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Crazy_Bastard being dramatic and hardboiled in one of his sexy fedoras.

Crazy_Bastard (Formerly known as Dummies_ch2) has been a member of the forums since February 25, 2007. He usually lurks on the forums, but you can find him on IRC all the time.

He also owns a meager SNES collection. The most valuable games in his collection are Earthbound, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, and Chrono Trigger. He hopes to own an N64 and a NES one day, as well as any good Sega console.

When it comes to the IRC, Crazy_Bastard is a regular. He's notorious for using Lexiabot9000's !define function to throw out random definitions, and is a terrible, yet enthusiastic typist when drunk.


  • As a result of purchasing The World Ends With You Pins, he is a member of TARDISman's pantheon of Sydlexian Gods.
  • He is known for wearing the most badass hats in the world: Fedoras. He currently owns three: one from the Hard Rock Cafe in London, another is covered in pins related to pop culture, and a third hat that he wears when he doesn't want the other two to get damaged. Pictures of the pin fedora can be found here
  • He swing dances to impress the ladies, which usually works pretty well for him.
  • Crazy_Bastard organized the First Sydlexian Porn-Off, with some help from Klimbatize!
  • You can find him in #sydlexia almost constantly, shoot him a PM or send him a memo there if he's elsewhere and he'll get back to you later.
  • Crazy_Bastard and aika were originally going to participate in Forum Battle 2010 as team Flesh Out, but UsaSatsui's failure to notice that they had decided on their team name, coupled with their unfortunate absences shortly before the beginning of the forum battle, caused them to be dropped from the bracket.
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