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Nihilisticglee joined Sydlexia on Oct 11 2007. He has some really shitty posting habits and has gone long periods of time without posting. When he does post, it is most wrestling and MMA related.

Story Behind the Name

Nihilisticglee isn't really nihilistic, but took the name from one of his favorite magic card, Nihilistic Glee. The card itself wasn't very good, but had some of his favorite art, and endded up putting it into one of his Black and Red decks, where it helped him beat many lockdowns running wild at his school. He currently uses the art from Nihilistic Glee for his avatar.

Random Facts

  • He is a dedicated Mindless Self Indulgence fan.
  • His favorite wrestlers are Super Dragon, Brian Kendrick, and KENTA.
  • His current favorite MMA fighter is Megumi Fujii.
  • His favorite game is Resident Evil 4.
  • He is dyslexic and is a proud member of dyslexia.moc. EDIT: Figured out the Sydlexia thing soon after posting this and never fixed it.
  • He found Sydlexia when researching a school project and came across the Super Punch-Out article.
  • Despite his skin being roughly the color of milk, he apparently is 1/64 African American and 1/32 Native American.
  • He recently found out some of his cousins might be inbred.
  • He is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and takes classes regularly.
  • Doesn't see the point in birthdays, so when he doesn't comment in a birthday thread, it is not him trying to be a douchebag. Too be fair, he doesn't plan on having anyone else celebrate his birthday either.