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Atma was born and raised in Fort Myers, FL where he participated in numerous things growing up. He was involved in Cub/BoyScouts, Achieved a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, and played Defensive End in Pop Warner Football as Number 84. In 2002, his Pop warner football team the Cape Youth Hurricanes, won the National Championship in Orlando, FL. (Picture of the ring to follow) He graduated from Cypress Lake Highschool in 2004.

Military Background

He enlisted in the US Navy in August of 2004, attending Boot Camp at Great Lakes, IL. After completing Boot Camp in October 04, he was sent to Operations Specialist "A" School held in Damneck, VA. Upon graduation from "A" school, he was attached to the USS McInerney (FFG-8) Stationed at Naval Station Mayport, FL where he spent five years onboard. He was deployed four times, once to the North Atlantic operating with NATO Forces, and three times to the Eastern Pacific Ocean doing Counter-Narcotics Operations. During his time onboard USS McInerney, Atma has seen over 22 Metric Tons of Cocaine Seized and 10 Narco-Terrorists arrested. In December 09' he was transferred to his Shore Duty at Naval Air Station Jacksonville, FL where he works at the Tactical Support Center for the P-3C Orion Maritime Patrol Aircraft. He was recently promoted to Petty Officer First Class (E-6).

Gaming History

The NES is largely responsible for motivating Atma on learning how to read, Starting with games like Final Fantasy, Ultima Series, Mario Bros., and many more. He was terrified as a child of NES's Uninvited and still refuses to play it to this day. Once he evolved into the SNES era, he fell in love with Final Fantasy IV. He never owned Final Fantasy VI as a child, but later fell in love with it through the beauty of Emulation. Hes also been a PC gamer his whole life, working through Adventure games such as Full Throttle, and Kings Quest Series, Strategy games such as the Command & Conquer Series, and FPS Half-Life, Counter-Strike, Battle Fields, and many more. He played MMORPGs for a while, starting with Ultima Online, moving onto Star Wars Galaxies, and a brief time with World of Warcraft. He currently doesn't play any MMORPGs, Now days he plays his PS3, and Wii no longer owning a Xbox 360 since it Red Ringed him. Twice.