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Captain_Pollution is an IRC op and forum member from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He has been reading the site since 2005, reading the forums since 2006, a member of the forums since September 23rd 2007, and an IRC chatter since January 2009. Due to his habits of not sleeping and an increase of IRC-trolling, he was promoted to op in August, 2010. While he doesn't post very often on the forums, he was far and away the most active IRC member for a very long time. He now shares that title with his dear friend Klimbatize.

He listens to a bunch of music, too, from a wide variety of genres (Even Country and Rap!). Once upon a time he had a bit of a reputation for this, in the IRC, but the average musical knowledge of the IRC has since risen. Regardless, you should totally friend him on[1]. Just tell him who you are, if it's not obvious from your name.


Fig is well known for changing his name frequently, in the IRC. When he joined the forums in 2007, he was Bobashotmace, and this is the name he first joined the IRC with. After only a short while there, though, he changed his name to Captain_Pollution. Not knowing that name changes would become a monthly thing for him, he had his name changed to Captain_Pollution on the forums, as well, and that is the name he still uses there, today. Regardless of what name he is currently using, those who know him call him Fig. When asked if he plans to change his name to FigNewton on the forums, he has said that he doesn't plan to, as he likes having a formal name and a more informal name, too. It also probably has something to do with IRC pride, as well, or something.

In the IRC, some of the most notable names he's used are PepsiCola, Scotch_Whisky, Dude_Love, Tofurkey, Lapin_Plein, and Presortsy.


Fig is also known for his fondness of voice, or +v mode on IRC. If a user is set as +v, they are allowed to speak when the room is set to +m (A mode that makes it so no one except those with voice or ops can speak), or when they are banned (Banned users cannot enter the room, but if they are banned while they are in the room, and they have voice or ops, they can speak as long as they stay in the room). As the room is rarely set to +m, and users are rarely banned, +v's primary function is as a sort of cookie to be handed out to users whenever an op decides to do so. It grants them no power or authority, but some people still like it, for whatever reason. Early in 2009, Fig was the first person to get really excited over voice, and as such was the first in a long line of people to be granted autovoice. Autovoice means that whenever a user enters #sydlexia, Lexy will grant them voice. It's handed out to some respected regulars, but as it looks crowded when more than four or so people are voiced at a time, most respected regulars go without. As such, it doesn't really mean anything, but it's still fun.