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The song chart is impossible to read. I'd use a different font color. Char Aznable 18:51, 13 July 2008 (PDT)

I don't know how to fuck with the chart, but Izzy briefly rejoined the band in 1993 then left that same year. Also, Richard Fortus is still in the band. - SydLexia

Izzy toured with the band, however he was not a member of Guns N' Roses. He offered to play because Gilby hurt himself. He was hired just for that tour, this would be similar to a company calling on an ex employee to help with a project but they are an outside consultant. align="top"

Richard Fortus is a mistake, I'll fix it align="top"

The alternate version of "Don't Cry" is the version that is usually played these days by local radio stations such as WHEB (100.3), WAAF (107.3), WGIR (101.1). The alternate version was also played on MTV back in the day sometimes. The video was identical to the original, except the baby's eye was blue at the end.

Dead Horse, The Garden of Eden, The Garden, and Since I Don't Have You all have music videos, and may potentially be candidates for blue.

Also, if we're going to include covers from GN'R Lies and the UYIs, we might as well include all of TSI and Sympathy For The Devil. It's important to note that Sympathy got decent play when it first came out, that it's on the Greatest Hits, and it tends to get played on so-called "block party weekends" where radio stations do blocks of classic artists.
- SydLexia

Also, Estranged should be in blue. It is a kickass song, but it was not a big radio hit and it was not frequently played live. It is certainly not as well as known as Civil War. - SydLexia

Syd, I agree with you about most of this, but I am a huge GNR fan. I don't think most people would recognize the difference between the versions of Don't Cry, but for anyone who does it would be odd. I think most people just think whatever version they hear is the original. So in a twisted way, they hear the alt lyrics and just don't realize it is alt lyrics. If you think it should be blue we can do that, I'm just not convinced anyone would go looking for the Alt Lyrics version on purpose. I know I skip the track when I have the CD in. Wait... I skip both versions. LOL I like the song, but it is a drain in its position on the first album.

Dead Horse, The Garden of Eden, The Garden, and Since I Don't Have You all do have videos, but no one sees music videos anymore, and they didn't really get much air time. I would guess that most people have never heard those songs unless they are GNR fans, or they heard them once 10 years ago and have no recollection. I vote red for them.

It is hard to do this list as a fan because I actually have feelings about the songs and this list is really just a popularity meter of sorts.

As far as the cover tunes go... This is a tricky topic. The original band put Lies with their EP Live ?!*@ Like a Suicide. While 4 of the songs are covers, they are on an original studio album. I think that a second song list to the right of the first one with live songs and covers would be a good idea. I am not done with this page yet, just haven't had as much time as I would have liked to work on it. align="top"

How to Edit the Band Member Table align="top"

To edit the Band Member table you need to understand how columns work in Wiki markup.

Before you Edit

  • Each line represents a new person
  • The total number of columns can be determined using the following math:
    • Current Year (2008) - Band Formation Year (1985) + 1 = 24
  • All columns must always be accounted for
  • All band members except for Axl will have space next to them on the left and/or right
  • Each year has a value associated with it

Editing a Band Member

  • Example Band Member Code, Robin Finck
 | style="border: 0px" colspan="11" |
 | style="background: #FFDDDD; border: 1px solid #FF8888; text-align: center" colspan="3" | Robin Finck
 | style="border: 0px" colspan="2" |
 | style="background: #FFDDDD; border: 1px solid #FF8888; text-align: center" colspan="8" | Robin Finck

Breaking down the Code

  • This begins the person's row. It must be above the person's data
  • This line says that there should be no Border across 11 columns. Also since there is no data after it, there will be no text in this space. The significance of the 11 in this case is how many years after 1985 did he begin with the band. Robin Finck started in 1996. 1996 - 1985 = 11
 | style="border: 0px" colspan="11" |
  • This line says that there should be a redish background, a solid redish border that is 1 pixel in size, centered text, and take up 3 columns. The significance in the 3 columns is the 3 years it represents. Because the prior code took up 11 columns this one will begin at 1996 and will go through 1998.
 | style="background: #FFDDDD; border: 1px solid #FF8888; text-align: center" colspan="3" | Robin Finck
  • This line says that there should be no border across 2 columns. Since there is no data after it there will be no text in this space. This will take up 2 years worth of columns.
 | style="border: 0px" colspan="2" |
  • Robin is a current member of the band, so from 2000-2008 he needs to be marked off. The first column was 11, second was 3, and third was 2. That makes 16 total columns accounted for. 24-16 = 8. So the final column must be 8. Also this column should have a red background, border, and centered text.
 | style="background: #FFDDDD; border: 1px solid #FF8888; text-align: center" colspan="8" | Robin Finck

What if you don't understand any of this?

  • Contact someone who does and let them know what you think needs to be changed.