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Artist's depiction of Bluey, give or take a few noble deeds

Bluey joined the SydLexia forums in the summer of 2007. He doesn't post often and when he does, it's usually something dumb.


He was born in June 1988 and knows next to nothing about popular culture in general, let alone 80s culture, meaning he's completely out of his friggin' league here. He is a fantasy and science fiction writer, and loves dragons a whole lot, making him a dork. He plays video games all the time, and goes to great lengths to improve upon the designs he encounters and concepts even better things, making him simultaneously sort of cool and sort of a jackass. He is from Texas but doesn't really fit the Texan stereotype. Maybe he should get a cowboy hat and some boots and double pistols and fire wildly into the air when he's excited.

Psych Profile

He is the only character able to equip the Dragonshield, a powerful artifact capable of casting the Dragon Breath spell, which burns a group of enemies for twelve to forty-eight points of damage. That's kind of a lot when you think about it. He also has a number of abilities involving dragon summoning and transformation, lightning, and kicks in the junk.

A doppleganger of him is the boss at the end of the Master's Keep dungeon, on level three.

Game Collection

Bluey has such an incredible assortment of games that it couldn't fit into this article.

He cycles between game phases twice a month or so - one week he could be totally into platformers and Spyro the Dragon and then the next he might be into action RPGs. He is usually also designing a game of a specific genre while he's playing that genre.

He plays almost any sort of game. The only genres he hates are sports and racing and he doesn't seem to like turn-based RPGs all that much. Also he has a weird affinity for really old games like those on the Commodore 64 and the Amiga.

Friend Codes

Game Code
Wii System 2513-5664-0698-3418
Super Smash Brothers Brawl 1032-2534-1421
Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin 3823-5557-4558
Advance Wars: Days of Ruin 0302-1273-8332

Idiosyncracies and Trivia

-Has a website and wiki of his own but he needs to stand in the sunlight and recover spellpoints before he can show it to anyone on this site.
-Tends to end up getting any game with a dragon in its central focus, which usually bites him in the ass because dragon games tend to really suck.
-Designed a needlessly complicated parody of MegaMan called MegaZard where the robots were replaced with ZARDs (Zaara-Ashli Robotic Dragon if I remember correctly) and were all basically robotic charizards. It was kind of adorable actually.
-Has never played a single Final Fantasy game. Ever.
-Doesn't watch a lot of movies or listen to a lot of music. Again, what a dork.
-Has never seen ANY of the Star Wars movies in their entirety. Holy shit.
-Routinely worries about being the next RegalSin.