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Black Zarak is a forum member of Sydlexia and a fairly close friend to both Syd himself and Dr. Jeebus and also has been known to associate with rogue member Spanky McCracken on occasion.


Zarak possesses a vast amount of knowledge concerning toys in general but specializes in info on the Star Wars and Transformers line from classic to current, he can often be see flaunting his newest finds in the Toys & Stuff section. He considers himself the foremost forum expert on Star Wars, from the really cool to the embarrassingly stupid elements of it. He has a standing Grand Army of the Republic comprised of hundreds of various Clone Troopers action figures, as well as smaller Imperial and Separatist forces.


Among his other interests are video games, Magic: The Gathering and reading both novels and comic trade paperbacks.

Favorite Authors

Favorites among authors include H.P. Lovecraft, Matthew Stover, Michael Crichton and Hunter S. Thompson.


He is also known for his dislike of many things, available for view on the list of things that Black Zarak doesn't like, including the 2007 PSP fall advertising campaign and Erin Esurance.


Zarak is typically seen wearing blacks jeans, a sweatshirt of some sort, leather jacket and a jaunty Irish cap.


  • An on going joke is that Black Zarak hates everything, this is not true however; he just hates most everything.
  • A little known hobby of his is raising animals most people would actively avoid: to date Zarak has cared for fish, lizards, spiders, wood-lice, hermit crabs, fiddler crabs snakes and giant African millipedes which he successfully (if unintentionally) bred and now cares for their offspring.