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Aqua Hedgehog is a member of the Sydlexia Forums. He was brought to this place after reading about RegalSin shortly before he was banned on Sega-16. He would turn this page into a longwinded ego page and blame all his bannings on Nazi moderators, but is too fucking lazy busy kicking ass and chewing bubblegum (but he's all out of gum O_o).


Aqua Hedgehog has been introduced to the internet at the tender age of eight, where when he wasn't on or some other kids' site, he would use a search engine to search for Sonic the Hedgehog related stuff. Coming across a fansite called Pyro the Hedgehog's Domain eventually inspired him to make the character Aqua the Hedgehog, originally intended as a contradiction to Pyro, which basically evolved into his fursona, using the name on pratically every site he goes to. Another character he created was Kagemaru Hayabusa. Like Aqua, Kage became an integral part of his life. Unlike aqua, Kage isn't another persona for him, but the main form of Aqua Hedgehog, both will be used in a planned STH fanshow on Youtube.

Forum Habits

  • Since all other threads in nWo died, Aqua can be found attempting to troll DarknessDeku in the "insult the person above you" thread (even vandalized his Sydapedia page)
  • Generally posts in General Discussion, Video Games, and the Internets when he's not keeping his trolling skills up in the nWo.
  • Created some very popular threads, such as "State something completely random" and "Story behind your name"


  • Gaming
  • Hacking
  • Game Maker
  • Attempting to become a moderator

Current Project Plans

  • Is considering building a Beat-Em-Up game over Doom2
  • Considering a third MtG Un-set, called "Unleashed"

Fun Facts

  • Formerly went by the name Herzog_Zwei, as to try flying under the radar and lower suspicions. Didn't work, so he had his name changed to its present state.
  • This page contains a Duke Nukem reference.