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Play nice and don't be a troll, or this could be you.

Banned users are very rare on the SydLexia forums. It's unknown how exactly you can pull this feat off, but generally to do it, you need to really piss a lot of people off.

The Banned

According to Syd

You don't need to know why any of them were banned, just that they all definitely deserved it. After someone is banned, there is no need for post-ban trashing. The person is gone, and that's all that matters. Not only is it completely immature to mock someone that is no longer allowed to defend themselves, but these forums are public. When you talk shit about a banned member, that person can still see it. If they do, the best case scenario is that they are provoked to come back under another name and cause new problems. The worst case scenario is an all-out forum raid.
Regal Sin is an exception to this rule. He is a legendary troll known throughout the internet, and he seems to revel in his troll status. Feel free to continue to use him as a punchline.[1]

Mind your own business!

The new rule about banned users was announced in a now epic thread titled "NEW RULE: Mind your own business" that began with an angry Syd on the rampage and ended with a severe Candlejacking that lef