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User has been banned.
Aqua Hedgehog's old avatar. This may be seen on other sites.

Aqua Hedgehog was a member of the Sydlexia Forums. Aqua is a diverse, yet fickle person, but always keeps a few interests in his life. He had several alternate accounts, including HerzogZwei, Tiara Boobowski, and Kagemaru Hayabusa.

He has since been banned from the forums for abusing alt accounts and for trolling.


Aqua Hedgehog has been introduced to the internet at the tender age of eight, where when he wasn't on or some other kids' site, he would use a search engine to search for Sonic the Hedgehog related stuff. Coming across a fansite called Pyro the Hedgehog's Domain eventually inspired him to make the character Aqua the Hedgehog, originally intended as a contradiction to Pyro, which basically evolved into his fursona, using the name on pratically every site he goes to. Another character he created was Kagemaru Hayabusa. Basically, he has 2 personas each covering a different realm of internet culture. May or may not appear in planned shows.

Forum Habits

  • Joined 11/02/2008
  • Generally posts in General Discussion, Video Games, Internets, and nWo.
  • Created some very popular threads, such as "State something completely random" and "Story behind your name"
  • Has just had an alternate account banned (Tiara Boobowski), and another (FirePenguin).
  • Left the forums as of 10/10/2009. Came back under the name "Kagemaru Hayabusa" almost immediately. Did not fool anyone.

Outside the Box

  • Currently attempting to get unbanned from SEGA-16
  • Checks on the status of Project S, a Sonic X-Treme remake, on Senntient forums. Posts there actively.
  • Vandalizes Edits Sydapedia under the alias HerzogZwei, and silently bitches about how usernames ARE CASE SENSITIVE!

Gaming Interests

  • Is a well-rounded Hardcore gamer striving for more skill in some genres
  • Keenly interested in FPS, RPG, Adventure, and classic games
  • Possibly getting a Power Player Super Joy III, an illegal NES clone console consisting of an N64-like controller you plug into your TV, cords to plug said controller into said TV, a Genesis-like controller that plugs into the unit, a Makarov lightgun you plug into the unit for Duck Hunt and others, 76 NES games built in, and the ability to accept unauthorized Famicom cartridges.

Aqua Unplugged

Aqua Hedgehog rarely ventures away from the internet or his video games, but when he does, he's doing listening to Industrial/Metal music and maintaining a Magic the Gathering collection.

Current Project Plans

  • Getting a good Flash animator
  • Figuring out how to fucking use Doom Builder right