Castle of Dragon

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Castle of Dragon is a horrible, horrible video game. The plot involves a slow moving knight wandering to the right and facing off against several enemies who just plain beat the crap out of you until you hit B enough to kill them. Unless you jump into a pit.

Most people have never heard of this game, and they're better off for it.

Use in the 2008 NES Championship

After Round 6 of the NES Championship was Double Dragon 3, tensions were high. After a frustrating and (in some opinions) crappy game, involving the fewest number of entries in the contest thus far, surely the next game would be awesome. When the word came down that Syd had chosen Castle of Dragon as the next game, and the challenge was to beat it, shit very nearly hit the fan.

Several participants complained about the choice. Some wanted another game. Others suggested that people just play any game and send it in as a protest. Douche McCallister claimed to be just the messenger, and that he still had to watch every video, but he and Syd refused to change the game, though the challenge was "changed" to "get as far as you can".

Eventually, everyone quit whining about it and submitted entries anyways. It was futile, however, as FNJ won without even participating.