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My name is Nekkoru and I was born on the fateful day of 25th January, 1992.

I am known for my inability to perform any combo in any fighting game. As such, I try to learn performing them so I don't suck ass. As such, I have dedicated a super-spiffy section dedicated to my combos.

My combos

For Street Fighter games: I included several versions, because I learned some combos in different versions.

Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior (SNES)


Spinning-kick thing: Down, Back, Kick (B, A or R) - Depending on what button you press, the lenght of the combo will change. B is the shortest, A is kinda meh and R can fly you through the entire stage. This move can make Balrog your bitch, because he's too dumb to duck down. He actually takes the entire combo damage. And doesn't even fall down. Manly or dumb? You decide.

Hadouken: Down, down-forward, forward + punch (X, Y or L) - I found that one by furiously button-mashing. I _THINK_ it travels faster depending on which button you press; X is slower and L is faster. And apparently, when someone is moving rapidly towards you (for example, E. Honda), the Hadouken deals about twice as much damage as normally.

Shoryuken: Down, forward, down-forward + punch (X, Y or L) - this is nearly impossible to execute unless you just mash the directional buttons. Seems to be fairly useless on later bosses, such as Sagat or M. Bison.

Street Fighter 2 Turbo: Hyper Fighting (SNES)

Chun Li

That jump-over move: Lean in really close to the opponent, forward + L - Looks kinda cool, but it's easily blockable.

Backflip: Lean in really close to the opponent, Forward + A - Useful for dodging that pesky shoryuken, one would think.

Ultra-hyper-kick: Tap B or A really fast - Chun Li's definite move. If you can land all hits on an enemy, you get massive damage *cough*.

Street Fighter Alpha 2 (SNES)


SUPER Hadouken - Fill up your SUPER bar and then: Down, Down-Forward, Forward, Down-Forward, Forward, Punch. This Hadouken, unlike the regular one, doesn't disappear when hit by another projectile.

FAKE Hadouken - Down, Down-Forward, Forward, Select. This move is completely useless. Don't use it.