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Cattivo is a poster at the forums who is part Italian and a devoted fan of Reagan. He will take any opportunity to mention these two facts about himself - ad nauseam.

Unlike most Sydlexians, Cattivo played a lot of sports video games growing up, and didn't like RPGs or puzzle games that much.

Discovery of

Cattivo discovered the site and the forums in the spring of 2006 while searching for a working Garfield comic strip randomizer. He found Syd's article on Heathcliff, then read his other articles, and eventually joined the forums in late April of that year.

In Real Life

Cattivo went to grad school to attain his Master's Degree in History in 2004. He put off his Master's Essay in 2006 to go to work. In May of 2007 he finally finished his essay on Silvio Berlusconi, but was told by his professor to heavily revise it. Since then he has been procrastinating its revisal and has written off his professor as a dirty commie bastard.

Recently, he submitted another draft of his essay, and it finally looks like he's going to graduate.


  • "Cattivo" means "bad", "evil", or "naughty" in Italian.