as well as its absurd difficulty. I don't care what anyone says, the classic Mega Man games were not that hard.

Anyways, this game had some creative bosses -like Blast Hornet and Tunnel Rhino-, some cooler weapons -like the supercharged Triad Thunder and the supercharged Spinning Blade-, and even better music (Tunnel Rhino and Toxic Seahorse FTW!!) It also has the defining "fun yet challenging" version of God mode, where you get the Gold Chip and Zero's sword which hacks off half of a bosses energy (including Kaiser Sigma!!). One of the chips was where if you stood perfectly still you could recharge your energy and sub tanks one unit at a time. So you could put the controller down, go take a leak or get a drink, come back and all four of your subtanks are fully charged and you're ready to roll. Good times.

This game also proved how overrated Zero was. Oh, he can leave a massive trail of death wherever he goes but he can't collect heart tanks, extra lives, fight bosses or mini-bosses. And if he happened to trip and fall down a bottomless pit or spikes, it's game over and you can never use him again. Sounds more like your playground bully if you ask me.


This is my favorite Megaman game after Megaman 2. I believe this deserved to be at least higher ranked than MMX1 and 2. I really loved the music in this game, it was much better than the music in MMX1 and 2. And the weapons were pretty good as well.

Spider-Man & Venom: Maximum Carnage


Secret of Evermore

Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen

Soul Blazer

Mega Man X2


Usually when I do my top SNES lists, I have all three Mega Man X games as one clump of an entry, but deep down, this is my favorite Mega Man game of all time (though Mega Man V for the Game Boy is also worth a mention). Everything in the previous game gets a teeny tiny boost of greatness that adds up to one giant boost of greatness. Regular dashing was now air dashing, the super-charged X -buster fired two shots and I'm not sure if the upgraded body armor absorbed more damage from before, but you know what you could do with the body armor in this game that you couldn't do in X1? Cleveland Steam a screen full of enemies with the built in G.Crush (the G clearly stands for Gangsta)!


I don't remember exactly what I did when I first heard about this game in late '94, but I must have been ecstatic. That feeling arises any time I hear about a new Mega Man game to this day. Regarding this particular installment, the wire-frame graphics wowed me in addition to the usual format and explosive action.

Super Punch-Out!!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles In Time


I just beat the Normal and Easy modes of this game for the first time, and damn it was fun. Definitely one of the best beat-em-ups on SNES, but no where near as badass as Batman Returns. Oh, and JRA is right Slash will kick your ass till you have no ass, Super Shredder is a cakewalk.


For my money, this game was the pinnacle of the entire TMNT franchise. Everything that happened in the 80's and 90's came to a glorious climax here. Multiple attacks, the classic enemies, this was the perfect way for the series to bow out. Slash was a fucking pain in the ass though. Harder than Super Shredder.

Zombies Ate My Neighbors


Second only to River City Ransom in terms of being one of the best two-player games I've ever played. I dunno, I really like the concept of throwing tomatos at chainsaw-wielding maniacs and shooting giant babies with water guns.

Oh, and the lawnmower is the best weapon. Period.



F-Zero will forever be one of my favorite Nintendo series, this game wasn't the one that got me into the series, but it has my respect for giving the series it's start. Nowadays it's fairly underwhelming in comparison to Super Mario Kart, but I still now and then come back to make some time trial runs.

Illusion of Gaia


Awesome game. Gameplay is nice so are the graphics the music and the story. It's also kinda different from other RPG's, it's a little like Zelda. I never managed to get all the red jewels, in the manual it showed where they all were but there was always 1 which I couldn't get. It seemed to me it was either a flaw in the manual or the game.

Breath of Fire II

Mortal Kombat II

Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest


DKC was the innovator and DKC2 was the one that perfected that formula to make one of my favorite games of all-time. Hell yes.

Super Mario Kart


My favorite Mario Kart game. One of the things I like about this game is that even non-gamers seem to like it. I remember having a SNES at school back in 2002(someone donated it to the school). And one of the games we had was this one. We played it every day and after a while some people even managed to beat me(we always played battle mode)

Star Fox


Another game that was all about the boss fights. One thing this game managed to execute beautifully that no other Star Fox game could (including my beloved Star Fox 64) was manage to take simplistic, blocky, geometric shapes and make them into complex superstructures of death. The fact that they were all on display in the instruction booklet was a great teaser of the encounters to be had, but when you actually encountered them, they had a trick up their sleeves that you never saw coming (sometimes possibly killing you within seconds!), making them that much memorable and admirable.

Donkey Kong Country


This was the game that cemented me as a gamer, it was my first childhood favorite. For that it gets major props and major respect from me, anyone who disses DKC is my mortal enemy, yes even Miyamoto.

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island


Three words...EPIC BOSS BATTLES! Every boss battle in this game was exciting and fun in its own special way. (Well, maybe not the Potted Ghost.) Pantsing Bashful Burt anyone? Choking the Frog Prince from the inside? Warping to the moon to fight Raphael Raven? Fighting Godzilla Baby Bowser?! The final boss battle alone is so crazy, rescuing Baby Luigi is sort of an anticlimax. Maybe they should have had you rescue Princess Sally Acorn along with him! Wait, wrong game. Wrong system for that matter. Oh yes, and the graphics own you!


An excellent platformer, great graphics, gameplay, music, and so much more. The sequel sucks ass, though.

Contra III: The Alien Wars


The difficulty of this game is precisely the reason Game Genie was invented. Shit, the fact that I beat this game with Game Genie when I was a kid is probably why I can still tolerate it today.


Not as hard as Batman Returns, but damn, this game is HARD! But as we all learned from BattleToads, and Contra and Super C, Hard games, do NOT necessarily mean bad games. When you conquer this game, you will think you are the manliest badass in the world, and for good reason! Definitely a MUST HAVE for Action Junkies, and if you own a Super Nintendo. Best 2D action game this side of Strider.



The first game i got for my SNES, and when I first flew down to earth in those kick ass mode 7 graphics, i was hooked. Buy this game! the sim city style parts are great, and the action sequences are better! But where this game really shines for me is the music. Koshiro's best work, Period. Yeah, i said that.

Secret of Mana


This so SHOULD NOT have beaten Metroid.

Super Castlevania IV


This game single handedly illustrated what the SNES was all about: taking a franchise, and maximizing to the point where the NES counterparts were borderline irrelevant. It was almost as if the SNES had taken each franchise, removed everything that sucked about them, and given them back to us in crisper, cleaner form! The NES Castlevanias were pains in the ass, making them borderline unplayable on days when you aren't in the mood to get your ass handed to you by a game. But here, I'm proud to say I've beaten this game twice and am more than happy to play it again. This also had a soundtrack which ran the emotional gamut from A-Z with sounds from upbeat and driving, to lush, calming, and almost game play inhibiting because of how beautiful it was.


I never enjoyed the regular Castlevania games. I only ever liked the RPG ones, starting with Castlevania 2. I don't see why this game made it to #11, it just isn't fun for very long.


You're nuts, this game is amazing.

Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting


C'mon, its Street Fighter 2, but faster. Do I seriously need to say more to make you buy it? No, I don't. CHUN LI FOR THE WIN!



This game is tied with Chrono Trigger as my favorite game of all time. Who wouldn't want to beat the shit out of snakes, hippies, dinosaurs, and other baddies by utilizing a baseball bat, a yo-yo, a frying pan, bottle rockets, and psychic powers? Without a doubt this is the most original RPG ever made, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for something new in RPGs

Final Fantasy IV

Mega Man X


This was the first Mega Man game I played, and is what got me hooked on the series. However, every time I play one of the first seven I keep trying to wallslide. Wallsliding was one of my favorite things about this game ^_^


One of my favorite Mega Man games of all-time from my favorite Mega Man series, I love it.

Chrono Trigger


This was the first RPG I ever played, and a good one at that. I loved the dynamic battle system of this game, and is actually one of the biggest things keeping me from the Final Fantasy games. I fucking hate random encounters. Lucky for me, I still own my CT cartridge, and is actually one of the most valuable games in my collection.

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars


This is still my golden standard of RPG's. I also thought it handled the hybrid of platforming and role play better than any of the Paper Mario games. While it's true that none of the platforming sections were too challenging (though that was probably a good thing), it's quite clear that the Square people knew how to handle Mario and his style of games (not to mention a few brilliant bits of fanservice here and there). This game has done plenty of things that I still haven't seen in classic SNES RPGs, such as assigning different tasks to different buttons in battle mode, and certain button combinations to power up your magic attacks! This is a masterpiece of a game. The one possible flaw I see being argued against this game is story, but I consider the Mallow story arc to be just as brilliant as Locke's and Marle's.


Pretty good RPG. It was never released in europe untill recently. Square and Nintendo got into a fight right after the American release. You can buy it for the Wii online now.


If you loved the Paper Mario and Mario And Luigi games, you will love this game. Its also one of the funniest game i've ever played.


I never liked the art style in this game, it keeps me from enjoying the game as much as others.

Super Mario World


This game hasn't aged quite as well as Super Mario Bros 3 has. Miyamoto has admitted that he ultimately wasn't satisfied with the game, but it was because he was in such a rush to build it. Obviously, this game gave the Mario franchise a massive graphic boost, but if Halo has taught us anything, graphics can only get you so far. Couple of positives; Yoshi (duh), and to this day, the cape is still the best flying power-up Mario has ever used. Pretty much anyone can beat this game (as in even get through the Special World), but if you really want to know if you are a master, try parachute-flying your way to the arsenal of 1-ups at the end of the Forest Fortress. Then you are king. I also believe that watching the entrance to Valley of Bowser rise out of the ocean after beating the Sunken Ghost Ship level is one of the most cinematic moments in gaming. My jaw dropped when that shit happened. The last great thing about this game is that it has one of the all-time greatest Mario compositions: the castle/fortress theme.

Final Fantasy VI


OMG KEFKA BLOWS UP THE WORLD! I'll probably get lynched for this: but this was more interesting of a story to watch unfold than it was a game to play. Don't get me wrong, Final Fantasy VI is far from a terrible game, but I would rank Chrono Trigger and Super Mario RPG higher over this, and that's just RPG's. I'll also say that the characters were more fun to watch interact with each other than to play. Like Locke for instance. I rarely used his steal technique. It's useful when you first get him, but by the World Of Ruin, I had enough cash where I could by all the items I needed. But it is well worth finding him in the World Of Ruin just because it adds such a giant piece of the overall puzzle.

Fun Fact: The first time I fought Kefka, I thought as soon as a party member died, he/she would be instantly replaced with the next person in line, so I put all the useless people in battle first so they'd get killed and the battle would in a glorious stand off between Kefka vs. Locke, Celes, Edgar and Terra. It doesn't work that way so needless to say, I killed Kefka before making it halfway down my roster, and that's without reviving anyway.

Super Metroid


Fuck Zelda, this game is the best experience you can get on the SNES.


It's strange, this is one of the most popular speed running games to this day, but for me, the real beauty of the game lies in exploration and finding every last power-up, even if the power ups were useless (seriously, do you really need to use 50 power bombs?). Everybody has those little "moments" during gaming that they will treasure forever, and for me, that moment comes right before you head to Tourian, when you're scrambling around the empty east ends of Norfair looking for those last few items, then heading to Brinstar and Crateria to do the exact same thing.

I recently played this game in speed run mode just to see Samus in her underwear again and honestly, she looks kinda mannish. Her arms are way too big and her thighs look as if I were to go between them, she would suffocate me out of spite! Thanks, but no thanks, Ms. Aran.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past


This is the first game I ever remember playing, and a good one at that. Absolutely FANTASTIC but I always hated the room in Turtle Rock where you had to use the Fire Rod to light torches from a moving platform. But anyway, Excellent gameplay & graphics, albeit the music could have been better.


I'd say this is one of the most overrated games of all time, however everyone I've mentioned it to seems to disagree, so maybe I'm wrong. Maybe not.


This game rules for three simple reasons. The Bombos Medallion, the Ether Medallion, and the Quake Medallion.


I wouldn't have voted this #1 but still a very good game and should be in the top 5. This game was better than Ocarina of Time(N64) imo. It's a little easy though, this is one of the Zelda games I beat with 3 hearts(I also beat OoT, The Wind Waker and The Twilight Princess with 3 hearts)


I always get bored with Zelda titles halfway through, and I quit playing and play something more fun, like say, Strider, or.... Call Of Duty 4. Its no exception for this game. I acknowledge that this game is good, and if you have the patience to sit through a zelda game, you will probably join the millions of fanboys who say this game is the best game ever. I personally think its one of the most overrated ever.


I never got into the Zelda series, to me it'll always be Mario's whipping boy.