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Dear Syd Lexians,

I'm a couple cans short of a six pack, and one of your articles and/or Sydapedia pages inspires a part of my Dick Cheney loving brain to go kidnap Pat Robertson, rape him and eat him. Can I hold you guys responsible?


Random Visitor

PS: Can you give my dad his lawnmower back?

Dear retarded asshat,

We are not responsible for your asinine, cruel, behavior that is ruining our planet. Anything you say can and will be used to create the next most disgusting, shocking internet meme since the Pain Series (do NOT look that up, seriously). If something you read on this wiki, the forums, or the main website which itself inspires you to go kill Pat Robertson, we will all giggle like little girls, and in all likelyhood the ACLU will call you an American hero, but if you try and hold us responsible, we will send Hacker, M3GA MAN, or whoever else is pissing us off at the moment to come over to your house and shit on your chest. Free Speech, Free Expression, Fifth Amendment, Chewbacca Defense and all that good stuff.


The Syd Lexians.

PS: Fuck Yo Dad's lawnmower we don't even got that shit no mo.