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UsaSatsui is someone who came out of the lurk closet to play in the NES Challenge. Due to a lapse in sanity, he decided to stick around.


Usa is short for Usagi, Japanese for Rabbit.
Satsui is Japanese for "Murderous intent". Like Akuma from Street Fighter.

So the name sort of means "killer bunny". Get it?

I am not a country, I do not turn into Sailor Moon, and to be honest I'd prefer "Satsui", but everyone calls me "Usa', so you know what? Fuck it.

I'm one of the regulars in the IRC Channel, at least I am when I can find time and a decent internet connection.

Official and unofficial titles and roles

  • Operator in the IRC Chat room.
  • Currently holds the title of Oldest Forumer.
  • A dick, mainly in his role as the above. Not an asshole, a dick. Get it right or risk bootination.
  • The Unofficial Official Arbitrary Arbiter of Bullshit. If there is a question on whether or not something is bullshit, I am the final word...unless you disagree with it.
  • The Love Bunny, dispensing advice about your relationship troubles.
  • Organizer of whatever silly contest ideas he has at whatever time, including the 2009 Forum Battle, the Best Cartoon Ever! contest, and the NFL Deadpool and Playoff Pick challenges.
  • Whatever else I decide to take on.

Avatar and Sig

Bunny Butters.png

Usually my avatar and sig consists of some sort of rabbit theme, or some sort of theme with Butters from South Park. Blackout made him an avatar combining the two and I loves him forever for it, yes I do.

I like to change my sig on a regular basis. I'm just that kind of person.

Youtube Channel

I have a youtube channel where I make walkthroughs for various games. I have over 400 subscribers and it fuels my ego something fierce.

My Youtube Channel