Douche McCallister

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Douche McCallister

Douche McCallister is a sexy beast. On the verge of being a complete and utter gaming god/nerd, he has hung up his video game business shoes, for the moment. Enrolled in the M.I.S. program at Penn State he hopes to eventually open his top secret website among other things.


Douche will vote the opposite of GPFontaine. There is no real logic or reasoning to this, but it is almost a guarantee that should a vote be taken, GPFontaine's vote will be null and void due to Douche's countervote.

Great Guy

Douche is a great guy and should be exhalted executed excommunicated extremely happy for the challenge #7 in NES Championship - 2008 (citation needed), sadly all the credit goes to Syd Lexia, the head honcho himself (but he has diplomatic immunity and we need to punish someone).

Upon Graduation Checklist

  1. Start top secret website
  2. Own/co-own another video game store
  3. Get married and have children